Your Eyes Betray


POSTED: Mon Oct 07, 2019 9:00 pm

The hybrid paced, it was something he had never done, he felt now, something that he had never felt. Eyes drew nearly closed as they narrowed in frustration, his gaze boring daggers into the surrounding autumn foliage. Hands twitched at his sides as he paced back and forth through the trees. How did this happen right beneath his watch? How could he have not seen it coming? How, through all his meticulous planning, had he failed to foresee this turn of events?

With a frustrated snarl the hybrid whirled and bore his fist full force into the side of a tree, bark and moss bits raining to the ground as the male felt the impact split the fur over his knuckles. Slowly, wild eyes returned to their cold piercing gaze as he brought his hand back away from the tree, turning it over to observe the blood that ran out between his fingers.

He dropped the hand back to his side and it was as though it had never happened. Walking back to camp, leaving little red rubies in his wake that fell from his claws as he went, the monochrome jackal mix weaved his way back through a familiar path to the place he had called home yet for most of his life. When he'd made it back, the Einar male made his way straight to the little white furred female he'd come to feel for. "You're leaving me...?" Was what he said, no greeting, and nothing more as he stood behind her, looking down at her, his expression distant, and, almost hurt.
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A soft sigh was drawn out, as the ashen haired girl stuffed a hide pack full of what little belongings she had, with no small amount of grumbling. Of course, her parents had decided that they wanted to move on from the Order, to get some distance and work things out on their own. From the stories her parents have told, they've lived in so many places and moved so many times, it's no wonder why they're comfortable with how this turned out. Good for them. So glad they asked their only child remaining with them if she cared about leaving the only home she had ever known.

Johanna smoothed out her dress, trying to keep it clean as much as she wore it. Fiddling with a knife made of bone, she eventually stowed it as well, drawing the bag tight and hoisted it on her shoulder. Stepping out to take down her tent, she could hear precise, direct footsteps in her direction, turning around to see Elias marching right toward her, her face breaking into a forlorn expression. She didn't want to have to face him about this right now, she didn't even know how to explain it to herself. "Elias, I..."

This was probably the most distraught that the Greyfire girl had ever seen him, and while that did make her flutter somewhat, it still felt like a crushing weight. "I'm not trying to leave you, but... My family, they want to move somewhere else." she said, fighting back the tears as she spoke to him. With a hopeful glint, she looked up into his cold eyes, trying to muster a smile. "But maybe, maybe you could come visit? We'll be sure to let everyone know where we settle, I think." The smell of iron started to permeate the air, and Johanna sniffed worriedly, spying crimson drops falling from his hand. "Are you okay..?" she asked, trying to get a closer look at his hand, staring up at him with concern.

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The dark hybrid held a cold disdain in his eyes, it was perhaps the first time in his young adult life that something unforeseen had occurred and taken the calculating male off his guard. "But you are." The tall jackal accused, looking off to the side of them as she fumbled in her despair, offering that the male could come visit them, asking if he was okay. It was a moment later that the jackal finally turned to look her in the eyes again, icy shards piercing her deep blue depths with their focus.

"Would you want that?" The Einar son finally asked, his composure seeming to have returned to him, along with something else. Perhaps things would work out after all. "Would you want me to..." He raised a dark hand, the uninjured one, long and slender fingers raising to trace the line of her cheek. "To come see you? You'll stay with me, wont you...?" He asked, his hand tracing her neck and shoulder and down her arm until he caught her own dainty white fingers and brought them up to his muzzle to kiss before pressing them to his broad chest.

"You'll be mine, no matter how far you travel, wont you, beautiful lady?" He finished, sprinkling something like grief into his expression as he gazed into her eyes, his tail down and his ears half pricked as if he awaited her answer with baited breath. "I love you, Johanna."

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POSTED: Fri Dec 13, 2019 11:29 pm

The smaller hybrid wrung her hands, shying away from him as he stood there dejected and hostile. It wasn’t like this was her choice to leave, it was just something that they had to deal with. Looking to her tent, she knew that she had to take it down since they were leaving soon, but she couldn’t just walk away from Elias, not like this. Not with how upset this made him. But with that hope in his eyes, and the words she spoke to him, a glimmer of light came back into his gaze.

In an instant he seemed transformed, like he was better all of a sudden. ”W-Would I want..? I mean, sure, yeah..” she said, turning downcast and avoiding that look, that look of excitement in his eyes. It’s not what you think, it’s not what you think.. She could sense the motion over her head, and jerked to attention as he delicately began to pet the top of her hair, with the wolf-dog suddenly getting a tremor up her spine. All of her hair stood on end as she felt much warmer at this development.

He began to brush her hair out, melding their hands together and drawing her closer, as Johanna’s entire coat began to fluff out in embarrassment and bewilderment. He was so close, too close for her to even breathe, this was too much for her. Barely opening her mouth to get out a stammering cough, Johanna tried again to say ”S-S-S-Sure, yeah.”, not making it distinct what she was referring to. Desperate to stay strong and not pass out, she tried to draw attention away from the bubbling mess that was her face right now. ”Y-Your hand, somethings wrong.” she reaffirmed, the scent of blood growing thicker.

”N-no, we don’t… she tried to speak, before her heart stopped and she stared at him, with shock and awe. The girl held her breath for a few moments, before letting it out with a huff, weakly smiling to the ground, with a crestfallen expression. ”You don’t, really mean that.” she mumbled, wondering why he could be so cruel. There was no way, for some runt like her to warrant that. He was probably trying to get her to stay, afraid that he wouldn’t be able to have someone to make fun of, or whatever he was trying to accomplish. That just simply wasn’t possible.

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Silver blue eyes looked down upon the small stammering thing as he caressed her and brought her hand to his chest. There was something pitiful about the way she was acting, and his warm gaze narrowed into something, perhaps softly pitying, but adoring all the same. He stood straight and looked down at her as she tried to shy and change the subject and redirect his attention. With his uninjured hand, he held hers firmly. "Don't worry about my hand now, what's all this stopping and stuttering about?" He asked, then lifting his bloodied hand to press the side of a finger up beneath her chin and coax her eyes towards him.

"Did I upset you?" He asked, bending at the waist until his muzzle was dangerously close to her own, looking into her deep blue oceans from a scarce few inches away.

"I do mean that. I don't want to lose you, but stop looking so ashamed, there's no reason for that." His voice was stern as he told her that, the tall mix raised himself just slightly, just enough so that he was no longer looking straight at her eyes, but down into them, looming above her as he remained bent over her smaller form. "If you never want to see me again, then tell me you don't love me." His hand tightened around hers, as if to say that he wouldn't let her escape unless she gave an answer. "If you don't love me, then I won't bother you again, but if you do, I would cross any mountain or any water to get to where you are... Do you believe me?" He asked, his injured hand falling back down so as not to risk dripping any of the staining red on her.

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POSTED: Thu Dec 26, 2019 7:07 pm

He really was being cruel, and unfair. Using such cheap tricks like drawing her hand to his chest, feeling the heave of his lungs as he drew breath. The way he was standing over her, gazing down at her in a way that made her feel small, gentle. He had no idea the affect that he could have on someone, the way he did all these things so effortlessly. The grip he had on her hand, the way he lifted her chin to meet his eyes. She couldn't focus, let alone form a sentence from the sheer shock alone. "" was all she could get out, heat filling her head as she became dizzy. This was all too unfair, she couldn't even look him straight in the eyes.

As he pressed the advance further, asking if she was upset, leaning in over her, he was close, too close. Far far far too close she thought, his mouth reaching dangerously near, before she had to abort and lower her face just to avoid imploding. "N-n-n... n-n-n-no.." she squeaked, trying to save herself from the embarrassment of panting from how warm it had gotten. So warm, but yet frozen solid at something he said so lightly, so casually that it couldn't be true. This was another mean trick or game he was doing, except this time it was towards her. He still stood dominant, stretching over her, but the sadness and grief ate some of the edge away. But, he seemed earnest.

The more he spoke, the more confused, yet hopeful she became. Someone like him, cared about someone like her? Some of the things he was saying didn't make any sense. She was just a girl from the Order, who tagged along whenever he was around. What did she do to deserve that kind of attention? Whatever the case, the Einar male sounded serious in his confession. He demanded an answer from her as well, and held her fingers in his grasp, tight and commanding. If I don't love him..? she echoed in her mind, staring at their feet below her. Glancing up to his icy gaze, she could only hold it for a moment before glancing down towards his torso. Of course she had feelings for him, she would be crazy if she didn't. But...

But why did it feel, like there was this tiny, chime of a voice trying to reach out to her? Her voice wanted to say yes in a heartbeat, and accept the consequences, but there was nothing but a small nugget of an echo in her mind, something that gave her pause. Was it her fears? Her parent's approval? What was she missing that made her hesitate? She was shifting her weight now, the strength in her waning every second. What was holding her back?

"I don't... Not, love you. But.." Perhaps that's what it was, after all. There was something she was missing, something she lacked. Something holding her back from being ready, from being worthy. There was something she needed to find first, something important. "I can't, I'm not.. I, I'm... Please, could I... could I have some time?" she begged, finally meeting his ice blue eyes. "I could, send a message, somehow. I'll let the Order know, we'll all let you guys know, when and where we settle down. Then, when you meet me there, I can give you your answer." she told him, with trepidation and guilt. "Please, I.. I don't feel like I deserve you just yet." she spoke honestly, holding his paw with both hands now. She wished, so fervently, that he won't blame her. It was, just so much, so soon. She needed to do more than just exist to be worth it.

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The Einar male eyed the the girl up and down, his ice cold eyes narrowing as she stammered and hesitated and fumbled for an answer, scrutiny touching his vision when she looked away from him. He ran a hand down her hair once more, calming his expression before she looked up at him again and gazing back down at her with gentle eyes. "I can see that you care." He started, noticing how she was growing upset, but intentionally masking his anger with grief stricken eyes. The days were growing colder but the Einar male's mind was colder still, yet his determination was great.

He brushed the corner of her cheek with the back of his hand, fighting down the urge to grab a fist full of her beautifully wild hair and pull until she had no choice but to look up at him. "You don't love me then, you don't want to see me again." He muttered at the beginning of her little speech, sad, cold eyes piercing hers from above until she could no longer hold his gaze, not meeting them again until she was ready to say more. More stammering, more hesitation, more excuses.

But his facade would not crack over something such as this, he would never allow it. She was right, she didn't deserve him yet, not until she could face him without stammering and listen to him without questioning. The grief in his eyes released, and the Einar hybrid held a numbing expression in his bewitching gaze, his face now turning away from her as though he could no longer bear to look into her gaze now, leaving her ocean blues to wonder at his expression. "If that's how it has to be. I just... thought that there would be more time. I thought that maybe, if you stayed, I could have earned your love. But I will come back." He stated with finality at the end of his sentence, eyes piercing her gaze once more as he now took both her hands in his, seemingly forgetting about the blood that stained one of his own, twitching a single muscle below one of his eyes as an indication of pain ignored as he squeezed her fingers firmly in his own.

"I'll wait for your message, and when it comes, I will find you." The tall jackal mix told her, and with that final word, the male leaned in and kissed her cheek, giving her fingers a final squeeze before turning and briskly walking away, his blood staining her fingers and his kiss lingering upon her cheek as he exited the scene.

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