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Here she was, yet again, searching for any sign of her mate. It had been quite some time, but she refused to stop searching for any small sign of where he went. The white face had thought things were fine, but clearly something had been wrong. He wouldn't just leave her and their youngest daughter would he? Dusk left as well, traveling further in hopes of finding her father, but there was no telling when she would return either. Only her two youngest girls remained in Casa with her. Little Night was too young to make Hartt willing to travel with her. Sure, Dawn could watch the little one while she hunted and whatnot, but the white mother didn't want to take the risk that.

As each day passed, her hope of finding Darkness dwindled down more and more. He had such a poor sense of direction and got lost or turned around so easily. It made her worry about when the next time she would see her love and it made her heart hurt. The white woman moved on all fours despite being in her Optime form, clawed hands moving over the grass and keeping her form close to the ground as she searched for any sign or scent of her mate nearby. It was a different scent she picked up though, there were deer close by. Her stomach rumbled with hunger, which pushed her to pursue the scent. It would be best to bring something home for her girls to eat anyway. It didn't take too terribly long for a small herd to come into view. She kept herself downwind and eyed a smaller buck. He would be the best option out of the group. Hartt crept closer before leaping out at him, a clawed hand lashing out at his hindquarters. He stumbled but wasn't down, taking off just as the rest of the herd did. She chased after the buck until she was close enough, leaping onto his back and gripping onto one of his antlers as she pulled him to the ground. Her teeth sunk into his neck and she held onto him tight until his body finally stopped moving.
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Derpy Iorek at his finest, lol

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A large beast scuttled through the forest. (That's right, scuttled.) He was on the large side of the scale for Luperci, bordering giant. He almost seemed like a bear, and being in Secui form helped it. He had rounded ears, a bobbed tail, and a broad build. He had a broad chest and large paws that crunched the leaf litter. He had thick fur that only exaggerated his bulk. His legs were a bit longer than average, owing to his small amount of sighthound heritage. He has a broader snout that a normal wolf due to his dog heritage.

His fur was a splattered mix of browns on tan fur that dulled in certain areas. His saddle was a mixture of brown hues that darkened and lightened haphazardly. He also had brown stockings that changed shades. His face was also dark brown, though it didn't connect with his saddle. He had off-white marking his pelt: splotching his chest, tipping his tail, and coloring his shoulder. He also had red eyes.

Iorek wasn't alone today for once. The cats followed him, though they were hidden from his sight, their voices wafting out to him from wherever they were. He didn't look back though. He was hungry, his small amount of instruction from the nice people he'd met wasn't as helpful to him when he was alone. The hybrid wasn't a good hunter at all, he knew it. He wasn't even that good of a fighter.

Are you even trying to hunt? The feminine voice of Addison called. The bear-dog didn't even react, his nose towards the ground, trying to sniff out prey. He wasn't even that good of a tracker. He was strong though, and had quite a bit of stamina. Though he needed speed to hunt, and that was something that he didn't have. A whuff escaped from the wolfdog as he couldn't really express anything else with his tail or ears.

Let's just hunt ourselves, it's much easier than following him. The voice of Jackson said and then with a rustle, the brown behemoth was alone. His head hung even lower and his stomach growled. He was hungry and failed to make his friends stay with him. He was afraid that they'd never come back, though they normally did.

And then the bob-tailed mutt smelled the scent of food. He was too hungry to smell anything else as he bounded towards the scent. And then realized that he shouldn't be running in forests. But that was too late as he ran into a tree, close to where the scent was.

The yearling tumbled back but got up quickly, though he was a bit dizzy from the collision. S-Sorry! He said, apologizing to the tree that he ran into before shaking himself. And then he trotted over to where he smelled the food. He was hungry, that was all that was on his mind. The youngster didn't realize that he wasn't alone until he came into view of the carcass.

A white wolf was there, and that scared the red-eyed loner. He jumped and then scurried behind the trunk of a tree, his body not fully hidden. He peeked out from behind the tree to see a woman standing over the body of a stag. He was afraid since most of the time, walking in on someone eating was bad. The woman was in a two-legged form but was on four legs which made the Secui beast tilt his head, though he was still afraid.

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