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I hope this is okay! Let me know if anything needs to be changed. Added [m] tag for light references to drug use, just in case.

The clouds had gathered and thickened into a great sky pack, Larka mused as she scented the air. Rain. It would freeze and become treacherous to both clansman and beast when it fell on the ground. The coydog sighed, her ears and eyes trained on her superiors should they need her. When John was busy, she dutifully followed after the others to inquire if they had work for her. The girl didn’t know all of their names yet, and had settled for identifying them by physical features such as pelt colours.

They were all united in their boisterous camaraderie. There was one who might have been The Cartel’s unspoken leader. Boone, the one with confidence and a reddish touch to his features. Larka observed him the most with the accustomed subtlety she had used to protect herself against clients and strangers alike. If the girl wanted to conform with her saviours, choosing a role model to base herself on would be key. She had noticed a few traits already, such as his habit of calling others by names that weren’t their own and his influence over the group.

Some of male’s manners she choose to ignore, such as his use of the foul-smelling herb. Now that she was able to take hold of her own life, the girl was determined to keep free of substances that robbed her of her will. Larka had managed to block out the initial wave of panic when she had first seen him smoke, and keep the curl out of her muzzle in distaste. It wasn’t his fault that his habit ignited strong emotions within the coydog.

Larka smoothed a hand over an item of spare clothing when the shouts rose up. Her ears tipped back as she started and turned toward the commotion. A heartbeat passed where their words were a garbled buzz of sound to her, until she could make out what had happened. The communal fire, maintained by the hour almost, had started to weaken. A light drizzle descend on the group, ceasing to be as soon as they met the flames.

Boone was the first to reach the fire, followed by the girl. She tried to be as unobtrusive as possible as she stood and canted her head at him. “Boone. Is there anything I can do to help?”

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