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The massive Secui shape of Iorek padded through a sunflower field. He was massive, easily a giant by most standards. He was bearlike: his small rounded ears, short bobbed tail, broad snout, and his thick limbs made him ursine in design. He was gargantuan in his monstrous Secui form. Some flowers had been weaved into his mane and one was tucked behind his ear. His heavy head was held low and his paws were dragging. The wolfdog looked tired. A magpie sat on his shoulders and squawked to keep the beast awake.

The brown behemoth had been plagued with nightmares after the incident, refusing to sleep at points. Yellow eyes and glinting teeth came out of the darkness. Sometimes, he was back in the meadow and the demon was assaulting him again. Sometimes, he was back in the fight and he relived the carnage. In some dreams, he hadn't regained control and attacked Teagan even more. The dreams sent him out of slumber, gasping for breath. The first time, Riley had comforted him, telling him that they were just nightmares. The chocolate-saddled brute began sleeping in another room to keep him from waking the Rockateer up.

The red-eyed recruit hadn't slept for two days and he was so tired. He hadn't noticed his roommate had weaved flowers into his mane. The dark stranger had convinced the youngster that he was a killer because he picked flowers. He didn't know why he believed the monster; Riley had been putting that thought in his head. The crimson-eyed Cavalier still believed the man of his nightmares.

The massive yearling found a clear area near some sunflowers. His logic said that if he slept in the day, then the nightmares wouldn’t happen because it was daytime. He slowly began to go to sleep, curling up into a massive boulder on the ground. The feral beast was just so tired.

What ya doing? Birdflower squawked as the beast began lying down.

S-S-Sleeping The giant halfling murmured and then he was asleep.

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This place was a legend in her family… a place that seemed no more real than a fairytale. Luckily, Moon believed in fairytales… so as soon as she set foot on the land of the Bleeding Souls she found her way down the peninsula to the place where her family had started. Not even the family that she knew now, but the farthest back that the memories and stories could be traced; Cercatori d’Arte. Moon Moon’s mother wasn’t even born here, but her grandmother had spent much time here and she had heard so many stories from Orin.

She had found the giant tree her grandmother had told her about, though know it was a scorched relic struggling to come back to life. “You will be beautiful again,” Moon promised the massive tree, her hand placed on the blackened trunk. “You will be art again.”

She moved away from the one-time border tree and further into the lands that had once housed a great pack of artisans. Oh, how dearly Moon wished she could have seen this place in its heyday. She would have been the veritable princess of the pack – or, at least, that’s how she pictured herself. Paint brush, tiara, and all.

There were other relics here besides the border tree. There was an old, dilapidated carnival at the pier overlooking the bay, a run-down town that was probably not so abused when the pack lived here, and other places of wonder. Moon Moon had been walking the old d’Arte lands for two days, and it was about time to leave and seek out her sister, Buttercup, when she noticed the fuzzy boulder like an ink stain in a sea of yellow flowers.

Cocking her head, Moon Moon approached the mass without hesitation, and without any respect for caution. When she got closer, her bright eyes could see it was breathing… that was a good thing. Probably. Unless it had any desire to see Moon stop breathing… but Kiss Me would have something to say about that… and thanks to Kiss Me… well, that and a lack of a healthy dose of sanity… Moon felt no fear in approaching the bearlike lump within the field of flowers.

The white wolfess simply marched right up to the fuzzy lump and looked down at him, knowing at once he wasn’t the hibernating bear that he seemed to be from father away. “Nope! Just a big ol’ lazy wolf!” she sang to herself, then giggled. She bent down and plucked one of the flowers from his mane, smelling it before placing it back in its spot. “A lazy, colorful wolf. Shh… buddy… you sleep. I’ll fix you.” And with that, she set to work.

She set Kiss Me on the ground, and placed her backpack next to the baseball bat before dropping her own haunches onto the loamy earth and crossing her legs. She rifled through her things for a moment, then proffered three jars, each holding a substance of similar consistency but different colors; blue, pink, and green. Moon took one of her many brushes and first dipped it into the pink paint, then looked at one leg that was jutting out from the slumbering man. “You want this one done first?” she asked the sleeper. “No problem!” Luckily, Moon had actual paint with her instead of just dye. The hybrid’s fur was too dark in some places to receive dye well, but her paints would work, and stick around until he bathed!

Making quick work of it, Moon began turning the Luperci into a work of art, painting a pattern of pink and blue petaled flowers on his paws and forelegs, then she connected it with green filigree leaves. Her eyes flicked to the man’s face, and she watched him for a while, wondering what he was dreaming about. “You should dream about giraffes,” Moon told him – though truthfully, she did speak in a hushed tone so as not to purposefully wake him. After all, what if he wasn’t such a willing canvas when he was awake? She dipped her brush in the pink paint, and began painting a heart in the middle of his forehead. “I haven’t ever seen a giraffe myself,” she told the sleeper. “Not in person. But they look like this…” And soon, a green and blue giraffe started to take shape on the foreleg she hadn’t painted yet.

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