Re: Short-furred char shifting into Optime during winter

POSTED: Tue Jan 24, 2017 11:47 pm

Kyrios Lykoi wrote:That type of covering seems like it'd be more effective for Lupus/Secui than Optime, so I'm not sure it's great as a dual-usage item. Four-legged forms can get away without as much belly cover since the underside wouldn't be exposed to as much wind and movement in the legs when walking/running would generate a bit of heat for the belly. But leaving most of the front/stomach area exposed in Optime form is exposing that area to wind/cold without as much heat generation.

Wait, I forgot to add that the covering will be worn under her anorak. So it's easier for her to go between form. Just shift into Optime and shove a coat over it and slap on the leggings. Then take off the anorak, tie it around the waist, take off the leggings and shift into Secui.

Kyrios Lykoi wrote:Most modern dog clothing leave the legs unrestricted to prevent hindering mobility and because, again, movement is usually enough to stave off cold -- though you may consider legwarmers or similar for Avinalora since mobility is already an issue because of her leg? Lots of dog owners put boots and feet covering on dogs to prevent frostbite, so that's something to consider too.

Legwarmers would sound cute for Avi! I'm not sure if Adrian could whip up booties for Avi, though.

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