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Deep breath; Take it all on the chin
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Cal’s paws carried him to the south, his demeanor happy despite the mission that drove him and his mate toward the decimated parts of the peninsula. Luca had asked him to go, to investigate what was going on at the cliffs south and west of Casa, and he had asked Veyra to lend her eyes and perspective to the situation. Over the past day or two, multiple loners had happened past Casa’s territory, at least one blundering over the border line. All were visibly spooked, stammering on about gigantic flowers that enchanted their beasts of burden and the surrounding prey animals, causing them to fling themselves off the cliffs nearest the colorful flora, to be dashed to pieces on the rocks below. Those whose bodies were not broken became more lives lost to the sea. The loners had been given something against shock and sent on their way, their tales noted, but almost entirely discounted as fancy. Who ever heard of flowers twice the size of a Luperci on horseback?

The evening the mated pair had left was clear and cold, but not frigid; their paws left prints in the hock-deep snow that still persisted and their breaths produced trails of white mist that left bits of frost on their whiskers from time to time. They moved at a ground-eating trot in their Lupus forms, both accommodating Veyra’s distaste for riding horses as well as being cautious not to lose any of Casa’s stock should the loners’ stories prove true. They had slept and eaten well before they left so they needed no sustenance and were able to travel well into the night, only pausing to camp to await the light of day, curled together in a divot at the base of Wolf’s Peak.

When morning broke, it was a little warmer, but ominous storm clouds roiled in the sky. Cal took note of them with a scowl; rain made for miserable travel, and sleet more miserable still. Still, the weather had not moved in by the time they rounded Wolf’s Peak, their destination an inlet that had once been called the Beast’s Grin Peninsula. Almost the whole of that area was gone, destroyed by the Red Star two years before, but Callum remembered it from the maps on his grandda’s office wall, from his youth. As they got within a mile and a half, both wolves’ mouths gaped, for there on the horizon did appear to be the flowers they had been told about. Gigantic and colorful, the blooms looked almost like the sunflowers that he pressed his way through when he was going to see Veyra.

Their pace slowed. Callum looked about, his orange gaze noting how silent their surroundings were. No rabbits or squirrels frolicked in the grass; no birds sang from the trees. His eyes moved to the sky and spotted a goose winging from the south towards them. Suddenly it veered off its course, speeding up to collide head-on with a violently blue bloom. The white Knight wasn’t sure if he saw it fall or if it had simply disappeared into the face of the flower. His steps got more hesitant, then stopped altogether, watching the blue flower, a worried expression coming over his face. Veyra, this... these aren’t normal. We need to get away from here. To make their exodus faster, he began to shift into Secui. Stamina be damned, he wanted to put as much distance between himself and these cursed things as he could.

He finally looked down, expecting to see his Dawn princess by his side, but she was not there. He glanced around and found her a couple hundred yards further on toward the cliff, walking as though in a daze, her emerald eyes fixed on a bloom that hovered lower than the rest. With a sound as though a fly were caught in his ear, he followed her, calling her name once, twice, with barely an ear flicked in his direction to show that she had heard him. He shook his head to make the buzz go away, but it only intensified as his pawsteps quickened, as he tried to catch up to her. As he sped up, though, so did she, and though he was in Secui she had a head start and was smaller and more lithe than he.

He watched in horror as she got within four or five lengths of the edge, himself only perhaps twice that, the buzzing a static in his brain as he leapt toward Veyra, who was herself bunching up to leap from the brink. His teeth found the side of her scruff, her silver ring and the fluorite he had given her at their wedding secured in his mouth, but she jumped anyway, the movement hindered by his bulk at her neck. Hobbled, her body struck the face of the cliff, jerking his head and shoulders down; he tried to shift to Optime in time to use his hands to grab her, too... and then her skin slipped from his teeth. The buzzing in his head grew louder still, but audible over it was the pop! Of her necklace as the leather strand broke.

And then she was gone.

The static in his head shifted, became almost-words, inviting him to join her on her flight. His shift completed, his fingers scrabbled for the ground behind him, claws leaving divots in the soil as he half-ran, half-stumbled away from where Veyra had jumped, running as often on all fours as on his feet as he fell forward but always, always retaining forward motion, for something told him if he did not, he would meet the same end as his mate. Only once the buzz in his head had subsided completely did Callum stop and turn to look back.

It had begun to rain at some point in his flight but Cal wasn’t sure when, only that he stood there, drenched in a cold rain, staring, with her necklace clutched to his chest.

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