Modern Luperci?

POSTED: Thu Sep 17, 2015 1:15 pm

I was thinking about starting to casually RP one of my characters in the LASKY forums in a modern setting. Instead of going easy and just making it a modern AU under the assumption that's it's essentially our world but with the Luperci replacing humans altogether (i.e. humans never came into existence, Luperci were the ones to make all the technological advances the humans have done, etc.), I want to actually stay within canon but just advance time to the point where Luperci can be considered 2010's modern (I.e. advanced medicine, smartphones, etc.) but with consideration of canon. Kind of like Planet of the Apes -- the apocalypse occurred and over hundreds and thousands of years, the apes kind of reached the technological stand point of the humans. If that makes any sense. xD

To get to the point, what year would you guess that would happen? I would imagine it would take less time for Luperci to advance to that point than the humans since they're already in Brozen Age terms in the span of 30-odd years since the virus outbreak and because a lot of technology from the 1980's have been left behind (though disfunctional, they're some sort of basis). But I would imagine it would take at least 400 years for Luperci to reach our modern times despite the rate of their advancement. So about 2410 in 'Soulsverse would be the equivalent of 2015 in the real world? Any thoughts about this? I thought it'd be a neat discussion!
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POSTED: Thu Dec 17, 2015 4:09 am

This is an intriguing concept as I have also thought about various scenarios involving the Luperci and technological advancement. For me, with some muzzleloader reenactment history in my life, I had always felt that the current level of technology would be pre 1840. Something like a beginning industrial society where they have many of the tools but not the "heavy machinery" like the steam engine.

As to the time it would take to go from the current level of tech in the souls universe to what we have in our universe would be difficult to say. We humans managed to do it in 200 years and had to figure out everything along the way where the Luperci have the books and manuals and stuff left over from the humans and get a head start on it and fill in the holes. Only in the 40 to 50 years from the 1980's technology to the present they would have to then figure it out for themselves. Given that most of the groundwork has already been done by the humans, I like to think that Luperci could go from bows and arrows to smart phones in a bit less time.

Other things to consider would be power plants. Although they would be in disrepair and a few probably to far gone, they could be cleaned up, fixed up and restarted, the power grid repaired, and all done possibly in less time than it originally took to build. Unlikely the Luperci would fire up the nuclear plants, but the coal burning and hydro plants would be the ones to work on when they get to that point of needing electricity. It would indeed be a monumental effort for them to take on.

All in all, one would also wonder how much of the Human technology the Luperci would embrace. And also, how different the technology would look like and be operated. Would they need or even want smartphones? This is an interesting subject and I would love to see others chime in with their thoughts on it.

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