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Eros was struggling with pack life. It hadn’t been this hard in Krokar, they were a far more relaxed group of folk, and mostly left Eros to his own devices. In Casa though, things were very different, and it involved family, which complicated things further. Tonight though, it wasn’t about the pack, tonight was about his life as a loner, and his job. Eros’s talents, though he’d not told Casa about them, were highly sought after in the neutral territories. Without the stability of pack, loner society could be pretty fractious and Eros was more than willing to take advantage of that.

Three nights ago, he’d come down from one of his fuck buddies to find a note held wit the barman. To anyone else it would have been a limp piece of a paper with a strand of hair on it, but Eros recognised it. His feelings about it were mixed. There was excitement because the fiery pelted Damaichu knew that there was a job in the offing, but he was in a pack now, things had changed. It was a short conflict though, easily won by the loner inside of him. Why did the pack have to know? What business was it of theirs anyway? And the jobs paid very well, food, drugs, booze and the sex after a job, Eros’s eyes nearly rolled back in his head just thinking about it. So he’d kept the paper, rolling into a joint and smoking it, knowing that he would remember the details without it.

Tonight was the night he was going to meet with a representative the folks that liked to contract him. Eros, doing Casa a favour, at least that’s what he told himself, had expunged the pack sent from himself, made sure his knives were sharp and left his room beneath the courthouse. Of course, the only reason anyone would know it was Eros’s room was because it was marked down somewhere. The fiery Damaichu had no personal effects, his scent didn’t linger in the place, and the bed appeared unslept in, other than a few shed hairs, there was nothing to say that a Luperci lived it.

Now he leaned against a tree, a lit joint between his fingers as he watched people coming in and out. He was meant to be waiting in the bar, but Eros rarely listened to those exact instructions, a trait that had saved his life once or twice in the past.

”Bingo.” Eros whispered to himself as he spotted something.

The Luperci almost could have passed for one of the rest, but her posture was just a little too practised, and the way she walked gave away the fact she was a trained fighter. Before the female disappeared int other building, Eros gave a sharp whistle.

”Hi, I’m here babe.” Eros never used ‘babe’ but he was pretty sure it was something that would piss this Luperci off and an angry opponent makes mistakes. As she moved towards him, Eros took her in. She was slim, and young, perhaps six months his junior. She moved with a confident grace, that hinted at barely contained danger, Eros thought he might have a semi from that alone. If Eros had hoped his comment would knock her of her game, he was mistaken. The female stopped in front of him, composed and professional, she wore no clothes, and carried a slim bag slung over her shoulder, which clearly contained emergency rations for her journey.

”Are you Eros.” The female asked when she got to him.

”I am, a pleasure to meet you…?” He raised an eyebrow leaving the invitation to introduce herself unspoken. She was a few inches shorter than him, with grey and blue hair which matched the rest of her pelt. Her eyes were a deep green, not showy, but intelligent and sharp.

”My name is Isabel, and I’ve come looking for you because there’s a job we’d like to hire you for. Usual rewards, doubled if it can be done in two nights, a mother and daughter.”

Isabel looked for a flicker of a tell on Eros’s face, but the only screaming sign he was giving off was that he was interested in her.

”Are you part of the reward?”

Eros asked raising his eyebrows.

A mocking expulsion of air came from Isabel, but she made no other attempts to answer.

Eros always hated it when it was just business, but tonight it looked like that’s all it was going ot be, at least between the two of them.

”Okay, let me know where they will be, and is there anything specific way of dying we’re talking?”

Eros had learned that some Luperci liked folks to know that it had been order, other’s enjoyed concealing the fact, and still more needed it to stay a secret for their own reasons. Eros was good at his job, and he had good relations with his customers, mainly because he didn’t ask questions, not because he was particularly worried about their business or appearing professional, but he wasn’t interested. How did they want it done, to whom and for how much, that’s all he basically needed to know. Seemed like this was going to be exactly the same as any other job he got.
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aldora knight
Stone and feather, move outside your head

Aldora finished putting her extremely long and heavy mane into thick braids, hanging somewhat pendulous off the back of her head. It really was starting to get out of hand, but as long as she could put it away like this, should could not bear the thought of cutting it.

The Lionheart had just bathed, and was sitting at the old vanity in her room, looking at herself in the dingy and cracked mirror it sported. On her face was set hard lines, for she was preparing herself for the confrontation to come. She was going to speak to Eros about his recent transgressions.

She had been putting this off for far too long, and she had told herself that it was out of love that she had done so. But now she could no longer ignore her duty to her brother and her pack; Eros has attacked Theo at the ball Cours des Miracles had hosted, and had not yet made the necessary steps to absolve himself of his crime. She intended to make sure that now he did.

Taking a deep breath and then letting it out slowly, Aldora stood and then exited her and her father’s home, and headed towards the Courthouse. She had gone over what she was going to say to him again and again in her mind, practiced the tone of voice, the way she would posture, to make him realize that this was serious stuff.

Confidently, she headed down into the basement that held various pack-member’s quarters, and strode straight to his door. She knocked loudly, Eros, it’s Aldora. She nearly shouted, just in case he was sleeping.

No answer.

Her brow furrowed and she knocked again, Eros?; still no answer. Trying the door revealed it to be unlocked; she peeked inside and found it empty.

Swinging the door open fully, she huffed as she surveyed the empty room, and then was about to leave when something caught her attention. Something here was off; that earthy smell of the outside world was fresh, and the room left as if it had never been lived in, not even a wrinkle on the bed-covers. She stared at it a bit longer, her furrowed brow changing into an full-on scowl, and she shut the door. Eros was gone, and Aldora feared, for good.

She had to chase him down, she could not let him go, not like this.

Aldora would be able to track him; it would be difficult because he had disguised his scent and had probably moved quickly, but she could track him.

And track him she did; out of the Fort, out of Casa, into Halifax. Aldora’s scent was also somewhat hidden because of her recent bath, but the keen nose could still reveal her to be of Casa. She had taken the time to grab her bow and a knife, just in case, but other than that, as long as she kept a low profile, no one should bother her.

Halifax was dangerous, especially at night. Seedy vagrants and criminals frequented this place, but also just regular travelers and those looking for trade. It was still relatively quiet, as spring had not fully come, and so many remained south of ‘Souls until the weather warmed.

Aldora followed her brother’s trail to what seemed to be a tavern of sorts; she could smell the stench of alcohol nearly a mile away. She remained in the darkness of the trees, lavender gaze searching for a red pelt. Luckily it was easy to find.

Eros stood near a tree, speaking to a gray female with dyed blue hair. The Lionheart hesitated moving forward and confronting him, instead, she trained her ears to their words, filtering out the sounds of the bar and other Luperci.

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Isabel closed her eyes and shook her head, strands of hair coming losing and falling to frame her face as she did so.

”How they die isn’t important, just that they are dead, and the sooner the better, hence the incentive. Of course, no payment without proof buut-“

Eros didn’t let her finish.

”I’m not some sloppy idiot, I know the drill, that’s why you pay me what you do. Get me their scents and locations, leave them behind the bar with one of your people, I’ll be back here to collect them.”

Eros’s tone held a little pique at the assumption that he needed his job explaining to him. Isabel wore an amused smile. She nodded though, her eyes sliding to one side.

”It looks like you have an admirer.” Isabel said, managing to make the phrase sound salacious.

The fiery pelted Damaichu turned and met his sister’s gaze. Displaying his consummate ability to dissemble and lie, he managed a wolfish grin.

”If we’re finished here?” he raised a questioning eyebrow ”duty calls?”

Isabel chuckled, touched his arm lightly, gave Aldora a parting look, before turning and walking away. Eros watched her leave for a moment before turning and walking towards his younger sister. His manner was relaxed, and the easy smile lasted until he was close, he gave her an appraising look, more for the benefit of anyone watching than any sexual desire.

”What the hell are you doing here Aldora?” Eros asked, his voice cast low. ”I want to believe you’re just here to have some fun, but I’ve got a horrible feeling, knowing the knight in you, you’re going to say you followed me here.”

To an onlooker he casually wrapped an arm around her, leaning in as they walked away. He could tell by the tension he felt in her that she was about to speak, or possibly growl at him. Pre-emptively he spoke.

”You’re absolutely the boss in this situation, and you definitely outrank me, when we’re out of here I lie down on my back and you can put your knife at my throat. Just right now though, we have to act calm and relaxed. I’m sure the screaming at one another will start when we’re back home. I know I’m fucking pissed you followed me.”
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aldora knight
Stone and feather, move outside your head

She felt her mouth grow dry as she listened to their conversation. She was no fool, she knew what was happening here. In her chest, anger and hurt built to a head. If Aldora had not been a stronger wolf, the wolf she had recently become, she may have exited and returned back to the Fort defeated and stabbed in the heart.

But with age came strength, even if that strength meant facing head on the villain her blood-kin was. She had hoped against hope that Eros was starting to turn around, to tap into a part of himself she had sworn was there. The words that left his cream lips basically shattered any hope she had created.

No longer caring if he saw her or not, Aldora stood fully, staring at him. His female companion noticed her immediately, and their conversation, their deal, complete, she was quick to leave. Eros’ face did not give away any surprise when looked at his siter, and once the female left to enter the bar, he strode up to the Lionheart confidently, a small smirk on his face.

As he approached, Aldora slowly crossed her arms over her ample chest, the well-defined muscles of her archer arms bulging. His face quickly turned sour, though he wrapped an arm around her shoulder as to not draw any unwanted attention to them.

His closeness hurt her again, like one of his sharp daggers to her heart, but she remained composed, her lips iron-tight as he tried to placate her would-be fury.

He also, in hushed tones, made it abundantly clear that he was unhappy that she had followed him.

Lavender eyes, usually soft like a spring blossom, turned vicious with venom as she looked into her brother’s golden gaze. She kept silent, her expression saying more than any words could. Even if she wanted to say something, to yell at him, she knew it would do no good. She had already tried those tactics, and they did not work on the fiery pelted male.

The sharpness in her gaze finally melted away into sadness; if she could cry, she would, and she knew he would be able to see that in the way her body changed. Her dominant posture disintegrated, and she shrugged off his arm, and turned her back to him.

It was all pretend… wasn’t it? She said, not looking at him, You don’t care about Casa, or your family… you don’t care about me.

She looked at him, dead-pan, save for the anguish and utter disappointment in her eyes, I should have never trusted you.

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The pair had moved a distance from the tavern, Eros feeling the tension through his sister. He was waiting for the angry berating, preparing for it in fact. When she shrugged off his arm and didn’t look at him, he felt sharp words spring to his lips, words which died on his tongue as that anger vanished and was replaced instead by hurt as he watched his sister’s posture change completely. This was inevitable wasn’t it? Whenever things started to change, he eventually managed to screw it up. Eros had thought he’d learned his lesson, but Casa, bloody Casa, had been a stupid mistake.

As Aldora spoke, Eros felt the response that wold quickly end the conversation and have his family pull away from him. It would be very easy, he was very good at ending relationships, but he didn’t want to this time. Casa was where his family was and, despite how stupid it sounded, he wanted to be with them, but he had his own life as well. How could he have both things?

Eros had heard similar words from folk before, about trust, but never had they been so painful to hear. The fiery pelted male felt as though his sister had struck him, and he took a small step backwards, for once, struggling to think of anything to say.

”I never lied to you.” Eros said at last, his tone devoid of the smartass swagger he so often had about him.

”I think that Casa is full of people who see the world as they want it to be, not as it is, but…” He paused, turning away, embarrassed. ”Damnit, I can’t believe you’re going to make me say it, but of course I care about you, and my family.”

He shrugged at her slumped back, feeling as he did when New Dawn exiled him, there was a hole in his gut that pride and swagger would eventually fill.

”If you don’t trust me though, does it matter what I say? If you don’t want me around Aldora, then tell me to go, and I will. It’s not safe for you here though, so whatever you decide, you shouldn’t stay here.”

Eros stood, waiting silently for his sister’s response.
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