[m] Knee deep in the defeat of my own actions

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Sunlight had broken through the clouded room, ash and dust rising from the brief but sensible movement of her pushing aside an old, waterlogged shelf to search through the contents left over in what had to of once been an old storage space. She knew very little about the territory except what was told to her by those whom she passed by on the road and she didn't quite have a place to call her own yet since she often moved around way too much to set up roots in any one place.

She had those few places she frequented, places that offered comfort, the sensation of the sun against her back so that if she chose to work, she could do so in the light and warmth. She also had those places where gardens had already been planted. She never watched and waited for her gardens to grow or thrive, moving on after she planted except for those few places that held someone within that caught her attention. Even then, springing vines and vegetation that eventually produced some sort of fruit whether it was beans, wheat, or corn offered limited pride. With winter, she had lost most of those gardens that hadn't been taken over by strangers. Instead, what she had were seeds she had traded for as of late.

With spring on its way, soon, she would be able to grow as much as she wanted and perhaps, she could even be drawn into a pack where she might find some peace working on whatever garden that pack had built or hadn't yet gotten to build.

She was still in the midst of turning over that old, rotting shelf when something glimmering caught her eye. It had only taken a moment for a thoughtful gape of her mouth to present itself before curiosity got the better of her, inspiring her to inch forth, grabbing at whatever it was that had caught her eye. It was very unfortunate that it was broken glass from an old bottle which only grazed the bottom of her paw's pads. With a sigh, she let out a huff of air and then made way for the exit, stepping out into the chill that made her pull that cloth of her scarf over her nose and maw.
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Better think twice
Your train of thought will be altered
So if you must falter, be wise

She wouldn't admit how the angry, chilled words made her ache, deep inside. It had been easy at first to pretend she was unaffected, and go about her days as though she hadn't a care of it; but it began to grow in the night though, when she laid awake in her bed, and then when she had spoken to Pushok it grew worse, who resembled his brother so greatly.

Finally, in anger or.. something, she left the pack lands all together, ranging far and wide in the melting times after the snows.

Stories told to her, led her to a place that had once belonged to someone else, and it was here she explored, irritable and maybe ashamed? Was he right? Was she just a burden on them all? Shaking her head, she shoved it away.

These old houses had been homes to someone once, it occurred to her. There might be stuff she could take. Rummaging in such one she found, deep in a rotting trunk, something peculiar, and pulled it out to inspect. It was dingy in the broken old home though, and Quinn took her find out into the light of outside, her breath streaming into the freezing air.

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