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POSTED: Mon Nov 06, 2017 3:04 pm

Optime | North of the Serpentine Mountains; noon | Backdated: Oct 28th | pNPC: Kalila (+389)

[KR/SP] Phase 3: The Salesman

Asura and Co. left on October 27th to follow a cool map…only to find out that it leads to nothing when they finally reach their destination.

The three Sapiens had traveled out quite a ways from their pack, so much so, that even the adventurous Asura had been skeptical if the map they’d found on the crate had had anything worthwhile at the end of it. From the crude drawing, it appeared that the three young Sapiens had gone the right way; north of the waterways that were nestled between Krokar and Sapient, north of the Burnt Church Mountains, and even further north of the smaller Serpentine Mountains. Needless to say, it was the farthest Asura had ever been from her home, and, with the packmates she had left with, she wasn’t so sure she’d picked the best company.

Neither of them were very combat-inclined, and, for someone who was typically shy, Kalila in particular was adamant that they stay their course. The inventor had been practically giddy at the thought of a puzzle to solve. A mysterious map tucked into one of the supply crates that showed a nondescript location? It practically begged to be investigated. While Asura had been curious too, after a day’s worth of travel and them not reaching their destination yet? The Creo wasn’t so sure the information was creditable.

Beyond the Serpentine Mountains, they were supposed to look for some cabin. Though exactly how they’d come across it, the Domus had started to have her doubts. For once, she really wished she had brought Peck or Thanos with her. All she had though were her clothes, her pack, her knives, and her two packmates though.

She shifted her satchel for the umpteenth time. Her lips were pressed together in a dissatisfied line as her turquoise eyes shifted beside her, searching for the youngest member of the Sapien’s traveling group. Ahead of them, Kalila had the map, having unofficially been elected the leader of their investigation party with how invested she was in finding where the map led.

“How much longer until you want to turn back?” She asked him, knowing that if she had his vote, perhaps they could convince the curious inventor to give up the chase. The Creo had already given up much hope for the map being legitimate. If they didn’t find the damn cabin by the end of today, they wouldn’t find it at all.

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