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Cidro stood a careful distance from his Queen, his family, if they could even be called that anymore. After everything he’d let happen to her girls, after letting that man turn him into a whore... he almost wished she would get mad at him, blame him for not protecting her children. But more than anything, she just seemed… lost. He missed his tía’s fire, her wit, her confidence— but her kingdom was falling around her, and her children had been taken and maimed. He was too deep in his own trauma to know how to cope with his role model left as helpless as the rest of them.

I-I’m sorry I couldn’t protect them. I tried. I really, really t-tried.

His voice was shaking again, his body trembling with it. He tightened his arms around his bandaged chest, steadying himself, but all it did was remind him of the blood staining the bandages, of the word that blood spelt. He wondered if she could read it, not that she hadn’t already. Either way, he’d never felt so ashamed. He’d been marked as a whore, had his face slashed, hair chopped, his body beaten and used until it was bruised and bloody. He barely even tried to defend himself. Maybe he deserved it. He pressed harder on the bandages, digging the heel of his hand into the carvings there. He let the burn take him.

But that wasn’t what he was here for. Of course he had to stall and make this all about himself. Again. He pushed harder against his chest.

Palo wants me to leave. Hibiki… he s-said he’d take me to Casa.

He’d been fighting so hard not to cry, to be strong the last time his Queen saw him as her Duc, but Cidro was so, so weak. His eyes watered.

I just w-wanted to say sorry for everything, and to say goodbye.

His voice cracked roughly on the last word, and he descended into sobs. He wished Barracuda had killed him when he had the chance.

341 words. Takes place on the 20th, shortly after children are returned and Cidro’s been patched up slightly. Left the location vague so you can decide where it seems most fitting for them to be.

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She had tucked her children away to be watched by a loyal friend, who would keep an eye on them in the darkness as they fought their enemies in the still blackness. They were withdrawn and distant, clinging to one another for support and refusing to cry when it was clear that all they wanted to do was break down before their mother. She dosed them with sleeping teas to still them and the girls were wrapped in one another's arms while their brother curled around their heads protectively. They had not slept in that form so long but it gave them some sense of comfort.

She left them to sleep and sought the boy that had suffered with her girls, only to find that he had found her instead.

Kalypso's heart ached as she looked at the boy, bloodied and abused by enemies that were abhorrent and evil. They had used a poor soul, a spirit that was too soft, too gentle to take the punishment given it. He had suffered so before he had ever come to the Court and he suffered even more so now as it began to crumble around them all. The vestiges of protection disappeared and so they were in pain. Cidro hurt because of her. She caused this, in the end.

I'm so sorry, Cidro. None of this should have happened, she said softly as the boy began to cry and she could feel her own eyes start to water. Tears started to roll down her face as she gingerly swept him into her embrace and put her face into his hair. Her tears rolled down her face as she took the boy's agony into herself, letting it seep into her very bones so that she might carry it for the rest of her days, as though to lighten his burden.

If I knew you were a sellout. A thief. Use me up - I would have never let you near me.

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Cidro shook his head as his Queen spoke in pained apologies. Why was she apologizing? None of this was her fault. He was with her girls when they were taken. He should’ve been the one to save them.

Suddenly, Kalypso was at his side, pulling him flush to her chest and weeping into his cropped, dirty locks. Cidro’s body turned to ice.


He shoved her off roughly, lips pulled back in a frightened snarl. He backed away from her, taking a moment to come back to himself.


He dipped his chin, ashamed and exhausted.

’M sorry, I didn’t…

He gestured weakly to his fresh wounds.

Still hurts.

It wasn’t a total lie, but it wasn’t the full truth, either. Wounds or not, the Cidro wasn’t sure anyone could touch him right now. Anxious and rattled, the young Duc crossed his arms across his middle, trying to put up a feeble barrier to the world.

The girls, are they…

He wiped the wetness from his face, not liking how they muddled his words.

H-how are they?


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