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POSTED: Sat Nov 14, 2015 4:59 pm

Hey 'Souls! I'm looking for an on-board family for my second character - but I'm looking for something pretty specific (see below!). I'm hoping to have this character join SL so ties to that pack would be preferred but I'm also open for others. I'm not really looking for a character that is already onboard or already has a personality/history but again, I'm flexible. If nothing fits, that's okay too but I figured I'd put this out there just in case :)

The criteria:
  • Trains/uses horses
  • Ties to Salsola preferable but not required
  • Moderate-high humanization
  • Open customization

Thanks in advance!~

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POSTED: Sat Nov 14, 2015 5:07 pm

The de le Poer family has a lot of options. :>
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POSTED: Sat Nov 14, 2015 5:39 pm

Parrotting Mel, a de le Poer could certainly be the way to go, especially if you want someone with heavy family ties to Salsola. Another option might be a D'Angelo (I think Hilli still has some adoptables floating around).
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POSTED: Tue Nov 17, 2015 5:50 am

The de le Poer's are an amazing bunch, but I gotta try to throw a D'Angelo at you <3

If you'd like someone with a penchant for 'craziness', a http://wiki.soulsrpg.com/index.php?n=Families.DAngelo D'Angelo might be your cup of tea! There are two branches - those from the Mountain (aka, Khalif, where Bane and her siblings and the main branch of D'Angelo's come from). You could make a pretty free form adoptable from there or play a younger bane + family sibling! They have horses and varying levels of customization.

There's a sub branch, that have the name but don't really follow the primary faith of Khalifism, they are related to my npc character in Salsola, Bellatrix D'Angelo, and hail from http://wiki.soulsrpg.com/index.php?n=Areas.BatenKaitos, in coastal South Carolina. Bellatrix has the potential for some more younger siblings (she currently has Pisces, played by the lovely Sylvia floating around) or various cousins there. They are HIGHLY humanized, and amazing horse breeders/trainers, they stole wild horses descended from shipwrecked spanish mustangs and train them.

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POSTED: Tue Nov 17, 2015 9:50 am

The Napier family has open customization ~ you basically start with a blank slate and you can customize anything as long as you pick up one of the ones I haven't made a Wiki for yet :>

Otherwise, yeah ~ there's a couple family members on-board too, hoping to grow that :D

EDIT: Most of these characters weren't *born* with high humanization, but you're free to expand on their histories and give them reasons to be.

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POSTED: Tue Nov 17, 2015 11:17 am

*Nudges Baten Kaitos D'Angelo's forward* Yes, give Pisces some siblings (cause constellation names are cool like that).
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