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When they had first come across the old farmhouse, Calrian could have cried from joy. They had been trekking a long way by then, and it was one of the few intact shelters they had seen since Portland. It looked like it had been lived in by luperci for a while, with the crude repairs to the roof and boarded windows, but when they knocked and no one responded, and no one else showed up, Calrian made the executive decision to stay. They could either roost there for a while, since there was no evidence of anything being amiss, or they could take what was inside and keep moving on.

He had been hopeful when the door flew open. Before his eyes could adjust to the darkness and all he could make out were the odd shapes of belongings, he began to exclaim, Why, look at all this - treasure, he meant to say, -detritus. was what he sighed, and his ears drooped low.

Scavenging hadn't gone entirely well for them out there. Despite the abundance of old settlements, the most they ever seemed to find were the ashes of old campfires and scraps of migrant life. He wondered if the dearth of items had something to do with the red star, although that had been well before his time. Apparently there used to be a lot more going on around the area until that happened, and then nothing was ever quite the same, his parents had said. He wished he could've gotten more information out of his sister when he'd finally met her, since she was around during those days. A dead end, that one. She had thrown him to the ground and told him that if he ever tried to talk to her again, she'd kill him. She didn't seem like the bloodthirsty killer type, but Calrian didn't want to bet against family, and especially not her.

He stepped inside, around a pile of stones that were inexplicably collected into a tiny hill by the door, and crouched by the upturned sofa. Picking up a thin metal rod and dusting off the ashes, he stood up and began to examine it in the light. What do you think happened here? He turned and asked the only other Troupian to step in with him.

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