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POSTED: Tue Feb 13, 2018 3:56 pm

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The jackal nodded along with the male's description of this place called Russia. "So a lot like here then." He said and spread his arms wide in order to indicate the snowy landscape which surrounded them. This place ought to feel just like home to the other while it remained an alien place to Lelisa. An alien place from which an alien disease had sprang forth from. Or at least the jackal was assuming that this place was where the strange illness had originated from.

Lelisa spoke no more of the other's family and their splitting. He supposed a storm could do such things. When sandstorms sprung up in the desert it had been impossible to see one's hand held out in front of their face and it was to this that he likened the storm of which the other male spoke. If storms here took on the attributes of sandstorms back home then that would make all the sense in the world that they would have been separated.

"Let other's trade pelts if they like. I deal in plants. Pelts have never healed anyone and so they are of no use to me." But plants on the other hand, there were so many uses for them. Just a single plant could serve for multiple purposes.

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Abram gave a slow blink. Not once did the bewildered expression leave his face; his brow furrowed, and his eyes narrowed like a beggar watching a rich man throw a haunch of meat into the sea. His lips tilted downward in disgust. His tail was high and proud. His hackles were not raised, no, but he looked the part of someone who had taken great offense to something said, and more over, was thoroughly puzzled by it. Why would anyone refuse something given for information? He could trade the pelt for a plant come springtime.

"Dead ground," he pointed out. "Only dead plant for you." He may not have understood how gardening works, but he understood that many plants were not alive until springtime. Others, like the evergreens, were simply too large to trade. Perhaps he could offer him a sapling. Perhaps he could offer him moss. In other parts of the world he had seen flowers that bloomed in the snow, like the Crocus, but he did not know if they were here now and did not know whether they would satisfy this man.

It seemed easier to retreat from a demanding trader. The hybrid did not have what he wanted now, anyway; what he would accept for information was of little consequence. That could be revisited if they were ever to see each other again.

"Goodbye," Abram said, having resolved to himself how he would deal with this. Some of the offense receded from his features, and he was simply impassive. "Traveling now. See when-if-Portland." He turned and made his way out of the ruined city.

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"There are still some live ones. Most dry them once picking them since they don't last long after being picked either." But he wasn't expecting anything live in this weather. Instead he had been hoping to find some sort of paste that had already been made up. Even knowledge of the plants on this side of the world would be enough for now.

He nodded when the other male said that he was heading on and he watched him leave. "Hope you find your family." He called out after the other. Lelisa had no one to set out to find and so instead set about to exploring the ruins of the city instead. Perhaps something could be found to let him know what sort of plants he could expect once the snow melted.

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