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POSTED: Tue Aug 14, 2018 6:11 pm

The force of Kalfou's emotions washed over him, weak but still detectable. But Halan's mind was an orderly one, and that feeling was felt, questioned for a few moments, and dismissed, without him ever understanding why he felt it. The fur along his spine would have gone back down, if Kalfou hadn't chosen that moment to threaten him.

Halan had never taken kindly to threats, and he gave Kalfou an unamused look in return. He hadn't rolled over when Ingnere showed up, and he wasn't about to now. Even to a "demon," whatever they were.

"You're from Anathema?" He'd hoped to avoid the pack entirely. Evading the slaving packs was one reason he had stuck close to the shore, rather than passing over the mountains.. When he'd passed through Anathema's territory without seeing a single member of the pack, or even a fresh scent mark, he'd thought his plan had worked. Clearly he'd been wrong. But why was a member of Anathema here, of all places? This had been the heart of Cercatori d'Arte's territory. Disbanded for years they might be, but he could think of few reasons an Anatheman would be here.

The scent of Midnight Shores on him was long gone, and it had been years since he smelled of Cercatori d'Arte. His connection to both packs had always been tenuous, but he'd heard stories about Anathema. They practiced magic that was not only dark, but evil. They were slavers.

And slavers were never to be trusted.

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