Lonely Mad Hatter seeks one March Hare for casual tea party

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The shrill voice carried over the plains as the wooden baseball bat swung towards the ground with a vengeance, punting the unsuspecting hare, hoisting the poor critter off the ground and sending it flying through the air.

“Woah! Did you see that?” she cackled. “That had to be like, ten miles!” The voice trilled to no one in particular, and then the white wolfess ran after it, following the blood spatter trail that had rained on the ground as the poor creature sailed over the earth. When she caught up to it she loomed over the creature, gazing down at it and poking it with the end of Kiss Me as though she expected it to actually move, when in reality the life had been knocked right out of the battered body the moment the bludgeon connected with it.

When it didn’t have so much decency to at least twitch, Moon scowled and kicked it. Again, lifeless. She snorted and spun an about-face, marching away from the lifeless rabbit furiously. “Stupid worthless good for nothing little spoil sport…” she grumbled to herself as she walked, then with a force that seemed it would snap her own neck, she jerked her head to glare at a small white crest peering through the grasses. It was like March!

She hoisted Kiss Me over her head and began charging the small rabbit, but she did not have the jump on this one and long before she neared the thing, it escaped into the solace of its warren. Moon growled, a ferocious and decidedly unfeminine sound, and stomped on the rabbit hole until it was filled in. Little did she realize it probably had a hundred exits elsewhere.

“Hmmph! Take that! Stupid! she crossed her arms and sulked for a moment, then just as she did before, promptly turned and began marching away from the warren.

The angry march transformed into a languid strut, and Kiss Me spun around in her hand, this way and that, like a baton. She looked at the baseball bat as though it had just said something quite clever, and giggled.

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The only reason to go up northwest anymore was to see if he'd find his brother crossing the borders into Nova Scotia again. He wouldn't admit it, but he missed the deviant. Him and his ghosts and his demons. He would take it all back - no matter how much it freaked him out - right now if he could. But there hadn't been any sign of Belial and the northwest had been eerily quiet for a summer's day.

But a shout alerted the Massacre man that someone else was in the area, and at once, he sought out the source of the noise. Following, there was a thump and some sort of wet crack – like bones breaking in on themselves. The kind of terror he unleashed on his enemies – and his prey. As one can only imagine, this piqued Izual’s interest greatly.

He was an excellent tracker – honing his skills almost daily by ‘hunting’ – and finding the woman, no matter whether she was a moving target, was easy. For the first few seconds, he remained hidden, watching from the copse of the trees as the woman seemingly took her anger out on one dead rabbit and chased another. She wasn’t hard to track, but she was difficult to keep track of. She was everywhere.

When he came upon her again, he found her burying a rabbit’s hole in the dirt with her stomping, angry feet. One step behind he was, but always arriving when the good stuff was happening. He pursued again, finally coming out of his hiding spot when she began to strut away, defeated.

”You should use that kind of force on your enemies… not killing rabbits for sport,” Izual advised, closing the distance between them quickly. He eyed her first – completely unafraid – and then he eyed her weapon: a blunt-force weapon that he respected wholeheartedly almost instantly. It reminded him of the club he had intended to utilize in Inferni… but that never happened.

”May I?” He held his hands out to receive the bat to have a proper look – if she would allow him that courtesy.

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Her march of defeat melded into her usual self-assured strut in no time, and although Moon was far from alone she had no idea somebody was nearby until the dusty looking ‘yote started talking. She stopped in her tracks, perfectly round eyes staring at the man, unblinking. There she stood, perfectly still as though he were Medusa and his look had turned her to stone.

And then she said, Your teeth are yellow.

Then, blinking finally, all animation returned to the woman. She held Kiss Me aloft, let it swing lazily to and fro but by no means exhibiting any force with it. Oh yes, yes indeedy. That’s not a bad idea mister!She said, nodding emphatically. But, uh… where do enemies come from?She asked, raising a brow and cocking her head, tapping her cheek as though indicating active contemplation.

His interest turned to Kiss Me, and her aqua eyes flicked down to look at her best friend, too. She took it in both hands, completely unconcerned about the chance of the barbed wire on its business end cutting her own hand. She handled Kiss Me many times, and rarely did it choose to bite her. Oh, you wanna see Kiss Me?she asked innocently, then stretched her arms out as though offering it up to the stranger.

Then she suddenly hopped back, a movement she was so quick at that it almost seemed like the girl teleported. But there she stood, just out of the old ‘yote’s reach, Kiss Me’s head on the ground and her own hand resting on the pommel, leaning on it like a cane. For some reason, the girl was cracking up, almost doubling over from the stitch in her side.

Pfffft!she laughed, hardly able to form a real word. Like I’m gonna just hand Kiss Me over to some yellow-toothed ‘yote I just met!She snorted. Had you fooled, didn’t I? Hey, hey, here,she waved her hand, then held it out palm-up. Why don’t you like, take out those fangs and let me see ‘em here. I proooomise I won’t bite you with them, yeah/She dropped her hand, and although what she was saying could easily be cocky and arrogant, the way it came across was like someone truly enjoying a good joke. She was off her rocker enough to think it was funny, but not quite enough to have handed her weapon over to a perfect stranger.

Sorry, Stranger Danger, yer gonna at least have to take me out for dinner before I let you handle my goods.She swung Kiss Me up to rest over her shoulder. After all, Kiss Me and I have a very special relationship. Can’t let just anybody get between us.She looked the ‘yote up and down. Then again,she said, remembering the somewhat twisted grin of his that she caught a glimmer of when he approached. Stanger Danger’s got a nice smile… don’tcha think?Judging by the woman’s behavior, it was pretty clear she was now speaking to a third party, but the only third party at present was Kiss Me, who she was looking at out of the corner of her eye while remaining aware of Izual’s movements.

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