The making of a hero


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⟿ Word Count: [350+]
⟿ Date: June
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⟿ Form: Secui

The territories beyond The Order's camp felt a lot safer to the wolf ever since the beast Lux had been executed. While he still was troubled by the moral implications of executing a luperci who once had stood by Anathema, he did feel a lot calmer now that he didn't have to look back twice. He now had to be careful only with his own actions, not with the murderous rampage of an unrestrained beast.

After training, Auspicium headed out for the Moonstone Lakes and its surrounding woods for scraps of metal or other human civilization remains. For the moons following the time he joined The Order, he had focussed excessively on following his oath word by word, which later resulted in the endless appeal of returning to the life of theft, even though he no longer had the need to. He had a warm place to sleep, meals for every day, a family he fought with and for... He really had no reason to look out for innocent people to stalk and steal from. But from now on he wanted some change for himself.

Auspicium realized perhaps it would be a good idea to stop thinking too much about his oath, and start acting on it, bringing a little more justice to such a chaotic world. Perhaps he needed to look after people like himself, preying on the innocent and waiting for the right time to pounce of them. He believed he had trained enough to stop anything like that from happening, so why not put all that into work? The silver secui was currently patrolling some of the forest areas near The Order's camp, keeping a close eye on the canine's that passed by, being aided by his pair of corvids. He was looking out for anyone suspicious, maybe someone who followed the same path as the same canine from before, or someone who tried a little too hard to remain hidden.

It was clear he didn't really know how to proceed, he wished that he would get to be at the right place at the right time. it was all about luck for now.

"Speech". Thinking.

How long has it been?

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Tora's day had started off as they usually did, rising an hour or two before the sun and riding as quietly as possible out of camp to avoid waking up the Petite Cour. Breakfast was a few pieces of salted fish washed down by a lit of wine and a couple cigarettes, the wolf letting his mare wander where she pleased as he finished off his early morning smoke. He really was becoming his father, memories of waking up to the smell of sake and tobacco swarming up the recesses of his mind. The thought made him sick, spitting in disgust at the thought of turning into the man who had made his childhood one of daily torment. But he was, wasn't he? The early hours, the way he had withdrawn into himself, the smoking and drinking, the self-loathing. It was everything he witnessed in Akio when he was growing up.

He forced the thoughts from his head by throwing himself into the day's training. He started with exercise first, sprints, pushups, pull-ups on a sturdy tree branch and lifting heavy rocks and throwing them as far he could. It was tiring but an integral part of his day. Tora was acutely aware of the fact that he wasn't getting younger and refused to let his body get weak. He would fight the unstoppable march of time for long as he could. After his daily battle with the inevitable decay of his body he turned to keeping his skills sharp with his weapons. The samurai was confident in saying that he could go toe to toe with almost anyone who wielded a sword but there was no use in slacking off. He tied Joile to the same branch he had used for pull-ups and drew his katana, imagining an invisible opponent and practicing all manner of strikes for an hour. After that he worked on his archery and spearfighting, working himself to exhaustion before allowing himself a break.

The rest of the day was his to do as he pleased with, Tora readjusting his robe and hat and climbing back onto his horse. He kept going forward, having no better direction, until he encountered another wolf. "Hello there." he said politely, accent heavy on his voice. "Could you tell me where I am? I'm trying to reorient myself."

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As the sun path advanced, Auspicium had somehow not encountered many canines at all, or at least any that specifically called his attention. The silvery wolf soon caught the faded scent of tobacco and alcohol, which was still too pungent for him to not notice. He thought about maybe avoiding the approaching stranger by just walking into the forest's undergrowth until he couldn't detect the stranger's scent anymore, but he guessed the stranger would follow him anyway. The wolf decided it would be the kindest, the better approach, to face the man who was trying to reach him.

Light blue eyes gazed quickly at the stranger. He didn't want to make it obvious to the stranger that he was trying to asses whether he was a threat or not. He knew if he started for too long before addressing the male it would come off as distasteful or hostile, and even if he tried to speak as he tried to determine his character, his words would eventually turn into nonsense since he wasn't focusing on what he had to say. All he needed was a quick look: a grey wolf and his mare, with the posture of a well-trained warrior that didn't seem to be demeaned by the scent of common vices like drinking or smoking.

W-w-well Well hello there, Auspicium greeted back, angry at himself for stuttering when he wasn't nervous at all. His eyes continued to examine what the stranger had with him. All he needed was another short glance, unlike many times before, he wasn't looking for what to steal, but for any weapons, a potential enemy could have, though they were hard to identify as the horse didn't allow a full view of the male. You are nearing a t-territory known as the moonstone lakes, The silvery wolf tried to smoothen his voice, he wanted to sound confident despite what he thought to be involuntary stutters. You are also nearing The Order's camp... It was his duty to inform strangers about the existence of The Order and its mission, he figured the best way was to not explain what The Order was until the stranger asked, he also thought it would warn the stranger that he was not on his own.


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