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POSTED: Sun Jul 21, 2019 1:13 am

There was a dazed expression on the face of the Pyre as she gazed down at the blood on her hands, her eyes still stinging with tears and glassed over as she looked up at her mate and saw the blood on his chest, seeping between grey digits. She told him that he was bleeding, and he said that it was okay. Tan tipped ears perked forwards and then back again at the expression of pain underlying his features. What had she done?

"I-I'm sorry..." She whined, eyes growing wider as the tiny blood stained fighter looked up into the yellow gaze of the grey wolf. She stumbled forwards, slowly, her trembling hands stretched out towards his own as her tail tucked up underneath her, tiny paws that had done so much damage to so many different people reached out to rest on the back of his hand with a timid touch. "I-I-I h-hurt you.."

Again, he said it was okay, as fresh heavy tears pooled up in the slowly clearing eyes of the leader and spilled over her wet cheeks. "I'm s-sorry.." She half sobbed, slender porcelain digits curling around one of Lukos' fingers as she trembled and wobbled, unsteady as she tried weakly to pull him off in a random direction. "W-we need t-t-to go back t-to camp a-a-a-and fix you up.. W-we need to..."

Her lips pressed together and her muzzle wrinkled as a wave of sorrow washed through her like the tide of an unforgiving black sea, and she stopped trying to pull him, and instead leaned into him, fingers gripping his hands, her tiny form wracked with gentle sobs as she leaned into her mate, his blood getting in her hair and staining her fur in places as she clung to him. "I-I-I don't w-want to f-fight anymore..."

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