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Sorry for the descriptive post to whomever takes this, if they take it. Coyote's words are in bold italic [677]

The coyote that had come after him did not know whom he was insulting, much less what the Soul wolf was capable of. Being tied down to an examiner's table and sliced to threads only seemed like the appropriate route, even if the canine beneath his blades had lost consciousness half way through, only to be brought back to the surface once the ice cold water of the river just a short distance away was poured over his body to reawaken him so that all at once, his wounds were stretched and his body's strength sapped from him just like that as the pain came flooding back into his previously lifeless corpse.

He'd done well to pass out, though, but not well enough to notice that now that he was awake, he was in for more than just a little more torture. Reuce quietly made his way to the small metal table just a short distance away, the leather pouch with all of his knives caught within rolled out and open so that each blade could be examined with the utmost scrutiny. The thinnest one was chosen, slid from its leather bounds and brought to his blood stained hands, held in the air for the coyote luperci to see through pained eyes. "I was going to let you get by with a few warning wounds but you've angered me by falling asleep in the middle of my masterpiece," he explained, knife held up with the slightest grin curling at his fanged maw.

"Of course, letting you go could bring an unwelcome attack upon my family. And we can't have that, now can we?" He moved quickly, the sharp yowl from beneath the binds that were tied about the coyote's maw loosening through the air and shattering what silence was left behind from the hybrid wolf's statement. "Hmm? What was that?" Reuce asked quietly, approaching the young male. He reached over, quickly yanking the torn rag binding so that it was pulled from the coyote's snout, his eyes dancing over the wounds already layering the young man's chest and torso, through the reddish hued fur coating his underbelly.

"I don't want any gelt now! I promise I won't breath a word of this, I swear!" Reuce quietly shook his head, his eyes turning toward the doorway of the old hospital. He could let the coyote go, or he could have a meal first and get on with his day. He chose the latter almost too quickly, a small, noteworthy frown cutting across his maw. Without a sound but the slight chink of metal upon metal, he let the sharp flat end of his blade slide expertly upon the metal of the examiner's table one last time before lifting it high enough and jerking it to the side so that when it fell, it slid over the coyote's throat, through muscle and flesh, fur and bone to its exit point at the other side.

The sharp sloshing gurgle of a canine choking upon its own blood filled the air for a short moment before the shuddering, thrashing body that was the coyote who'd crossed him became a distant candid moment of the past. His bloody hands brought the knife to section of flesh right above the dog's heart before the blade was plunged through, stripping back both flesh and sinew, hands moving only after dropping the knife to break through the ribs that surrounded it, wrenching it loose. He moved back to the table with his blades, quietly reaching for a piece of cloth a short distance from the table itself, wrapping the slop of meat into it and folding it over. He wouldn't eat it here.

Once his tools were collected, his knives stored in a burlap sack that was tucked into his satchel, he moved quickly for the doors and parted them for the trail ahead that led to a river a short distance away, blood still coating his white chest, at least to his forearms and at some points, speckles against the side of his snout.

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Ubatili had already seen the wolf come to the river to get water once and now he watched as the wolf trotted up to the river again. He quickly looked down and continued prepping the fish, he had previously snagged, for gutting. 'This is always my favorite part' ,he thought as he sliced the fish from below the chin to above the tail. Its incessant wriggling ceased as the warm lifeblood flowed over his hands. Smirking he began to shovel out the intestines and other organs and flung them into the river with quick, harsh movements of his wrist. He brought the knife up to his lips and tasted the sweet smelling liquid that dripped down onto the knife shaft and consequently his hands.' Delicious' ,he thought, smirking and running his tongue along his canines. He always enjoyed the taste of fresh blood, the fresher the better. Finishing with the fish he soaked up as much blood as he could with his hands and as with the knife proceeded to give them a thorough cleansing, using only his mouth. He chanced a glance back up at the dark colored wolf across the river and grinned when he saw the blood littering the others fur. 'Oh, so you've had some fun too then.' he thought. Ubatili didn't feel all that threatened by the others presence for their was a river between them and he could defend himself if necessary, though Ubatili was just dying to know how the stranger came to be decorated in the oh so delectable substance of, Ubatili sniffed loudly inhaling the scent, a coyote's lifeblood. His mouth watered at the scent of the blood. 'Much more preferable to this second rate fish blood.', he thought as he fiddled with the knife contemplating his next actions carefully.' Risk getting at that wolf''s stash of meat just for some blood, or let him alone and finish cooking the fish and be on my merry way?', He wasn't sure which option to take and without even realizing it Ubatili had begun staring straight at the wolf, watching his movements and the fresh blood glisten in the light.