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  • Date: February 26th?
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  • Form: Optime (Avi) | Secui (Storm)
I did not mean for this to get this long

A pair of canines walked at the edges of the Musquodoboit Valley. At the lead was an impossibly small female. Her fur was silver, almost like snow. A darker grey saddle ran down her back and was flecked with black. Her hair was also black, and was pulled into a ponytail. She was clothed due to having fur meant for a desert setting rather than winter. She was quite skinny, not very much muscel coated her frame. Her face was narrow and her muzzle didn't taper. She had long ears and a long tail. She was also long-legged. A monochrome trench coat was pulled over her frame and leg-warmers also covered her legs to keep her warm. A silver scarf was wrapped around her neck and a wooden, crescent moon pendant hung from her neck. She also carried a satchel. Her eyes were two different shades of green and life did grace those somewhat broken orbs.

Behind her was a much larger beast. The creature was covered in stormy-grey fur that only added to the bulk gained from being in Secui. The beast was built like a tank and was easily twice with woman's weight. His body was marred with scars and a few bandages dotted across his pelt. He was undoubtedly a wolf, or a wolf-heavy hybrid. The beast easily matched the silver woman in height. But for such a massive creature, his amber eyes had a gentle gaze as he followed the woman.

It was only a day after Avinalora had found Stormblade, but he seemed well-enough to travel. He wanted to know more about the land that he didn't remember, so after she had showed him the territory of Anathema, she led him out of the territory and into the edges of the valley.

"What other packs occupy 'Souls?" The Irish warrior asked. The fox maiden decided to give him a lesson and she found a stump to sit on. The beast also sat and listened. She took a moment to remember all of the packs before she spoke. Albeit, she didn't know every pack particularly well but she could try her best.

"Well, in the north there are four packs," The silver lady said as she gestured in the general direction of the north. "There's Sapient, a pack of knowledge." She said. It wasn't exactly true, but that was all she really knew. "Krokar, a pack of trade." She only had the most basic knowledge of that pack since she had never met a member. "Vinatta, a pack of production and stuff." The jackal mutt only had knowledge of the pack from her sister, Adrian who had met the leader. "And then there's Salsola, don't know much other than it being a matriarchy." She didn't know much about many packs, indeed. But then she went to the southern packs with a wave of her hand in the direction. "In the south we have Inferni, a coyote-dominated pack that decorate their borders with skulls." With that, the wolf cocked his head. "But the few that I have met seem to be very pleasant." The winter wraith said before continuing. "Cour des Miracles is dog-dominated as far as I know and that's really all I know." She had met a few Couriers but that didn't get her very far. "And then there's Casa di Cavalieri." She said, watching the giant's face for any reactions. She got none. "They're knights and all, and the ones I've met are pretty big."

"How big?" The amber-eyed monster asked. In Ireland, the O'Connell pack had many large wolves. Was it simillar there? He didn't remember the pack of knights he had been in. But the thought intrigued him.

"One of them in Secui form was bigger than you." The silver belle said before getting up. She didn't want to linger on the topic of packs for too long in case she triggered a memory. The warrior rose as she did and they continued walking. The moon-washed maiden and the stormy soldier were nearing the end of the valley.

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