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Chemistry and stone age societies

POSTED: Wed Mar 15, 2017 9:43 pm

I am aware that advanced chemical synthesis and the like are well beyond the reach of Luperci, but what about more rudimentary things like adding (rare and expensive)ground metal dust to fire to make it burn different colors? Or making little bundles of flint and leaves that spark when thrown?

For instance; could a skull be carved with patterns, have those patterns filled back in with flammable tree resin, and then covered up with powdered egg or bone so that the resin lines aren't visible. Then when the skull is lit on fire, it would appear to 'magically' have markings burned into it.

Or is this just too labor intensive to be believable?

POSTED: Wed Mar 15, 2017 10:15 pm

This question has been answered before! I will need to dig a little but the consensus was that these simple things are perfectly acceptable. Throwing a certain type of naturally occurring compound like sugar or salt or something scrapped from the environment. Knowing exactly WHY these things happened are a little less likely just because chemical understanding is very complicated - I'm a biology major in a chemistry field and half these things I know diddly do about.

I think the skull idea is quite interesting, and it seems like a reasonable idea; tree resin has been used for ages so it's within the technological level of the board at the moment :o I think that there would need to be a good reason the character would do it but it is hardly a stretch. Honestly, some characters would probably do something like that for giggles and effect.
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POSTED: Fri Mar 17, 2017 7:30 pm

As Gen says, all those things are pretty doable for Luperci.

The main thing is "how did they figure it out" (did they just throw random stuff in a fire to see what would happen? did they learn from somewhere? was it an accident the first time?) and "why do they want to do this" (did it happen once and they thought it was magic, so they did it again? do they believe something spiritual about it or do they just wanna freak people out?), both of which I think are pretty easily addressed.

Oh, also perhaps "where did they get the stuff," which should always be considered, and "how can they tell it apart from other stuff" (in the case of specific types of metal dust).
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