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Silvano settled his horse but did not dismount. He peered at the cluster of people that had come out to fight for the court in some forsaken place. Human dead lay buried around them and he was very glad that they had not added their kind to those numbers. The scent of blood tainted every inhale, leaving the stench of pain ingrained into his nostrils. Heritage did not skitter or sidestep in anxiety, despite his limited exposure to fighting. Warhorse he may have been, but he did not have the experience to truly deal with it. Still, the cocky stallion was too tired to shy from the bloodied figures and for that the King was thankful.

"My brave warriors," he began, feeling guilt prickling at his throat. Had he been better, this could have all been avoided. Had everything been known to him from the start, there would not be a half-blinded Skoll peering at him. Rio, newly returned Rio, had come with them to this fight and he could not help but be proud of his family for their diligence. At least Abigail had seen reason and not strayed to this battle. "We're coming home. I am sure you all fought well and we will share what happened here later. For now, we need to go home and dress your wounds."

Silvano was oddly eloquent, despite the concern he felt hammering in his chest for his people. "Pascal has been found and Inferni is not to blame." He shot a glance at the coyotes gathering around their leader, Vesper hulking in her halfling form. It was probably a good thing that they had not faced each other; they might not have just walked away with more scars for the telling. "They have their own issues to deal with." He had gotten the brief blurb of what had happened but this was neither the time nor the place. "If anyone is too wounded to walk unaided, speak now," and the King would have gladly gotten off his stallion to give them rides back to the Court, where things might have been looking up.

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Teeth that had been pearly white a matter of minutes ago were now stained with blood. Blood, in fact, in face stained every part of his anatomy. His eyes were partially blinded by a stream of blood flowing from his forehead, and each time he moved it was with a stumble or a limp. Thick lacerations criss crossed his entire body. And yet he still rose to fight. Nex had no idea who he was fighting, he lashed out with teeth and claws. Aiming for anything and everything.

His last strike landed as the call to stop was sounded out. Dazed, he staggered back and tilted one bloodied, mangled ear towards the sound. He was loyal to Vesper, and despite looking back towards his latest battle foe, he ultimately fell back. He listened to her words, though the bells were stilling ringing and blocking out the majority of the sound. As loyal as he was, he disagreed. Perhaps she hadn't permitted the battle, but as far as Nex was concerned it was an ultimate fate. Nex huffed, he was only ashamed that the Courtier's weren't dead yet. They had been stupid enough to start the fight without evidence after all. 'Bastard dogs...' he muttered, spitting onto the ground.

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Dazed, Aurelya swung her head in the direction of the calls. It made the world shift under her feet, and she swayed dangerously. Her balance was haphazard now, from the blow she took to the head. She couldn't quite remember how she got it, just that moments before she felt the slice of heat on her ribs, and the wave of nausea and pain made her double over and clasp her arms around her middle. It was probably shortly after that moment that she received... whatever it was that made her feel like a hammer was going to town on a nail inside her skull.

She tasted copper in her mouth. Absentmindedly she spat, but it came out less like a spit and more like a dribble. She frowned, then concentrated harder on focusing the globule of bloody spit in her mouth. Try again. She grimaced but sagged in satisfaction at the blob of blood on the ground before her. That's better.

Belatedly, she realized someone - a couple someones - had been speaking, but she hadn't been paying attention. What were they saying? She staggered a step but stopped. The earth was still pitching, and she didn't like it. It sounded like they wanted to stop the fight. She frowned again, troubled. Is that what she had been doing? Oh right, the cut on her stomach, and... Alarmed, she glanced around for her attacker, drawing her blades up and wincing at the gash as she shifted, before she realized her opponent had retreated to her leader. With a small shock she realized the leader was the same woman she had fought in her anger to avenge Skoll. Surprisingly she felt no such anger at her anymore. The anger felt misdirected. If anyone deserved it, it was Liir.

But she couldn't get properly worked up about him. It made her head ache. With a groan, she sheathed her daggers and, observing the flux of courtiers, decided to walk with the flow of Luperci. She staggered still, and dimly wondered where everyone was going. And where was Skoll?

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Maciel had scrambled away from the coyote he had been fighting, his ears pricking at Vesper's call, and then Silvano's and Skoll's. He whined softly through gritted teeth as the pain of his wounds, which covered every part of him, seeped into his awareness, but despite his distraction he tried to listen as best he could. Despite his surprise at the interruption, his loyalty to the King was everything, and if Silvano demanded that they all stop and listen to him and the Infernian leader, even during the height of battle, Maciel would obey.

With his ears still buzzing from a previous blow, Maciel could only catch the gist of what Vesper said next, but it was enough. The coywolf understood that this entire battle had been for nothing. His pain seemed all the worse for it. He flinched from the coyotes around him, feeling self-consciousness overwhelm him, and flashed a horrified glance at the coyote he had been fighting.

Then, finally, when Silvano spoke that phrase - 'coming home' - he felt a terrific relief wash everything else away. With a feeling of blissful shock, he retreated along with the rest of the Courtiers, the next words falling like music upon his ears. The Prince had somehow been found. Bile filled his stomach at the things he had done, of course, and especially how he had blamed Inferni for Pascal's kidnapping, but at least now it was all over. "It's all over..." His mind went blank.

'Dress their wounds...' those lonely words echoed dimly in his head, 'Dress their wounds...' and he clumsily recollected the spilled bundles of salve back into his bucket, before looking around to his pack mates, offering help to all he saw, simply because all he saw were wounded.

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(000) Feel free to help/heal Rio :D

Still half-dragging her sword and unable to entirely pick it up to sheath it without incredulous amounts of pain from her sliced and stabbed arms and shoulders, Rio came forth. She did not limp because there was nothing wrong with her legs. All her wounds were in her upper body and were not life-threatening except for the amount of blood that leaked from them. Maybe if she were on her own, she would remedy them with great amounts of Saliva, but in the clothing she wore, she could only hope to achieve that.

”Can someone help me sheathe my sword and dress my wounds? There’s nothing wrong with my legs… but the amount of blood that I might lose on the journey back home might be detrimental to our progress and my health,” she spoke out to her fellow Courtians, looking out for someone who was willing to aid a small hand in helping her heal, helping her get home.

By this time, she forgot about her Inferni enemies behind her. About Hal, the icy Coyote, and about Kara, the fiery dragon that she’d somewhat slain. It wasn’t a feat that she planned to boast about. She just wanted to get into her bed and rest her tired, aching wounds.


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273 :: Just gonna nab a quick healing post. >:D

Maciel pricked his ears at a call for help, and he ran immediately toward its source. She wore armour over her chest and a bloodied red skirt, and she looked, from his point of view, quite fearsome; the sword that she held in her hand was particularly terrifying, even though she was simply dragging it behind her. However, the unarmoured parts of her skinny frame were covered in gashes and cuts. Streams of scarlet flowed over her grimy, black fur as she walked, and he began to sprint a bit faster. When he stopped next to her, he dropped his bucket at his feet.

"Stop! Stop!" he gushed, eyes wide, "Please d-don't move! You're bleeding!"

The coywolf had always had a knack of stating the obvious.

After some more muttering, he continued, "S-sit down! In the name of the Lord, sit down! But slowly! And just p-put down that sword! I think I have some more salve. Oh, I really should have brought more yarrow..." The Margrave took out a medium-sized jar from his bucket, took the lid between his teeth and its bottom between his front paws, and, after some scrabbling, cranked it open. Inside the jar was a mass of thick, green sludge, which he dipped into with his left paw (after first wiping it on the grass).

"This poultice over here is made from dogwood leaves... with the last of my yarrow mixed in," he explained, "It'll help stop the bleeding. Now which do you feel is your worst wound? If your hands are alright, you can put some on yourself if you want..."

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One by one, the warriors stilled. Many of the coyotes scurried to their leader, who caught Skoll's eye, and the golden wolfdog felt his brows furrow.

His thoughts on the war he'd had a hand in instigating were passionate, because otherwise -- if this were all for nothing -- what did that mean for him? When the coyotes met them, tooth and claw and hatred, it only made the war feel more righteous.

Now -- his thoughts were blank. He acted mechanically, looking toward his wounded comrades. His eye flicked to Linden, and Maciel scurrying toward a wounded Rio, and --


The Senechal ran toward the stumbling black she-wolf and wrapped his arms around her, whimpering softly before supporting her and attempting to lead her back to the Courtiers. Silvano was speaking -- calling an end to the battle, praising them for their bravery. He sounded more a King than he had in the months past, though Skoll knew the man had to be as tired as any of them.

The man who'd fought so hard in this war, for this war, could only lower his head in obedience to his leader. In fact, he felt relief. He looked to the woman in his arms and sighed.

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(300+) Last one from me :D

It was easy to assume everything was hurt when you were covered in blood. At Maciel’s request, Rio used the sword to lower herself to the ground, using one of her better arms. Surprised that it did not hurt like Hell, she sheathed the sword with that arm too, while Maciel began to fuss over her. Even though she was bleeding quite a lot, feeling a little light-headed, and in a lot of pain - she almost wanted to giggle at the fidgeting healer.

”Calm down,” Rio stated, watching the coyote struggle with his ointments and salves and jars and paws.

She hadn’t known Maciel that well, but was intrigued at how well he maneuvered all of these objects, jars, and medicines in his Lupus form. She wondered why he didn’t choose to shift up to his Optime form. It would have been a lot easier to help that way…

Maciel dipped his paw into the mucky poultice and asked which he could start on first. She offered her right forearm, which had a pretty big slice in it from Kara’s dagger and a few shallow claw marks that still stung, but were almost dried up by now. She then wiped off her other hand on her skirt and moved awkwardly for the paste. This arm was the one with the stab wound, so she couldn’t move it that well without pain. Still, she dabbed what dogwood and yarrow paste she could upon them.

At some point, she looked up and caught eyes with the flustered Maciel. ”Thank you…” she said. ”I’ll get you some more Yarrow when I can move again.” Rio felt strange using the Lupine’s supplies when she could have very well procured her own, given that she brought them with her. And Rio won’t take no for an answer either.


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