and you came running

POSTED: Thu Dec 26, 2013 4:50 pm

Winter scattered soft white flakes of precipitation all across the area. The sky was gray, but could barely be seen through the hectic movement of all the individual flakes of snow.

The precipitation that accumulated on the Canadian ground froze and became hard - hard as the cement streets that a lone traveler once roamed. She remained still, her body entirely unmoving. Carbon dioxide left her body left at an alarmingly slow rate, and oxygen that filtered in through her open mouth was just enough to support her body.

She had been travelling with a man, a man that she had hardly known - a stranger. There was only one thing he had that had brought her to accompany him; heroin.

Just days ago he had asked for her hand in marriage. Favoring women over men, she politely turned down his offer. He threw her out into the cold - thus contributing to her declining state.

And now she was alone. Her only company was a small monkey, one that she had had as her own companion for quite a while. She once had a caribou, but he had been not so fortunate. About a week ago her and the old man who had lead her out so far had consumed him - having nothing else to eat.

But now there was someone else approaching, somebody new. She came at her with an oil lantern in her left hand and a wool blanket in the other. Very tenderly, this unknown woman took in the passed-out traveler into her arms - wrapping the wool blanket around her. She didn't seem to notice when her little monkey grappled up onto her back.

She brought her back to her own home. A complete stranger.

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