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1093 my little girl is no longer a little girl ;-;

She’d been watching him for some time, the boy her age. He galloped around the edge of the encampment with youthful mirt, toying with a mouse which he’d set free and capture again to amuse himself, rather like a kitten. Hidden by long grasses, yellowgreen orbs watched transfixed.

He was around her age, perhaps slightly younger judging by his choice of pastime. Pale coated, white, off-white from rolling in the dried dirt, his thick coat only otherwise marred by a few timber wolf grey splotches on his back and rump.


Saga was taken aback by this realisation as she sat and watched him, all too eager to join in, to tumble around in the dirt with him. Mismatched ears listened to his fighting talk, hanging on every word.

She had been watching him longer than she cared to admit, since before the sun had begun it’s descent. At first she’d merely been watching the small family unit eat their supper, amongst throngs of other bodies, both alone and in family groups too . This boy, his brothers and parents, and another adult whom Saga assumed was his grandmother. Silently she’d lived vicariously through them, almost wishing she was back at home with her father. And almost certainly wishing she had a mother, caring, with a warm embrace, to chide for eating too fast, or for talking with her mouthful, as this mother did to her four young sons. Brom, she’d overheard his name, was the youngest. Presumably by some few months, as his three older brothers were already men by all accounts.

Eventually, the sun disappeared, and with it so did the others in the travelling group. Only Brom remained, though not without the promise of a scolding if he stay up much later. Saga remained hidden for another few minutes, watching this stranger, this handsome fool, kick up dusts. And then, sure the coast was clear of adults, the mottled girl appeared.

'Did no one teach you not to play with your food?' She spoke loud enough to surprise him, grinning wildly as he tumbled over onto his back like a little tortoise, but not quite so loud as to alert the other's, secluded away in their tents, to her presence.

After a moment of staring at her wildly with bright blue eyes, Brom's face broke into a wide, foolish grin. 'Ah, I wasn't gonna eat it! The pale wolfdog flopped over onto his stomach, and after a further moments contemplation, he spoke again, 'You been watching me?'

Saga nodded.


To this she had no answer. Or at least, no answer she was bold enough to admit.

Brom didn't wait for an answer, he merely grinned with more vehement and turn away from her to look for his quarry. 'I've lost it now...' His voice had dropped to a sorrowful octave, but it wasn't enough to fool Saga into think he really was upset over a little mouse.

Still, she played along, sighing dramatically and closing the distance between them with long legged grace and speed. With a deep inhale, she gestured roughly into the bushes, 'I think he's made a run for it'. If Saga had assumed her deduction to be the last of the goose chase, she was sorely mistake, as with an even wider grin (if it was at all possible) Brom bounded off into the dense brush with the retort, 'First one to find it wins!' And Saga bounded after him, the dizzy spell of attraction causing her maturity to take a sudden backseat. She was, after all, still a child.


In the end it was Brom that caught it, though not without significant help from Saga's keen nose. Ultimately, he'd set the mouse free, letting it scramble back into the forest after hours of torment. And with his prime entertainment gone, Brom's attention settled back to Saga. And little did she know that the same wild thoughts were circling around his hormone addled mind.

And he was far bolder than she. Sat in a dark clearing in the woods, catching their breaths, the boy spoke with a winner's confidence, 'I won, so I guess I get to pick my prize'.

Saga's eyes rolled back aggressively, 'You only found it because of me...'

'Yeah, he snorted, So what?!

And so what nothing, the dapple girl shrugged in defeat. 'So, there's no prize. Congratulations, you win nothing'. Looking down to two mismatched paws, she pointed out, 'I didn't bring anything with me, no hands'.

Brom's ever present grin grew wider and more confident with each growing second, a feat Saga was in awe of. But his voice was suddenly low, a whisper that betrayed his shyness inspire of his cocksure face, 'A kiss then..?

Under her dark pelt, Saga flushed pink, and knowing Brom could not see this, she gathered herself and turned her back on him. 'If you can catch me...'. And another chase ensued. This one was much shorter, for Saga hadn't banked on Brom being as speedy nor as agile as he'd turned out to be. Well, that and the fact she had wanted to be caught in the end. A kiss would have been welcome, but Saga was not one to give herself up easily.

No, in the end she'd doubled back to the clearing again, deliberately stumbling near the treeline so than Brom's body, in all it's ballistic nature came hurtling into her. The pair fell awkwardly into the clearing, side by side, and after a silent second, Brom gathered himself and pinned his prey to the ground, resting his large frame upon her slight form. Yellowgreen eyes blinked softly in defeat, and the blue eye boy finally claimed his kiss.

And that was it. Suddenly she was on fire, and he was too. Ignited by each other. In the end, it was almost morning by time they bothered to untangle themselves from each other. The mottled girl sheepishly reminding her new paramour about where he could find her, and her blue eyed boy promising to visit her again. Though when exactly, he was not sure. Maybe he'd leave the travelers and come join her.

And as the camp woke up, Brom snuck back, with the pretense that he'd camped out below the stars. And Saga crept back to the Vale, vowing that this would not be the last time they saw each other.

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