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Do not cry out or hit the alarm
You know we're friends till we die

Something eventually had to give. They'd lost so much when the camp went up in flames. All of is belongings, Boone's last shreds of sentimentality, were gone in a puff of smoke. The loss of his father's bow was perhaps the hardest thing to bear. His last tie to Redtooth had been taken away. John had given him his -- seeing as he wasn't in any state to fight no more, but it weren't the same.

Nothing would ever be the same.

The call rose and Boone and his ragged uncle made their way toward the meeting. They spoke of increased patrols, of security, as they walked. The lengths Boone would go to protect his people were extreme. Any wolf -- every wolf -- was to be killed on sight, even the innocents. Such was the curse of their heritage. There was no other way.

As the gathering commenced, Boone listened in contemplative silence while his adoptive brother rallied the troops. It was time to take back what was lost; to fight savagery with savagery. Boone had faith that they would prevail, but beneath the veneer of composure, a pool of hatred bubbled and boiled.

"Hyup!" Boone exclaimed. He raised his bow and loosed a coyote yap. "Let's kill 'em all." Violence was their answer.

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Outside the dawn is breaking, But inside in the dark I'm aching to be free

Lyssa had been tending to Bella when she heard the cry. She made sure to secure her firmly before making her way to the others. They stood around Nazario, his expression hard. She waited along with the others, some in sadness, some in fear, some in anger. The fiery coyote stood at attention, her mouth drawn tight. She was ready for whatever would come next.

The last few weeks had drained her emotionally. The death of the Reverend brought back her fear with new fervor. Wolves were hunting her, again. Her nightmares, which had finally begun to fade with her new friends, had come back to haunt her in real life. They might not be the same ones as from Gatineau, but they were the same vicious monsters. The same spiteful creatures that like to rip the happiness away from her, from everyone she loved.

The fire was next. Luckily she wasn't tented up at the Cartel when it happened. She remained one of the few that still had her belongings; The few that she did have anyways. But the stampede... that had made her snap. Her Bella had got caught up in the whole mess, her sweet gentle horse. Then, she had watched as the Posse had gotten torn up, including the garden that she had been working tirelessly on. Rage and hatred pushed out all the fear she had felt previously. How dare they take away the things she had worked so hard for. How dare they rip up the lives of all the canines she cared for. She would no longer stand by waiting for the next attack.

Nazario finally spoke when enough had gathered around. He spoke loud and true of the terrors they had faced. He spoke of forming together to keep each other safe. To take care of the problem at hand. When the one-eyed coyote asked who was with him, Lyssa did not hesitate. It was clear what must be done for the safety of everyone.

"I'm with you" Lyssa called loud above the crowd. Nazario turned his gaze on her as she spoke, and she nodded in support. They would be stronger together.

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“Come on,” Auger said, ushering Notch forward with a hand on his lower back. Notch had been practically glued to his side as of late, and Auger couldn’t blame him. It meant the nudge wasn’t really necessary; Notch would have kept up with Auger when he moved towards the sound of the call. It wasn’t a member of the Posse, but he knew it was meant for everyone.

He and Notch made their way through the gathered crowd, far enough forward so that Notch would be able to see. He had learned that it was important for him, so he tried to make it happen when he could. Notch stood at his side, saying nothing and they both looked towards Santiago as he began to speak.

Auger was definitely ready to be finished with these wolves. He hadn’t ever seen something like this before happening, although he had heard of it. Notch’s hand went to his arm, tightening as it became clear what the plan was. Auger didn’t want Notch anywhere near any fighting, but he also knew that he would be hard pressed to keep him away.

“We are!” Notch added his voice along with the others. Auger merely nodded. Months ago, he and Notch may have just moved on from this sort of trouble. They were used to being on the move, after all. But he’d come to like the group, despite the varying personalities involved, and he didn’t want to turn his back on them now.
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It seemed as though Skeleton was late to join the call, approaching just after Jonathan made it. He spoke to another coyote, one Skeleton had seen around, but hadn’t yet talked to. That was something Skeleton needed to do more of—talk to his fellow comrades in arms—but he’d been in such a state of panic that he hadn’t made it yet. Still, he was too embarrassed to say anything to Jonathan either, not after the fire, so he just followed in quietly. A girl, too, joined the group and Skeleton was taken aback for a moment at the fiery colour of her hair. He felt something inside him whisper that she was beautiful, but that thought was not permitted just yet—not now—and so he ignored it.

Once he found a spot to sit, back legs splayed out and pushing all his weight on his front legs, Nazario began to speak. Skeleton watched as Nazario sought the gaze of a much older and heavily scarred coyote and he realized that he had not yet seen this woman around. His train of thought ended as Nazario began to speak.

Skeleton wanted to believe so bad; leaving Carnivore couldn’t have been for nothing and he couldn’t go slinking back to her—not now and not ever again. He had to fight for himself and for their group. He might not believe in anything, but he could have faith.

It wasn’t the first time he found something stir inside himself. It was a feeling that he had seen his sister unleash, and something he’d never dared: it was anger. He yipped in reply and joined with a voice, too.

“I’m in,” he replied, adding his voice to the growing chorus.

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As she listened to Nazario speak, Zsorthia's face went from passive to an all out sadistic grin, her eyes alight with a fire and a drive those around her may have missed in all the chaos off the past few weeks. Only a plan she agreed with and agreed with quite aptly would bring on such a deadly look from the crimson woman. At last a chance to fight back, drive off their enemies and take a stand once and for all. He called for traps, she was good at making those, she was also good at fighting too. Whatever they needed, she was their girl. She'd make sure she was found useful and was good on her word to protect this rag tag bunch of yotes she'd come to find kinship with.

Masked gaze scanned those gathered seeing similar emboldened faces around her as voices rose up to meet their leader's call to arms. "Who's with me? He said and various voices, some she knew, some she didn't went up, and with a deep growl and a yap of her own she followed up behind Skeleton. "You bet I'm in. Let's get 'em!" Lashing her tail she smirked and crossed her arms over her chest, fingers itching to draw her blades and go hunt down some wolves...

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Can't go back, never go back - forward into the rust and dust

She hadn’t interacted with Nazario too much, but had heard enough gossip about him that she had decided he wasn’t anyone to worry about. But watching the boy, barely even out of pup-hood in her opinion, stand up in front of all these rough-and-tumble folk and put himself up on the pedestal of leadership was hard to watch, if not outright laughable.

But she couldn’t judge too harshly; Twelve had never had any delusions of grandeur, she would never want to have any kind of crown pressed upon her head; let the kid be at the forefront, he’d be the first to get spit in the face.

His speech was hardly rousing, but it seemed to speak deep to those gathered. Yelps and hollers rang out, offers of loyalty, the lust for blood. Twelve couldn’t help but smirk; these ‘yotes were sure an interesting bunch. They knew little of the world outside this small patch of land they had claimed, and they were willing to fight for it.

Good on them, who was she to spoil the fun?

Twelve brought curved fingers to her mouth and whistled shrilly and loudly over the din of the others, that was all she gave as a response, though did throw One Eye a wink.

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A crowd gathered, many of the faces unfamiliar, but narrow-muzzled and hardened with experience and scars, like-minded folk. It should have comforted Clover, but she lowered her head in an attempt to make herself smaller, less visible. It wasn't until she spotted a couple of other women, one with a horribly burned face, another disfigured with as many scars as Vesper, that she stared with interest.

Then Nazario began to speak.

His voice carried over the crowd of hybrids, urging the two groups (Cartel and Posse, a distinction Clover hadn't learned yet) to band together against their threat. He rallied them like past Aquilas rallied Inferni to fight, and Clover instinctively found herself glancing toward Vesper, almost startled by this development.

The old coywolf did not look surprised at all. Her chin was lifted, her pale blue eyes zeroed in on her adoptive grandson, a characteristic half-smile slanted on her muzzle.

Vesper joined her harsh voice to the others'. After some hesitation, Clover barked: a deep woof that cut through the yapping cries. Her brown eyes were steely, her expression dark, but she was loyal to Vesper no matter what.

I can feel the thunder that's breaking in your heart
I can see through the scars inside you
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Wayne pushed Cochise with all the horse could muster.

The call had rung out loud and true, straight into Wayne's tawny ears. He'd shot up from his camp, taking only what he could carry. With all that's been going on, he couldn't risk taking a few minutes to pack his make-shift tent. There could be lives on the line.

Pulling into the site, he found the two family's he'd grown to love, and to fight for, gathered around Nazario. The small chattering of curiosity were around, but no one looked desperate. Slowing Cochise and taking a breath of relief, he brought the horse to a slow saunter as he came near. It seemed he'd come just in time. Nazario's mouth just parted, to inform everyone of why they'd come.

Wayne's hardened gaze swept about the Cartel and Posse's people as he denoted those who were, and weren't there. This was a meeting long coming. At the word 'faith', Wayne's eyes snapped to Nazario.

There was so much there Wayne wanted to believe, and fight to prove. They'd come so far, and Wayne had only found them in the middle of it all. Even he'd felt he'd been through hell and high water, that is, if there was snow in hell. The only thing that had kept him alive was these two bands that had become more family than anything else. A nod tipped Wayne's gambler as Rio spoke of their strength together. He knew by experience that was nothing but the truth.

When the question rang true, Wayne's eyes narrowed on Nazario for just a moment. While others might have looked toward their kin and kind to answer their own hearts, Wayne knew exactly what he wanted.

“Through Thick'n Thin,” A pride rose in his voice that hadn't been there for a long, long time. Something to really fight for, more that just survival. He'd never been so sure of anything since Cuero.

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Santiago's solid frame and familiar musk tempered the disquiet and the ambivalence rising within her as Nazario addressed them – all of them, Cartel and Posse alike – as though they were one cohesive unit. Silent and motionless as a mantis, the Vicar watched and listened and wondered.

Us. The story of us.

When they had agreed to accept the help that the Cartel coyotes had offered them, and later set up camp within close vicinity to their own, it had been us and them. With a flare of surprise that she scarcely felt much these day, it dawned on Evelyn how much that line separating their two factions had become blurred. Its edge, once deep and bold and plain, was now so thin and so worn that it had become nothing more than a fading memory of a fleeting past.

Shifting her hand discreetly from beneath her layers, Evelyn found Santiago's rough hand and wrapped her bandaged fingers around it. She did not speak, nor did she turn to look into his dumb, broken, handsome face. Instead, she let the magic of touch convey everything he needed to know.

We are them. This is us. Our story is here.

While the chorus of supporters lifted up around them, Paninya's yapping yowl along with them, the Vicar set her remaining fiery eye burning in Nazario's direction and, soundlessly, dipped her head once, quickly. You're goddamned straight we're with you.

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