Didn't your mother ever tell you not to talk to strangers?

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Generators: It's midday on an old country road and your character is remembering a recent lesson. | A female wolf-dog hermit with one yellow eye that is very faithful.

"Are you sure you don't want any potions? I have some of my best herbs here. I was taught by a very good teacher," Calla insisted. Across from her, the female wolf-dog shook her head and sat earnestly against the ledge of an old stump, remnants of a tree cut down long ago. "I don't have any interest in potions or trinkets right now, m'dear, all I want is companionship. I'll make it worthwhile. I promise," was her reply which garnished a heavy sigh from Calla. Julia wasn't around. She had stayed back in Salsola for some reason, against Calla's order. At first, Calla had been okay with it.

She was used to carrying around her bags and she couldn't ride Aube right now anyway with her injury. Even now, she could smell fresh blood from where she'd rubbed her legs too hard together but the bandage was enough to catch it.

She would just have to change it later.

"I'm not going to be good company. I hardly have any stories and I'm not great at conversing with people I don't know," Calla argued, reaching a hand up to brush through her hair, meticulous as ever about her appearance. Blue eyes washed over the stranger accompanying her. The wolf-dog seemed to be in its senior years, long hair that had bundled up in a loose bun at the back of her head. Like Calla, she wore luperci-made clothing, though hers was a lot better made than the dress Calla had put on today in preparation for her role as a traveling witch and potion maker.

She should have been training back home, going over what Till, Brocade, Kaeli and Idrieus had taught her, though she had no interest in picking up her blades with her current injury and it was the price she had to pay for having it put where she had indicated to Helena. As if sensing that the woman was watching her, Calla turned her head from the woods to face the yellowed eye of the stranger. That's right... one eye. "My name.. You didn't ask for it. What's yours?" she asked, "I'm Maylynn. You can call me May."

The older wolf-dog smiled and reached out as if to take Calla's hand. Calla conceded only for the fact that she was still interested in the woman's belongings. After all, not many people set up such a luxurious camp. It was as if the woman had been here all her life. There was a horse off to the side of the camp, a donkey too, though the ass seemed more attentive than the horse to their conversation. And her shelter? An old lean to made of heavy bark and leaves, of logs, she guessed. She wondered what was within. "I'm Sheri, May. It's so wonderful to see you. Would you like some tea?"

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