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Mateo couldn’t help but prick his ears forward as Hibiki replied. ”What? You go out in search of metal? What for?” In Onuba the man had been given rings from his father, pieces of glittering metal that marked him as a member of the Salcedo household. In his haste to abandon Onuba he had left his riches behind – and though Tiamat had never made mention of it, he knew that somehow, she wondered how he had been able to leave it all behind him.

Here he had no riches. No name that was recognizable from pack to pack.

Mateo made a soft sound in his throat as Ruckus barked at a flapping bird – a warning sound that dropped off as he realized that they were in no danger.

Finally Hibiki smiled, and Mateo found himself returning the emotion with a grin. ”It’s the Troupes job to be well received – they won’t turn away an opportunity to perform!” He though of O’Brien and couldn’t help but chuckle, ”But you should check with your group. If you want to find me, we usually camp out in or around Fort Cumberland.” He wagged his tail, ”I could come back in a few weeks maybe to check in?”

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One eyebrow rose slightly to the reaction Mateo had given to him when Hibiki mentioned that he was often out in search of metal. It had been a bit of a strange reaction, especially given those that lived in the area. It seemed many were familiar with the art of blacksmithing, but guess this was proof enough that the craft was very new to others as well. Keeping himself calm though, he was ready to share his craft with another, "I am a blacksmith, meaning I take pieces of metal and turn them into something else, like weapons, metal containers, the like. Have you heard of it?"

Perhaps he would be able to show something of his craft, just a shame he had nothing on him to really show for it, not even the knife that he carried was something he had made.

The shock had worn off, and the man went to speaking about the group that he belonged to. He seemed for the idea, but suggested that he make sure of things first. It only made sense. It would be wrong of him to invite them to the Petite Cour without at least mentioning something to Kalypso. He had mentioned of a place where the Troupe, or rather he, normally resided, but was not somewhere he was familiar with.

The second option seemed better of the two.

Hibiki nodded in agreement, "Let's do that option. I'll speak to the others and meet up with you when you return. Perhaps we can arrange something better at that time if they are in agreement to allowing the Troupe to come perform."


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