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Jan. 3rd | Optime

She was extremely bored, and hadn't done any work for a long time. What did that recipe equal? Labor. Though, it didn't necessarily have to be unpleasant labor. Lyris had wanted to check out what was hiding in that barn for a long time now. She had just never gotten the chance or time to do it. She was always either at a pack meeting, or before then she would be writhing in pain on the floor from a terrible headache or a shift. But now, all was quiet, and she wanted to see it for herself.

It took only minutes to spot the chipped red building, catching glimpses of the eye-catching color in the form of slivers between the tree trunks. And it took only seconds to run on all fours towards it, quick and fluid though she ran atop the slick snow. Standing before the big red doors, Lyris quickly combed slender fingers through her tangled and snow-clumped hair, managing to make it look semi-presentable. Attention back on the task at hand, the girl set her hands on her hips and turned her deep evergreen gaze to the task before her. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea... oh well, she was due to do some work, and now that she had just been promoted she didn't want to be seen slacking off. Taking a deep breath, she placed her hands on the rough doors and pushed. Now, Lyris being devoid of strength and relying more on speed and cunning to win her battles, it wasn't the easiest feat, her feet sliding backwards with the steady pressure. But after a moment the huge doors swung open, and Lyris stood straight, peering around the edge to get a peek inside.

It was... a barn. Well, most obviously. Sheep, cows, chickens, pigs, owlets, and horses filled the large area. Some stood grazing in their stalls, others, such as the chickens, were pecking around the open space, looking for feed. The sheep and horses had all been herded inside, as it was very cold outside. The place had a faint odor, though it was clear it was in pretty good shape. Somebody must have been keeping up on it. But there was always help needed, it seemed, because she saw many things that could be improved. Entering the barn, Lyris kicked the doors back, not closing them completely, but enough to staunch the flow of cold air from outside. She then began to inspect, making sure all of the animals weren't starving for food first. The only one that caught her eye was a black cow, heavy with calves, that was picking at the last of a hay bale. Lyris restocked the hay, dropping it on top of the old, meager bale. "There you go, girl." She said, stroking the ebony cow between the eyes. In turn, the big girl nuzzled her hand before returning to her food.

Lyris continued with the care, spreading out some more feed for the chickens and giving the pigs a little bit more slop. She greeted the sheep, before finally moving to the horses. She had heard that two of the beasts were owned by ..Asgeir, was it? She could tell which those were, as the golden mare and black and white Vanner were equipped with some items. The other two were bare, though. As she entered the four obviously grew a bit more excited, throwing their heads and scuffing their hooves. It was obvious they needed out. So Lyris herded the four out into the small pasture, though it was covered with snow. They didn't seem to mind, as they immediately began prancing and frolicking around. The girl hoped she was doing this right- she'd never cared for many animals before.

Crunch. Lyris threw her head to the right, only to find the bright eyes of the un-owned Gypsy Vanner staring back at her. Jerking a bit in surprise, Lyris took a step back. The stallion kept his hooves planted in the snow, snorting at her. Blinking, Lyris tipped her head, and then began to slowly reach out a hand. Nameless didn't respond, though his gaze returned to her approaching fingers. Quickly, Lyris rested her palm on the horse's nose. "Hmm." She mumbled, and the horse whinnied, flicking his tail. "I don't think it's fair you don't have a name." The white Luperci whispered, half to herself, half to the stallion. She was talking to a horse, and she didn't care. "I'll call you..." The beast under her hand fell silent while Lyris pondered. There was something.. something there, at the back of her head. She just couldn't... grasp it. Wait! There... "Kenyon." It was the name of her brother. She remembered. She liked the name Kenyon. Her mom had told her brother once, unaware that Lyris was lurking around the corner, that it meant "White". The horse before her reminded her of snow scattered on the pine trees at night- white on black. It was perfect. Kenyon, in response, vigorously raised and lowered his head, as if a nod. Giving a small laugh, Lyris stroked her new friend between the eyes. "It looks like all of your friends have quieted down. Let's go back inside." And with that, she turned and crossed back to the barn. Now she just had to figure out how to get all the horses back inside. Maybe she should have planned that first.


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