Help deciding stuff for D.C.

POSTED: Wed Feb 01, 2017 8:19 pm

Hey everyone! So I'm still planning out Washington, D.C. and I need some help.

So my idea is that each family has a defining feature, like the Masquerades and their masks. So I have some ideas for other famillies but I might need some suggestions.

Also, I have an idea for a system in D.C.. When two different Luperci from different famillies mate and have children, the children generally take the surname of the family that they bear the mark of. For example, if a Masquerade mated with a Panthera and had two children, if one child had a mask marking, they would be primarily raised by the Masquerade family, but if their littermate had catlike eyes, they would be raised by the Panthera family. Would this system be okay?

And I might need some help on a few of the features for some of the families. I'm not 100% certain on anything but I do know that most of the D.C. families are dog hybrids or full dog. So I made a table for the families and most of them are undecided. So I could use some suggestions for defining traits or something. And maybe a realism check.

Family NameDefining Feature(s)Other FeaturesAncestryJob
  • Merle coat?
  • Heterochromia?
  • Dog (Herding)Arts?
  • Mask marking
  • Brindle
  • Dog (Sighthound) Protection
    Marauder ??Dog (?)Trade
  • Colaboma
  • Long tails?
  • Goggles?
  • Dog (?)Medicine?
    Purge??Dog (?)Dark stuff
  • Green eyes?
  • Tattoo
  • Dog, Jackal, CoyoteAnimals

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