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POSTED: Tue Jun 18, 2019 2:43 pm

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Symre wove a tale of Salsola’s Queen, and Theodora found herself imagining a dark crone, wreathed in a crown of bones and fire. The details of it were hazy, for Theo had never encountered the Salsolan regent (and hopefully never would) but it was fearsome even in her reverie. How Symre could survive there was a mystery, but perhaps it was the magic she practiced that shielded her. It certainly seemed like it had led her to Theodora on that night, binding them together in spellcraft. She mirrored Symre’s smile, though hers tended to a great deal more friendliness. “That, I cannot argue with.” She laughed, for history had shown the veracity of it.

Her eyes were red luster, as though they’d been pricked by a needle, bleeding brightly into the iris. Would her mother have adopted Symre instead, so devout in her thinking? Or would she have shunned her for that sanguineous hue? The woman had been impossible to predict. “Quiddity.” She tasted the word on her tongue, and found it pleasing. What an odd pair they were, a Salsolan and a Cavalier, seated about a bonfire with a cat upon their laps. With Symre’s trappings hung around them, they appeared much like a proper coven. The thought didn’t disturb her at all, and seemed almost comforting, lulling her to relaxation as Symre’s voice rang out into the clearing. “Sometimes people are called, rather than taught.” Theo agreed, wondering whether the warm cat in her lap or the fire was hotter. “I’m sure you have answered well,” purple twilight slid to glance at Symre. “I worry I disappoint the Gods in my rebelliousness. I do not feel their guidance, even when I look.”

What more could be said of it? Symre would understand. Of all those she had met, perhaps only Symre Rask would understand. And she could still yet surprise her, as she did next, with a surprisingly charitable offer.

“Keep him?” Her shock was muted by the night, but as she bent her head to look upon the tabby as he rested, her fingers curled within his hair, she did not deny that it felt right. She had thought to argue against her benefaction, but she could not bear to. “I would love to.” When she lifted her gaze to smile at Symre, it was conspiratorial. “There are some who would say to share brethren familiars would make us blood sisters, Symre. At least in the craft.” In a way, it was almost teasing—Symre was not as prone to sentimentality or affection as Theodora was, but even she could likely not deny a bond forged in firelight as the two had shared.

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Symre had never expected to find a friend who lay so far removed from Salsola. Theodora was the opposite to her in every way, pale where she was dark – soft where Symre was hard. Even now when Theodora smiled at her the darkling struggled to grin back with the same amount of warmth. ”I seek no guidance from it. I feel like more often than not I guide it.

When she thought of the Quiddity that coursed through her she did not think of gods or of spirits – simply a feeling that sung through her very being when she tapped into its power. It was a magick that did not know itself, one that had not been passed down by generations that had come before. Instead Symre followed her intuition, toying with the pieces of iron in her heart that hummed like magnets each time she came close.

”In Salsola there is a coven…” Symre bit her lip, and for a moment her expression was caught somewhere between worry and steel resolution. ”But they do not understand.”

Tali flicked an ear toward her brother as Symre cocked a brow before smiling.

”Than blood sisters we shall be.”


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