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Remind me how it feels to hear your voice

Athena awoke with a start. For a second, it seemed that she was back again on the island, in her home, sleeping peacefully next to Rocky. But her eyes came into focus and the mirage soon faded and she realized where she was: the Court.

She bolted upright, trying to remember the dream she had. The memory of it was fading quickly, but the jackal managed to snag onto one single remnant. She heard her mother's voice, like when she was still young and back in Freetown, comforting her like she would when Athena found herself worried about her father again. The memory itself comforted her, filling her with a warmth that, despite the cold, had her reject wrapping up in her cloak just yet.

She looked out the small window of their room, surprisingly finding the dark of night instead of warm sunbeams filtering in. Oh well, she was up already. Any attempt made to sleep any more would prove to be futile. She stood up and brought her cloak with her off the ground, slung it around her shoulders, and took a step out the door before turning back to the sleeping body of Rocky. He was snoring softly, and Athena didn't have the heart to wake him in the dead of night. She would be fine just heading out for a midnight stroll, although she did pocket her knife, just in case.

Quietly, she made her way out of the Court, pausing occasionally to make sure no one stirred awake because of her. The pack was nearly silent, apart from the sparse night owl that wandered the territory, which Athena made sure to avoid.

She paced along the beach, wondering for a moment if this was the right way to go, before she found herself out of the territory. The cold wind whipped her messy hair up around her face, but it didn't bother the jackal mix. She loved being on the beach again, even if it did bring back memories she would have rather kept buried. She paused, Midnight Shores coming back into her mind. For a while now, the former island pack had been all she could think about. She had feared it was bad luck to join a pack again so soon after her home had been taken from her. She wondered where the others were, what packs they were apart of now. She knew Skana and Trident, at least, were up north in Sapient. She wondered how many other packmates found themselves in Casa, or some other pack Athena hadn't known about.

Athena laid down on the sand, lost in thought. It was a cool night, but the jackal was comfortable now that the wind had died down. The lull of the waves against the sand sent her into a trance, her mind once again filling with memories of both her first home and former, until at last she found herself sinking slowly back into sleep.

She opened her eyes, a strange rocking sensation making her head spin more than usual. Athena looked around, realizing that this was the ship she had been on before coming to Nova Scotia. A shouting up on the deck made her bolt off of the mat and out the door.

"Get up, ya useless mutt!" One sailor was kicking someone in the side. Athena couldn't see who it was, but recognized the yelp of pain in an instant. Before her brain knew what was happening, her legs carried her over to Rocky, who looked painfully thin and his usually lustrous fur was matted with patches missing. "Rocky!" she shouted, but the sharp noise made him slink back even more. "It's alright, I'm here," she consoled, embracing his neck and petting his fur gently. The coywolf was obviously not used to that kind of touch, but once he found Athena meant no harm he practically melted in her arms.

"Jackal girl! Yer needed!" One sailor shouted at her, so Athena got up from her place, sent Rocky a small smile, and took one of the ropes that held the jib in place.It bothered her that none of the workers ever even bothered to learn her name, much less get to know her. That fact didn't stop her from trying to hold a conversation with them.

The sea was rough today, that much she could tell. It didn't want to let them pass. "Captain!" She yelled. "The sea's angry today," she remarked, looking down at the white foam that frothed at the ship's bow.

"Quiet, girl," someone hushed. "The Cap dudn't like bein' told what he knows by a servant girl." He sneered, a dangerous snarl curling on his maw. Athena shut up immediately. But she didn't like the way the water was acting.

"Rocks ahead!" A sailor shouted. Before she knew what happened, she was tossed from the ship. The water was biting cold, and Athena let out a bark for help. She tried swimming up to the side of the ship, but the water carried her away. She clawed at the surface, struggling to get enough air. Before her eyes, she saw the ship capsize, everyone being thrown from the vessel like a wild animal shaking off fleas. Her first thought was immediately of Rocky, and she swam vigorously to the wreckage, trying to catch sight of the black-and-tan coywolf.

There. She saw his body, looking even weaker than before, crumpled up against a large rock. "Rocky! Rocky," she barked, desperate to get to her friend before the waves took him under.

"Athena, Athena! Help me!" He shouted out, fear overtaking his voice and making Athena swim to him all the more. Suddenly, though, without warning, something caught her foot and she was dragged under the surface. She clawed upwards, growing desperate. The barks and shouts of Rocky grew muffled under the water. The light waned, the thing dragging her, helpless, deeper and deeper into the sea..."Athena...Athena...

"Athena!" Rocky's urgent bark made her eyes flash open. She panted hard, like hse had just come up for air, her heart hammering in her chest. The dream, while not one of the more unusual ones, had surprised the jackal woman by being so real.

"I couldn't find you, I got worried, and-- I just panicked." Rocky lowered his muzzle, although he felt a wave of relief wash over him now that he had found his friend.

"I'm sorry, Rocky. I just, woke up early and didn't want to disturb you." Athena explained, relaxing again. She took a look at the sky and realized it was now washed with colors of pink, purple, orange, and yellow. Had she really been asleep that long? Athena shook her head.

"You were, uh, mumbling. In your sleep." Rocky told her, almost embarrassed. "Oh, sorry," the woman apologized.

"No, I..." Rocky said quickly, then backtracked. "Uh, nevermind." He was laying down, and dug his muzzle into the sand to prevent him digging himself into a deeper hole. Athena's eyebrows knit together in confusion, but she dismissed it and laid down next to her friend.

Rocky was overjoyed to find Athena again, and then he had to go and spoil the mood by embarrassing himself like that. Something wormed around in his stomach, a feeling he couldn't quite explain. Athena was his best friend, he didn't know why he had gotten so nervous around her as of late. He glanced at the jackal in question, who was now looking up at the sky as the sun broke over the horizon. His breath caught in his throat as the golden sun cast Athena an a warm golden glow, making the jackal seem ethereal compared to Rocky.

Athena wasn't paying attention to her friend, her mind someplace far off again, back to her own hometown.

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  • Word Count: [1,294]
  • Date: January
  • Time: Night
  • Form: Secui
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A small figure walked along the forest that lined the beach. The figure was small despite being in her Secui shift which was about the size of a wolf. She was long-legged with a somewhat larger chest and longer fur. The canine's tail was large and bushy like a fox. Her face was narrow and her muzzle didn't tapper. Her head was dominated by a pair of large ears. As she walked, one leg was held off of the ground.

The woman's fur was different shades of monochrome hues. Her base coat was the lightest of silver, like a moonbeam. In the snowy forest, she seemed to fit in. The Luperci's back had a saddle of grey because of her jackal ancestry and ran down her back from her ears to her tail. Her tail had a white tip, like a fox's. The girl's saddle had specks of black caused by ebony hairs dotting the pelt. Her eyes were two different shades of forest green, the left being a shade lighter than the right.

Despite being in a feral form, the female carried quite a bit of human items. Tied around her midsection was a grey-green anorak. She also carried a leather satchel that held quite a bit. Hanging around her neck was a carved pendant that looked like the moon. A bandage was wrapped around her shoulder. Also around her neck was a silver scarf that was wrapped carefully so it didn't obscure the pendant.

As she walked, a barn owl flew above the vixen.

Avinalora was still in shock after the attacks that had happened to her on various occasions. She was had never fought before and she was starting to get scared. But she went on a walk to clear her head, which didn't happen. Her mind still buzzed as she walked along the beach. Tyler had no intentions of leaving the fox maiden outside when it was night so he accompanied her.

The silver hybrid had taken to Secui, something that she didn't normally do. But the halfling form was the best for a fight since it was about the size of a wolf and she actually stood a chance in this form. Her Lupus form was good but it was small and the green-eyed female would never be able to fight in that form. And Optime form was the form that she couldn't run in because of her defected leg. So the female took the third option.

The Anatheman medic had brought her anorak in case she would have to shift into her two-legged form. The coat was the quickest to put on and that was important for her. Her fur lengthened in the second form, just enough to serve as protection from the Nova Scotia cold. But when she shifted up, she lost that protection easily. Dressing quickly after the shift was the only thing she could do. And she had also brought a pair of leggings with her that was bundled up in her bag. The scarf was for secondary protection since it was nighttime.

Being from Anathema changed quite a few things for her. She was from a hated pack and many declared her guilty by association. Kentaro was a bad man, she already knew it. What in the world made him attack a pack, breaking it apart and dirtying Anathema? If she was a leader, the Furcas would not endanger her pack mates in such a manner. Was this the first time someone had been attacked because they were from her pack?

And the ex-Midighter could not stop thinking about Midnight Shores. The disbandment had shocked her to her core. She didn't know that a pack could break apart in such a manner. She had worked her way up the ranks, having a chance at leadership! But now the silver belle had just reached a medical ranking which was good, she guessed.

The broken bird wondered if the reason she kept wandering outside of Anathema's borders was because she was still looking for the escort party. Or maybe she didn't want to get too attached to her new pack? The island pack had been her sun and moon and she had been broken by the downfall. maybe because it tore away the jackal's naivety, opening her eyes to what the world was like. And the world was not all sunshine and rainbows.

The shattered soul had began constructing a notion of gods, something she had never thought of before. She had started with Fate and thought that he protected the fate of warriors. And then it expanded to Kismet, who protected the fate of hunters. And lastly, Moirai the god that protected the fate of healers. But the argent girl believed that she had somehow angered Fate and he had struck. Maybe it was her crippled appearance that displeased him? Or her lack of fighting skills?

The heterochromia-afflicted hybrid began to notice that she wasn't alone. She detected two, judging by the sounds she heard. She heard voices, one masculine and the other feminine. She scented the air, trying to figure out who they were. She was more cautious now, the memory of the fight still fresh in her head. The long-eared canine smelled a Luperci scent that was mixed with seawater. A female's scent, primarily jackal and with a slight trace of Cour des Miracles. Everything but the pack scent seemed familiar. And then she smelled a non-Luperci male. There was only one duo of Luperci that she could think of.

The jackal mutt began trotting towards the sound, her paranoia thrown aside. These were her former pack mates! Cour des Miracles was still iffy on the part despite being rescued by a Courier. The altercation with the yellow male was still in her mind, making her apprehensive about the pack.

The crippled woman could make out two shapes, blurs but she just knew they were her friends. She carefully padded out of the foliage, only sticking half of her body out, hoping to be sure. She could make out an Optime and a Lupus on the beach and she squinted, making out the four-legged canine's pelt which was black and orange. The female was a bit harder but she dd remember the blonde hair and could make out a familliar patterning.

Figuring that Secui wouldn't be the best form for such, the herbalist dipped back into the woods and found a tree that would hide her presence. She managed to get the satchel off with no difficulty and was able to loosed the knot that tied her anorak to her body, slipping out of it quickly. The tiny creature was able to get her leggings out of her bag and then she was ready.

The fox-like female began to shift up to Optime. Her bones lengthened and reformed, her forelegs snapping back to an arm and her body becoming more suitable for a bipedal stance. Her hair lengthened and her fur became shorter. In less than minutes she was back to two legs. As quickly as possible, she put on the anorak, wasting no time to zip it up, and then she put on the leggings. The desert-adapted Luperci knew that as long as she put on clothing as quickly as possible, she could shift into different forms in the winter. But she had to dress promptly or she would freeze. The female picked up her satchel and fixed her scarf. She also grabbed a hair tie from her bag and quickly tied her hair up in a ponytail. She was ready.

The moon-washed maiden walked out from the forest, meeting her friends. A smile didn't happen easily, but she forced one. If the monochrome fox was anything, she was a good actor.

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It's fine. :-) [495]

Athena had been lost in thought, looking up at the sky's colors as the waves lulled her into a sort-of blissful ignorance of the world still around her. What Tink had said, about the red star, clawed its way out of the back of her mind as the scenery reminded her of her old home. She hoped her mother had been safe, that she found a new home somewhere in Portland. Someday, maybe, Athena could travel there and recall her adventures here. She wondered how much Amelia had changed. Athena wondered how much she had changed.

The jackal had lost weight since leaving the island pack, that was for sure. She looked even more small and weak than she normally was, as food had been difficult to come by. She hadn't been in the Court long, but it was helping her to keep in one place, somewhat, and to get a decent, consistent meal now. If she was to ever decide to stay permanently, and that was a huge if, she made up her mind to help in any way possible. And that included making sure everything stayed ship-shape.

That reminded her, she hadn't gotten the chance to see what kind of ships the pack had. That was one of the best hopes Cour des Miracles had if they wanted to gain a new packmember. Wait, what am I thinking? She chided herself. They were just staying for the winter, not forever. Athena didn't exactly consider herself bad luck, but with what happened with Midnight Shores, she didn't want to test the theory.

Her large jackal ears swiveled as she caught the sound of footsteps on the sand. She sat up from her thoughts and turned to find a small, white, familiar jackal female came walking towards the two. Rocky also picked is head up as the medic came closer, a smile on her face that Athena couldn't help but think it looked a little forced. She knew how hard the smaller jackal had taken the news of Midnight Shores' disbandment, but she was relieved to see she was fine.

"Avinalora!" She greeted, pulling her friend into a quick hug. She, too, let a smile pull on the corners of her mouth. "I'm glad to see a familiar face down here," she said, releasing the raven-haired woman. Now that they were close, Athena could pick out something...different about the white jackal's scent. It had a twinge of a pack she had caught a trace of once before, while they were traveling south from the mountains. She didn't exactly know the name, but maybe she could find out from her medic friend.

"So, where did you and Adrian disappear to? I haven't seen you since...well, you know..." she trailed off, not really wanting to reopen old wounds. She sat back down on the beach, gesturing for Avinalora to do the same.

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The voice was a confirmation, Avinalora often relied on voice as well as scent. She already knew that it was Athena, but voice was important to her. She relied on scent and sound like sight and her vision was as good as her taste...useless. The vixen did try to make use of her sight but it was unreliable at best.

The hug was somewhat new to the fox maiden. It was something that didn't happen to her often. Adrian wasn't really a hugger, and now the silver girl flinched when she was touched. So it came to no surprise when she didn't reciprocate. She was frozen like the sea between Prince Edwards Island and the mainland. The broken bird stood there limply as her former pack mate embraced her, wincing at the pain to her injured shoulder.

"Ow." The Anatheman medic said awkwardly as the wound throbed. It was nothing new since she had been stabbed in the heart so many times, the shoulder wound didn't hurt that much. But the jackal mutt did hold her shoulder, checking of the wound had been reopened. It had been reopened once when the female had ran from a wolf with no good intentions and she had met a woman from Cour des Miracles. Did Athena know the jackal hybrid?

Looking up at the two, the green-eyed vixen knew that she owed them and explanation. She recalled the events that had happened. The attack that had injured her. Skana coming to her rescue. The aftermath of it all. A shudder passed through the Furcas as she remembered. It had been painful, but she had gone through a lot of pain.

"I got into a little scrap." The silver hybrid said with a nonchalant shrug. It had been more than that, but she wanted to downplay the actual event. No use getting over the fact that she had crossed a few more people because she was Anatheman.

And then the Graves woman asked the monochrome fox where she and her adumbra sister had gone to. "Adrian and I joined Anathema." The moon-washed maiden said. She noticed the gesture that her friend did and she just guessed it meant to sit down. She sat down carefully.

"So, what have you and Rocky been up to since...the disbandment?" The silver belle asked. It took a lot for her voice not to crack. The memory of Midnight Shores was like a stab to her heart, and unwillingly, she fiddled with the pendant.

Word Count ➤ 415

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