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Halifax, Church

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Ciellen didn't think he asked for much. He didn't want for new knives and tools and the items his brothers would covet close and quickly. He meditated after every meal, maybe out of habit more than spiritual deference anymore, but he still did it and he thought that counted for something. When the seas had roared and the water had been cold, he hadn't cried out or pleaded for mercy. Maybe the deluge would have drowned him if he had, but in those moments he thought he had accepted nature's ultimate beauty and wrath. He thought that his open eyes, and the terror that held his mouth and spirit wide, had been enough to show he was low before life's movements. He thought, if he was so generously spared, he would meet each day with complete gratitude and respect. Of course he hadn't known what was to come after that. He didn't think it would all continue to test him after that, break him down in ways unfathomable, reduce him to such a need when all he wanted was for one, simple answer.

Much much earlier, he was pointed South. It was an easy road from Anathema to Aniwaya, and Ciel had left the lands in high spirits. It seemed the events of his life were circulating around a common purpose, and he was pleased that it was all beginning to emerge from the mire of circumstance. Past were the days of wandering, trying to fulfill a futile commitment. Relaic was beyond his help now, and as much as Ciellen wanted to rectify all that had happened, he could not. But there were others, and if he could do as much for them as he had wanted to do for his brother, then perhaps he could start to make things right, the way he intended to after the storm in the seas. These thoughts continued to buoy his mood as he traveled through the dampwoods, and he didn't notice the clear scents of Aniwaya's borders. By mid afternoon, he began to recognize that something was not right. The woods kept running farther than he anticipated, and farther than he thought it should given the directions. Eventually it all let out into the vast civilian sprawl, and Ciellen was, for one more time in his life, struck by awe and a certain foolishness. But mistakes were never made, he was beginning to think, as life showed him there was always something for it. There had to be. He needed there to be.

The nomadic wolf was not one for urban dwellings, although he had spent much time in them in the past. The slender apes were a strange and distant culture, and their tools too small and esoteric. He didn't like how everything felt tender in his hands, and he was uneasy handling their refined shapes and sleek surfaces. But he could tell there had been reasons for all the seemingly random, disorganized pieces of things scattered in the buildings. He knew there was a logic to their dwellings and to their former lifestyles. He would never know what the purpose was of some things, like the strange glass shards and the thin coils of coppery material, or anything really. But he could appreciate that they had fulfilled a role, and he liked to imagine their possible uses. One item he consistently encountered were white water basins, sometimes lined in a row and separated by strange, smooth rock walls. It amused him to recall the conversations he had with the monks over their purpose. Ciellen believed they were religious instruments, meant to cleanse one's face before engaging in private communion with their chosen spiritual guide. His close friend Orfeu had another idea. "They are definitely for defecation," he had nodded. Ciellen had gaped at him in shock. "I completely disagree with you." he had said. Orfeu crinkled his nose and returned a look of disgust. "Ciel. Those things smell rancid. There is no way any sane person would wash their face there." Ciel hadn't been able to take it. He had sat at the edge of his cot, baffled. He said to him, "What creature would defecate in perfectly clean water? And in such close proximity? That doesn't make much sense to me, I'm afraid."

Now alone, Ciellen didn't encounter the water basins or wander into any such buildings. He was drawn instead to the one structure he recognized. The shadow of the large granite walls cut into the broken concrete, masking the slow degradation of its surface. Its spirals stretched high into the sky and seemed to sing of ancient trees, the watchful, silent guardians whose hands would only ever reach up and further. He knew the purpose here, could feel life breathe in the pews and vaulted ceilings, the death in the hanging shadows and broken eyes of silent, winged children. It always seemed to draw a stillness from him, enable a certain clarity of mind and soul. Although the aisles were too narrow for his large and hardened figure, he could kneel at the front of the congregation and stare openly at the dismantled christ, and absorb the serenity of his downcast visage despite his tortured, emaciated figure.

It was in that quiet moment that the wanderer noticed a gleam. Underneath a pile of boards, he saw the round base of what seemed to be a glass container. He approached it nose first, catching a faint sweetness from the liquid contained within. A careful hand withdrew the item without disturbing its humble shelter, and as he pulled it out he noticed the peculiar shape of the bottle. It was long, cylindrical, tapering into a thin neck and wedged firmly with a cork. Vestiges of a label were stripped across its middle, leaving him to wonder at its contents. The material was thick and seemed sturdy even in the palms of his large, padded hands, and when he removed the cork, he laughed at the ease at which it was pried out. A scent hit him and told him of its purpose immediately. At the monastery, he had been offered versions of the drink, but Ciellen, being a young and serious minded man, hadn't wanted to impair his senses. He wanted to approach the teachings with complete awareness, as he thought doing so would help achieve enlightenment.

Now, however, he was roughened by the seasons and exposed to the hard reality of living, and the edges of his naive form had frayed. He drank it quickly. He coughed some over himself but in that stubborn way, he refused to let it settle and finished it all. It burned hard down his throat. It burned red in his hands where he had spilt it. The setting light of the cathedral spun around the whirling dust, and he could only lay back against the smooth floor and stare at the world as it began to move. He held a hand over his quivering heart, and then rubbed at his eyes, squeezed the bridge of his nose. His sense of smell was gone, for the moment.

"Orfeu, why," he called into the empty air, and the church seemed to swallow his echo. Was this why the humans had come there? Why they built the walls so high and replicated the chasms of nature? Did they build these ruins to hold their questions? "I don't," he struggled to work through the murk of his mind. "I don't know why you loved it so much."

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you always answer with a question
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Mirutes Mwinyi

Mirutes didn't know the difference between one building to the next. That hardly mattered to him though. All he knew was that buildings held trinkets. While he had reconnected with Machidael again and wasn't looking for passage away from this place straight away he didn't figure it would hurt to have a stockpile just in case the other male chose to disappear on him again. He couldn't trust that Machidael truly would remain with him. And as Machi knew this he had chosen not to promise such a thing. The other male had kept to his word so far. He had taken Mirutes with him when they parted the Oasis where Mirutes had been sheltering himself for the winter. They had met up with the other's sister and then ended up all moving in together. It wasn't the arrange that Mirutes was particularly happy with but he was glad to have the older jackal back in his bed again.

Mirutes left one building and headed into another. He wasn't finding anything of too much value but it didn't stop him from looking. He wanted to have some things set aside in case he did need to book passage later. He didn't want to spend yet another winter out and scrounging around for things of worth. He wanted to have things so he could disappear from this place just as soon as Machidael did. If the other left him again then he didn't want to have to wait around in the cold to see if he would come back or not. No, he'd rather return to the desert if he were to be alone.

Mirutes was surprised to find another in the large building that he had entered into. He wasn't exactly certain what the other was clutching but it appeared to be a bottle of some kind. "What's that?" He asked, speaking in Arabic as the language was native to him. He ignored the fact that the other was a wolf and ended up approaching anyways. He was curious about the bottled liquid that the other possessed.

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The walls of the cathedral had a way of absorbing their noise. Like most of the human debris, nothing was left unconsidered in the building's design. Elegant beams and smooth stone made perfect emulations of humanity's silent face, perhaps long ago serving as a mirror to their deepest inner struggles. Long arms were built to catch the prayers sent high into the rafters, arching heavenward, joined in harmonious reach. Even the rows that split the hall, now broken and bent into their decay, were once filled with bodies, their backs careening forward in that fervent plea, seeking salvation from all the dust and dirt. He had seen it many times, as the monastery had countless tomes of such congregations. There had been quiet evenings at the windowsill with a thumb on the page, looking out into the distant night.

It did not surprise him, then, when the stranger's remark reached him without warning. A clearer head might have told Ciellen that his inebriation was a more likely silencer than the church's construction, but that was not a mind he had access to at that moment. A sigh escaped him, briefly captivating his interest as the dust whirled in the light. It spiraled high before thinning into shadow. He sat up unsteadily, though his rising was slow. It seemed it was not only his nose or thoughts that were impaired. What a strange drink.

"I'm ssorry my good brother," he slurred a bit, and a thick hand caught his head before it could slump back again. He grinned, lightly, to the smaller individual. The whole situation seemed incomprehensible to him, and he began to wonder if there was really anyone there, or if he was just hallucinating. "I don't have much of a tongue, it seems," He swallowed, tasting the remnants of the thickened wine. "For language, or for this," he made to offer the bottle to Mirutes, but it rolled from his palm onto the floor. Luckily, the broken carpet managed to soften its descent, and the bottle rolled only a foot or so away.
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Mirutes Mwinyi

It hardly mattered that the other was a wolf, it counted against him but the other having something interesting in his hand ended up evening things out on that front. He was a curious little creature and so he wanted to know what treasure it was that the other had found. With the wolf being male that made the small jackal a bit more accepting. But to be wolf and female was something that one would be unable to recover from. While he still thought little of the other he was a bit more forgiving and not harsh in his tone.

And what made the other even more appealing was that he apologized. It made Mirutes puff out his chest a bit. "Not your brother." He corrected the other but he wasn't so severe about it. It was more of making sure the other knew they were related, or equals, more than trying to actively put him down. It was his curiosity that made him less scathing than usual, and of course the apology as well.

The small male moved forwards and bent down to pick up the dropped bottle that had rolled a slight distance towards him. He brought the open end up to his nose and sniffed at it, trying to figure out what was inside. It had an intoxicating scent that reminded him of home in the Oasis. Still there was something off about it. He licked at the opening and frowned lightly. It didn't taste of home but it was close.

He looked back up at the other once more, holding the bottle close to his chest so that it wouldn't be taken away from him. "Mine?" He asked, using the harsh tongue of English that he hated just to get his point across. He could manage simple words but that was about it. Even so the single word felt heavy and out of place on his tongue. It didn't have the flow to it that Arabic did.

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He found it hard to place the other man between the shadows of the walls and the light of the windows. The movements were not so reliable as the words, which reverberated through his blurry thoughts in striking clarity. He blinked in consideration of the language he did not speak, choosing only to straighten when the notion mine was permitted into the church's fine and dusty air. The monk nodded at once, his palm opening to the other. "Well, of course." he offered, deciding then and there that it would be the last time he imbibed. It was too difficult to navigate the maze of mirrors and edges that was his current mind.

"Your sound, it is very nice," he nodded, swaying a little. He held the bridge of his nose in an attempt to rectify the world's spinning. "This might sound strange but," he spoke, slowly, more measured than his usual soft cadence, "I don't know if you're real. You seem like one of them," he looked at Mirutes before motioning to the stained panes, indicating clearly where the angels and their ethereal expressions stood indifferent to the sufferance that existed in the time of man or the time of their own. Bright blue eyes returned to the smaller man, and he wondered of his burning orange stare, like the flare of a desert sun, and how he had come to this forgotten church. Surely the coincidence meant something. Surely. "And if you are, would you tell me." The monk covered his chest with a broad palm, an earnest look coming across his features. "Would you tell me if you're God?"
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Mirutes Mwinyi

The small jackal grinned as he was granted the bottle. He poured a bit of the liquid contents into his mouth. It wasn't as sweet as the taste of home but it tasted well enough for what it was. It was a reminder even if it wasn't the true thing. And it was also why he wasn't greedily consuming it. Things from home were meant to be taken slowly and savored. Plus it was also something that he desired to share with Machidael. Perhaps the older jackal could explain the difference to him. Maybe the other jackal had even had this exact substance before.

He was grinning even further as he was said to sound nice. Finally, one from these foreign lands that recognized the beauty of his native tongue and how it was a thing to be learned and worshiped. It had a flow and beauty to it that the barbaric language the compliment was given in severely lacked. "Thank you." He accepted the compliment graciously with a slight dip of his muzzle. He was really being charmed by this male and was being made to forget his origins the more that the wolf spoke.

As the decor was pointed out Mirutes glanced around at it. He wasn't exactly certain what he was being compared to and it showed on his face. He thought to question the other male in order to get him to explain further but that turned out to not be necessary when the other picked up on exactly what he was. This was another first for someone from this side of the world. It gave the male an inflated sense of self as he nodded and rested a hand against his chest. "Maahes." He gave out his God name, the name that he used among those on this side of the world. This male was making him wish Machi was around so that he could share in the adoration as well.

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