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Setting Generator wrote:It's morning in Ethereal Eclipse, and flowers are blooming. Your character notices a foreboding murder of crows overhead.

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The beast moved through the trees, seemingly looking for something. He was in his Optime form, a massive figure with a broad build layered with muscle and thick fur. He had a slight hunch to his posture and he moved with some of his weight on his thighs. He wore a light-colored sweater and a pair of loose pants. His body was adorned with jewelry, two bracelets around each wrist, four necklaces around his neck, necklace chains woven into his mane, feathers in his mane, and an elegant flower crown. A magpie perched on his shoulder and a crow flew behind him.

Iorek was wandering south this time. He was unsure of what he was going to do, having the vague idea of going out to bring something back. He was unsure of what he would find out here, perhaps he would go back towards the concrete ruins of the towns close to here and scavenge something. Or he could hunt for something to bring back, like a deer or a rabbit. Riley could use the pelts to make clothing. The beast was unsure of what he would do, though the wolfdog would not return empty-handed.

The massive medic had headed out in the morning and had already collected the herbs that he had come across. The beast still wanted to bring back something else, though gathering herbs was also a good idea. He looked around before he looked up to the sky, his eyes searching for something. And he saw the black silhouettes of carrion birds in the sky. He padded forwards, knowing that the birds meant something. He directed Birdflower and Druzy by pointing towards the area, C-Can y-you s-see wh-what's th-there? The birds flew off and the feral nurse waited until they returned.

"Food! Food!"

"Dead hoofed one."

The vermilion-eyed Valiant nodded and then continued walking, but sunk down to the ground behind the thicket as he made sure that there was no one else here. He could share, but he didn't want to cause conflict. He moved in the same feral manner he had moved in long ago. He could see the carcass of a dead doe and crows crowding around in. They noticed him and some flew off but some of them waited expectantly. The crimson-eyed Cavalier stalked fowards and then he tore open the deer with his claw and the birds descended. He yanked off a couple of chunks and got out of the frenzy.

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Strawberry had been tracking the injured doe for miles, and aside from being a little winded from the warmer weather cooking his thick, downy fur, he was unfazed. It wasn't he who had injured the animal in the first place, but he'd found a trail of old blood and followed it to where the doe had been, lying on the ground with a broken arrow in her side breathing laboriously. He was both hungry and feeling pity for her when he took chase, but it turned out the deer had more life left in her than it seemed at first and led him on a journey that was creeping into two hours long by the time he spotted the murder of crows circling not far away. He took a moment to shift back into Optime from his four legged form, cursing the irresponsible hunter who had caused the whole mess and readjusting the dirty old bag he had around his torso as he straightened his posture. The dog planned to eat his fill and then rip off a few nice chunks of meat to be smoked and made into jerky later, a skill he'd learned from watching members of the pack in Salsola before his departure. No one had ever let him try it himself, but he was confident that it could be done just from memory.

Bright red, rounded ears pricked forward as he caught a bit of commotion in the flock of birds ahead as he forged through some thick brush into the clearing where the doe had finally died, and he was surprised to see a bob-tailed canine that didn't look either like a wolf or a dog. Strawberry quickly decided the enormous beast must be a mix, and instantly felt a little nervous when he realized how outsized he was in the situation. He didn't enjoy fighting even when he knew he could win, and with the male before him being so much bigger and therefore stronger, Berry didn't figure it would be smart to get any closer. He called from the edge of the clearing to the stranger, one foot propped behind him in a stance that said 'ready-to-run'.

"This is...your deer?"

He didn't suppose that it was, being that the animal had been left to suffer for so long with the arrow in it, but asking gave the male a chance to see if the stranger planned to be possessive over the carcass or if they might get along after all.

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