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POSTED: Mon Dec 02, 2019 10:04 pm

The crisp air of autumn had given way quite recently to the biting cold of winter that Orion remembered from when he was just a small pup. He wasn't the gawky teenager that he had been in the summer, he was coming into his own. Four long legs carried the wolf over the thin layer of snow that blanketed the earth, his tracks laying out single file behind him as his coat billowed around him, whipped and buffeted by the wind. There was an exhilarating sense of freedom offered to the young wolf in being out on his own like this, no cloak to weigh down his shoulders and stick his pelt to him, no barrier to keep the biting cold off his pelt, no fire to warm his whiskers and toes by, he didn't want any of that.

Coming to a stop by the border of his packs territory, the dark furred boy sat and bellowed and bayed at the flakes that fell all around him and turned his world white. He loved the white snow, the patches where dark pine needles and tree bark peaked out in spots, it all reminded him of the girl he only remembered in his dreams now, for all he knew maybe she had only ever been a dream, but she was still beautiful to him and that was all that he knew for sure.

There weren't too many things that the wolf found beautiful, but running on four legs, the wind that whipped through the trees and through his fur, the stars, the sun glancing off the glassy surface of deep waters, and the girl. He didn't know her, he didn't pine and ponder and yearn for her presence, but he did think about her often. He didn't grieve for her absence like a love struck pup, but still he wondered if he would ever get to see her again.

The sound of crunching pad-falls off to one side of him had the dark wolf ducking behind some snow covered brush, but it was of no use, sticking out as he did like a dark smudge against the snow, but still, he smelled a few Cavaliers, and a couple outsiders alike. Curiosity got the better of the wolf and he did not respectfully stay out of their path as another wolf might have done, but instead came closer to see who it was. He indeed recognized a few of them, having seen them around the pack. This group was all silver and white, perhaps they were related, a family, but green-gold eyes widened as he actually registered who all was standing there. Apart from the ones he'd recognized as members of Casa, or perhaps now past members, there stood the girl from a distant memory.

"красота..." He couldn't help but murmur.

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POSTED: Sat Dec 07, 2019 4:57 am

Well, their family was all back together again now, so that was something to be happy about. It was good seeing Nomos and Seira again, now that they were so much bigger than she remembered them. Then again, she had grown now too, and wasn't the child they knew anymore. Her brothers, whom she only met on trips to Casa and whenever they came to visit, seemed to be kind and sweet towards her, if not a bit distant. One more so than the other, she thought as she furrowed her brow, anxious that they were holding something back that might bubble up. Maybe she was just looking into things, but the small clan was in a tenuous situation at best.

Her frame began to droop, holding her arm by the joint as she huffed, so confused and concerned for the future. What were they gonna do now? Her parents said again and again that they have it all under control, but to Johanna it felt like they were just going to head out into the wilds and wander around. Well, she supposed that is what wolves would typically do, but there was just something about having a place to roost. And then of course, there was, him. The Einar man had been despondent when she told him she was leaving, but for him to turn around and say such things.. It was a strange feeling. One that she couldn't shake, with as much excitement as trepidation. Looking down to her legs as she crunched through the snow on two feet, she couldn't help but feel like the dress was getting smaller on her, bit by bit. Or maybe, she was outgrowing it. Her life was running away from her faster than she could catch it, and it felt like the only thing to do now was hope that she made the right choice when it came.

Her father in the lead began to slow, causing a chain reaction as all of her relatives to follow suit. Not entirely able to see over their broad shoulders, Johanna peeked and pried around the pack before she wriggled her way through to see what caused the convoy to halt. Something was probably blocking the road, of course, and the youngest of the group was curious as to what block-headed creature it was. The first thing she thought when she saw what was going on was Oh, it's that one goof. Her next thought was some sort of confused expletive, as he spouted more nonsense at them.

Lukos' eyes narrowed in recollection, knowing the dark figure as the kid that butted into Johanna and himself when they were out training on hunting. He seemed a little off balance back then, and even now the veteran could tell that the boy wasn't interested in the gathering as a whole... Tracing the lines and connecting the dots, something sparked behind his yellowed eyes, and wrapped around two long arms around as much of his family as he could fit. "You know what, I thought I saw something interesting over in this direction.." The wolf, with much of a nefarious grin, gave a glint of a look to his mate before pushing the clan off in another direction, abandoning the ashen haired daughter with eyes that could both murder and plead.

Dismayed and confused that her entire family had just suddenly abandoned her, Johanna creaked her limbs back to face the cavalier that stood in their path before, giving him a very uneasy glance with a poorly concealing smile. "... So, uhhh..." she hummed, still trying to figure out what just happened. "What uh... brings you here?" she asked, gaze darting around with a frenzy. For a moment she debated running after her dad and dive-bombing them for ditching her, but the thought of it brought a twinge of guilt towards this guy that can't even talk right. Maybe at the first sign of stupid she could break off and make a run for it. Yeah, that would work.
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