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Dated to late February (Around the 25th)
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He walked through the Dampwoods. He was massive, standing in Secui form. He was big and bulky in the halfling form, his fur making him look even bigger. The man was a wolf, his appearance screamed it, but the dog genetics only made him bigger. His pelt was littered with scars, many being hidden by his fur but he had several large ones. A scar over his left eye, given to him when his father struck out at him. A pair of X-shaped scars marred his body, one on his chest and the other on his side, both given for disobeying orders. A peculiar scar marked his thigh that looked like a messy H that was a marking of his former rank. Any other scars were obscured by his long, stormy grey fur.

Stormblade had left Casa di Cavalieri's boundaries to explore the area outside of it. He had went out in Optime and was just leaving the cave. He stored his stuff in the cave, his sword, his battleaxe, and his armor lay in there. Those were his most prized belongings and he wouldn't want anyone to take them.

And then it was all a blur. He remembered a pair of wolves attacking him and falling. And then it all went black.

A silver shape walked through the woods. She was small and petite being a high-content jackal hybrid. She was quite skinny with long legs, a muzzle that didn't taper, long ears, and a long tail that was as bushy as a fox. Her fur was a silver that was almost snow and she had a grizzled grey saddle with black flecks. The woman had black hair that was pulled into a ponytail. She walked in her Optime form and wore a silver dress that went down to mid-thigh; it was hooded and long-sleeved. The garment was lined with fur and warm. She also wore a pair of leggings. A satchel was carried over her shoulder. Her eyes were two different shades of green. They looked broken and shattered.

Avinalora wandered into the Dampwoods again. She didn't know what kept drawing her towards the area she had been attacked in twice. Part of her believed that she had a death wish. A small part of her believed there was a reason for the gods to push her here. And then there was that part that believed that she was an idiot.

And then the smell of blood was in the air. That spurred the healer to walk towards the scent since she knew that someone was injured. As she got closer to the source, she smelled Casa di Cavalieri, wolf, and blood. Even now, the jackal wasn't the biggest fan of the pack of knights. To some extent, she still believed that they caused Midnight Shores to fall. But that bias wasn't going to stop her from helping someone.

The jackal medic could make out a grey shape that became more clearer as she approached. The wolf was big and dark grey. Did everything have to be big in Casa di Cavalieri? He was bleeding from a few minor wounds but there was some blood around his head. She walked over and pulled some medicines out of her satchel and began treating the wounds. He had only a few and they were quite mild and didn't need stitches. Only a scratch on his back, a slash on his flank, and a few on his shoulder. Those were treated quickly.

First, she dumped an antiseptic mixture made of dock and penta on the wounds before putting some poultices of marigold, goldenrod, and other healing herbs onto the wounds. And then she began bandaging the wounds. All she could do now was wait.

When Stormblade woke up, he didn't remember 'Souls. He remembered getting a job on a ship and being cast out from the O'Connell pack but nothing else. The man raised his head. He looked around to see snow on the ground and a small creature sitting next to him. His body hurt and he was confused.

"Who are you?" The beast asked, his eyes narrowed and his voice close to a growl. The woman was tiny and wasn't a threat but he didn't know why it was winter and where he was.

Then, the giant woke up and looked confused. Avinalora had already figured out that he had hit his head. He asked her who she was with a snarl. She stood her ground and met his amber gaze with her bi-shaded one. Yes, he was big, but she had dealt with bigger folks and she never showed them fear.

"My name is Avinalora." The crippled female stated with a matter-of-fact tone. "I'm a healer from Anathema." The fox maiden added after a pause. She would let the man tell her his name later.

The female stated her name and told the warrior that she was a healer. But he didn't know what Anathema was. He didn't even know where he was. He decided to see if Avinalora could help him since she was a healer and healers were supposed to help people.

"Where am I?" The beast asked. "I only remember boarding a ship in the late spring."

The man's response made everything clear. He had lost his memory in whatever had happened to him. He didn't remember anything and Avinalora had only heard from her mother about this happening. But her mother did say to not overwhelm the person.

"Well, you're in a land known as 'Souls or Nova Scotia." The healer said. "So you know your name?" She asked after another pause. She had to establish what the wolf knew and what he didn't.

Stormblade remembered that he had left Ireland to 'Souls. So he was here? But he didn't remember what happened after he boarded the ship. But now it was winter. He knew that it wouldn't have taken more than a few moons to come here but that left about six moons or more moons that he had no recollection of.

And then the woman asked him what his name was. "Stormblade." The warrior replied in his accented tone. And then he remembered his sword, battleaxe, and armor. He was in Secui and he didn't know where his most prized belongings were.

"I had some items with me. But I don't know where they are."

Avinalora almost sighed in relief hearing that the guy knew his name. It would be a lot harder if she was working with a blank slate. But then he asked where his belongings were. She knew that he could have left them somewhere. The vixen could track his scent back and perhaps get them back. She knew it would help him adjust and maybe bring back his memory.

"You stay here and I'll see if I can find them." The green-eyed girl ordered and then added, "You might have to wait awhile since I am really slow." She added before she began walking in the direction that Stormblade had come from. His scent was still relatively fresh and he hadn't traveled very far.

The moonlit jackal came across a cave. It looked like the most likely place for the man to store whatever belongings he had on him.

A quick glance in the cave revealed items that smelled like the warrior's. A large sword, axe, and armor lay under a covering of leaves. They seemed too heavy for the silver lady to carry. So she decided to return to the amnesiac and tell him that she found them.

The desert medic walked back and returned to see the stormy-furred Secui laying on the ground in the same place she had left him. She took a second to calculate whether the wounds would keep the behemoth from walking. They wouldn't, so the snow-furred lass decided to tell him.

"I found your stuff stashed in a cave." The winter wraith announced. "They were way too big for me to carry so I'll let you grab them or something."

The lass returned with news. She had found Stormblade's weapons and armor! He already guessed that the tiny girl would be too small to carry such large items.

The Irishman pushed his bulk off the ground with only minor complaint from his body. But when he tried to shift, nothing happened. He didn't really remember how to shift, to be honest.

"I don't know how to shift"

Avinalora didn't know what to do. She stared at Stormblade in disbelief before regaining her wits. She didn't know how to handle such news but she would learn.

"Your items are very well-hidden and I would imagine that it would be better if you didn't shift so that you won't aggregate your wounds." The moon-washed maiden replied. She would bring him back to Anathema and he could recuperate there. Maybe later on, she could enlist the help of some friends to help her bring the weapons back.

"Maybe you could come with me to Anathema to heal up." The monochrome fox suggested.

Stormblade would trust the belle's words. She seemed trustworthy and he didn't have anyone else to turn to. He would come with her to whatever Anathema was.

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