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POSTED: Sun Jul 07, 2019 3:22 pm

After all this time, she was finally shaping herself into a worthy fighter, wanting to better herself into someone Greed would wish he hadn't simply tossed aside. The dark fae had been working with the larger of her two brothers for a good amount of time at this point, having him train her tirelessly. A fire burned within her, having been sparked from her pain and anger. She would make sure he regretted his mistake in choosing some girl over her.

Her body still ached from their last lesson, but Lust was far too determined to simply give in at this point. She would work through any aches and pains until she accomplished her goal. Paws carried the lithe woman to their normal meeting place, a hand resting on the handle of the long, curved blade at her hip. The dark woman certainly didn't look soft and helpless anymore. Sure, she still bore her many scars, but the way she held herself now was different than before. Her head was held high, standing tall and exuding the confidence she had once lost. Muscle was slowly building on her slender form, strong legs carrying her to where she needed to be. Icy blue eyes found her target, coming to a stop a short distance before him. Brother. Lust gave a simple greeting, well aware of the fact that they still had a good amount of work to do.

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POSTED: Mon Jul 08, 2019 2:20 am

Wrath has had his time in the sun with execution under his belt the mystery of the missing horse, and a whole group of loners to care for. Abby was one of the children that had shown the most frantic behavior in his pursuit of greater justice. The father feared for his young until he nestled into the arms of River. The witch had shown her worth in taming the wild storm of righteousness that was the young warrior. Wrath had found one to tame his fire once but that time had passed. It seemed that perhaps such an era had ended for his siblings as well.

Lust was a woman driven by her heart. The sin's mind while sharp frequently found itself engulfed in the fires that dwelled within her. No flame could possibly burn quite as bright as the fires of hate. He could read each and every twitch of the woman's muscles. When their weapons crashed into each other he saw that it was not him she fought against. There was something deeper she wished to destroy, to free herself from, to make right. Wrath let out a soft sigh as he made his stroll to the latest of their sessions.

The giant began to ache with every step, letting out a groan while he stretched his limbs before setting a foot closer to the scent of the sinful. Wrath looked out into the great beyond as he gripped a short sword for this match to allow Choronzon a chance to rest her edge. Oh, how he wishes he could lay down with a cup of tea but the duty comes before pleasure. "Lust, before we begin to remember to control yourself. Use the fires that burn inside of you but do not let them control you." Wrath looked his sister in the eye not allowing their gaze to shift as he stepped closer "Body, heart and mind must be in harmony for the best result. If something is eating at your heart then it will only hinder your progress if you don't let it out." This was a lesson imparted to the giant by his mother and a lesson all warriors training under him are given without exception.

POSTED: Wed Aug 07, 2019 11:11 pm

Lust was more than ready to continue with her lessons, more than intent on bettering herself in order to make her former mate regret his decision to leave her. In reality, she wished she could cause him harm, make him feel all the pain she felt. He tossed her aside as if she meant nothing to him, shunning her after the last incident with Lux, even going as far as to leave her to her own pain when she lost the pups she had been carrying because of that incident. He had made it clear he wanted nothing to do with her and soon she would ensure he would regret it.

That burning hatred she felt was more than clear for her elder brother to see. He told her to use the fire but to ensure it would control her actions. I won't let them control me. She would not allow anything or anyone to control her ever again. She gave a simple nod at his words, knowing it would be best to have a conversation with her brother after this lesson. It was true, she needed to get all these emotions out or she would only end up hurting herself. After. It was a simple statement, but that was all that was needed between the two of them. She held a ready stance, waiting for him to make a move.

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POSTED: Thu Aug 08, 2019 12:22 pm

After having lost Death, the giant of a man took comfort in his children and his work. The two of those passions began to mesh as Abby started haphazardly attacking those perceived as villains, Imp's persistent strikes on any person who seemed off, and Banshee's consistent usage of poisons. The stars aligned high in the heavens for his job to not detract but to enhance his life with his pups. The loss was devastating but to lose them would be all the worse. His heart could not take losing his precious babies. To have witnessed loss, to have seen the shock and pain first-hand. Wrath knew the talk after the spar would not be an easy one.

The warrior gripped his short sword by the handle and pulled it out. His eyes narrowed on her examining every inch of his foe. She had made progress. Her muscles have built up beneath the pelt. Each strike received will be harder than before. Wrath took the first step charging his opponent with a shoulder bash to see if she had her footing ready. The blade would extend out to keep her eye occupied while his body will knock her down. He needed to see what she has learned.

POSTED: Mon Sep 02, 2019 11:42 pm

Wrath had been doing a fantastic job at training his dark furred sister, for she kept her eyes on him and his own subtle movements rather than only keeping her eyes on the weapon. Icy blue eyes were on his shoulders and feet, watching and calculating what he might be doing. He charged straight for her, his weapon extended out to attack while his upper body kept moving towards her which made the woman believe this was not meant to be some simple attack.

The one advantage Lust could possibly have against her much larger brother was that her smaller frame made her much lighter on her feet. Pale paws stepped to the side as her own curved sword came up to meet his, the sound of metal scrapping against metal being heard as she quickly dodged his attack as best she could while moving to his side. She did her best to keep her footing and remain well balanced as she extended her arm, intending to slash at her pale brother. Lust was sure he'd easily be able to block her attack, knowing his skill level far surpassed anyone else's she knew. Still, she was trying her hardest to show him all she had learned from him, wanting to impress him with just how far she had come already.

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Wrath understood that the path he walked had isolated him from numerous avenues of life. There was one thing he made sure never to forget, to never neglect. In these trying times, he never walked away from family. Abby had begun to become a true man and would one-day take-up his father's mantle when the reaper claimed the war lord's soul. For as long as there was a fire in the demon's heart he would not kneel and would not let his limbs grow weak. Right here, right now he was both exercising her body and her heart. He needed to cleanse the sin of lust of the wrath that dwelled deep inside.

Wrath raised his blade to continue the screech of iron that shattered the silence for what seemed like miles as birds scattered from their roosts. His eyes dart about examining her moves. She expected complications and intricate maneuvers Her guard would be on high. Her feet would be light. Too much focus in defense would give him a chance to take control of the situation. He pressed his sword towards her in an attempt to push her blade back. When the iron moved so too would his fist swing for the woman's side. He wanted her to prepare a strike at his planted opening. The key to battle is utilizing your entire body.

POSTED: Tue Sep 03, 2019 10:56 pm

Wrath was a far more superior fighter than the dark woman, that much was guaranteed. She had expected him to beat her while testing her improvement at the same time. With everything that had happened with Greed, all she wanted was to prove him wrong, prove to herself that she was good enough for anyone and that he would be the one regretting leaving her.

Yellow eyes locked onto Lust as she moved to his side, his own weapon meeting hers as she took a strike. He took it further though and put his weight behind the blade, pushing her own weapon back and to the side a bit. She saw the attack coming and did her best to brace for the punch. Her face contorted into a grimace of pain as his fist met her side for just a moment as she did everything she could to ignore the pain in her side. Lust put some force behind her weapon, attempting to push him back just enough as she brought her foot around and down, aiming to kick at the side of his knee. After all, the big ones tended to fall the hardest right? She only needed to try to bring him down.

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The knuckles dug deep into the woman's side coliding with muscle and organs. Such a brutish action was key for the lady's improvement because any show of mercy would stunt her development. Wrath would not insult his sister so greatly as to treat her kinder than his own pups.

One hand acted to suppress her blade while the other continued to be his main source of damage. While he had utilized his situation with a creative flair there was a large downside. He didn't have the full force to keep his blade pressed to hers. When she began to earn inch after inch from the giant he knew that his stance would be his downfall. Golden suns burned into her eyes. He felt his weight shift, his leg twist, and his elevation drop. As he fell he began to think of how to counter such a thing. A retaliation punch to the gut as he kneels? No, her blade would be at the back of his neck in an instant. An upswing? Once again she had more time than he did to strike. His hand dropped his blade before reaching out to grasp the female. If she didn't react in time she would be pulled on top of the beast. With a quick enough wit from the behemoth he might be able to get on top and turn this battle around but here on the ground, his lumbering mass would prove disadvantageous.

POSTED: Tue Sep 03, 2019 11:35 pm

Not once did the dark woman expect her brother to take it easy on her. If she wanted to improve and be trained well, she didn't even want him to take it easy on her. Besides, if he held back it would only mean he didn't believe she could even handle it, which would only be an insult.

Lust was no master by any means, but she was learning quickly and doing well to pay attention with each lesson. Having studied each of his movements in previous sessions, she could at least somewhat gauge his actions. She took the blow, using that brief moment to attempt to get the upper hand. Her foot struck his knee, bringing him down to kneel on the ground as she readied herself for another swipe of her blade.

Her actions paused just momentarily as icy blue eyes saw the beast of a man drop his weapon as his hands begun reaching for her. In that brief moment she did her best to calculate the best reaction on her part. The moment his hands touched the fur covering her hips, her knee came up to his chest and she pushed off the ground with the other, using all the force she could muster to try and get the beast flat on his back with her more or less sitting on his chest in an attempt to pin him down.

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Life was a balancing act and a battle was no difference. In life and in battle there was a constant shift to where the chips may fall. One day the mightiest may find their luck lands them amidst their ancestors. Wrath had seen numerous battles where those he clashed with clawed for the edge, pushing to tip the scale towards them. This was no different.

A knee came to rest upon his wide chest pushing him back into the cooling earth as she slammed the entirety of her weight onto him. The suns burned brighter as he became aware of how well off his sister has become. Each second he spent falling back towards the grass it became more evident that he needed to get her off.

On the chilled earth lay the behemoth with the ashen woman resting atop of his frame. "You've got a lot better, Lust. I remember a year ago you would've gone down with just a punch." His hands gripped her tighter. Each finger squeezed the woman's hips to ensure a firm grip. Claws touching the soft flesh shrouded by fur. he would attempt to toss her off before she dug herself in any deeper.

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