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POSTED: Tue Oct 27, 2015 2:53 pm

I've been watching a lot of Bushcraft videos lately, and if you aren't sure what that is, it's when people go out into wild, untouched settings and survive off of the natural resources without making too much of an impact on the environment. And as with any activity, there's tutorials on youtube about bushcraft and primitive builidng! And after watching, I find that a lot of skills would be really relevant to a 'Souls level of technology.

For example, there's YouTube user MCQBushcraft who does AMAZING tutorials on foraging, cooking in the wild, building camps, drying food on the go, primitive hunting techniques, fishing, cooking, weaving, and all kinds of really cool skills! I know just from watching him do it I can add a lot of interesting detail to my posts along with his videos just being amazing and well made. I've never field dressed a pheasant but after watching him I am certainly able to describe it in detail in a post! Of course, he often uses supplies and guns that are unavailable to souls characters but I feel like minor modification can be made to any of his videos to made it 'Souls friendly.

For really primitive building, no outside tools whatsoever, there's Primitive Technology another YouTube channel that builds shelters just out of the wild resources. These videos are REALLY amazing because a 'Souls character with the right knowledge could be fully capable of doing any of these. And I feel it really opens up an opportunity for technology realistic structures for Luperci to build.

Thought I'd drop these here and if you have anything to add, please do! Or if you have cool resources that are similar, that'd be cool as well!

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POSTED: Wed Nov 04, 2015 7:03 pm

Just wanna pop in and say that these resources are really great and you're absolutely right that watching them = lots of learning and lots of new detail and cool stuff you can add to your posts to make them more informed and realistic. It always makes me really happy when members go out and do research on their own like this. <33
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POSTED: Fri Nov 13, 2015 10:11 pm

Yes, watching videos is AWESOME! I also really like to look at places reclaimed by nature. Sometimes people even put them together real nice like.
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POSTED: Sat Nov 14, 2015 12:41 am

That's cool! It can be hard to imagine how the world deteriorates like that, those resources combined definitely makes something pretty useful. :)

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POSTED: Thu Dec 17, 2015 12:34 am

All good references, I also use my background of having done mountain man reenactments as a reference, minus the guns of course. the pre 1840 technology seems fitting for the world that the Luperci live in where they can scavenge the tools and read books on how to do many things with those tools. Of course there would not be any electrically or gas powered tools, everything would have to be muscle powered or even water and possibly wind powered.

One book I bought for reference is:
The Forgotten Arts & Crafts by John Seymour
© 2001 Dorling Kindersley
ISBN 0-7513-2782-4

Other books that would make a good reference is the Book of Buckskinning series where they show many of the skills needed for living in a pre industrialized world.

As Temo the character developed woodcarving and woodworking as a major skill, I acquired a couple of books for reference:

The Woodwright's Shop by Roy Underhill
© 1981 The University of North Carolina Press
ISBN 0-8078-1484-9
The Woodwright's Work Book by Roy Underhill
© 1986 The University of North Carolina Press
ISBN 0-8078-4157-9

Roy Underhill also had a tv series on PBS where he showed many woodworking techniques using the old school muscle powered tools. I enjoyed watching his programs and do like working with tools myself, not that I get much chance to. but I think it is much of the why the character went into woodworking.

I am always on the lookout for books and other media that can be used for reference. The search for information can be as much fun as writing at times.
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