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((A thread set in an alternate reality where Tal chose to be with Gemma after Sky left. Set maybe a month after Liam's first brutal attack on Gemma. WC 675))

He hadn't been there to protect her from Liam, but he would be there to protect his beloved from his exiled son from that day onward. As soon as Gemma was well enough to travel, Taliesin had said his goodbyes to D'Arte and the pack, and left with Gemma and Myrddin. Father and son had settled into the routine of Aniwaya quickly enough. The pale healer had impressed the leadership with his skills, and had settled into the rank of Kunikoti. He was set to advance soon enough, his skills were advanced enough and he was dedicated to the new pack and his family. Payne and Nate-River accepted him as father, and they saw no reason to dispel the illusion. Myrddin was still a youth, but was poised to follow his father in the steps of being a Kunikoti. There was no "official" mateship between himself and Gemma yet, but that wasn't to say he wasn't going to ask her in his own way before following the custom of the tribe.

Today found the snowy colored healer walking the border, checking the fences and making certain there was no trace of Liam near the border. He circled the pack's borders twice before realizing how far he had gone. Shaking his head in irritation, he made his way back to the hut he shared with his family. He couldn't help but to wonder for a moment if the pack knew of his and Gemma's shared sire. He hoped not, as he was pretty sure that they would look down on half siblings being mates.

He didn't really consider her a sister. He didn't consider the Lucifer who had fathered her and the Lucifer that had spawned him to be the same male. He could remember the days when Lucifer had been a real father, helping himself and Noah learn to hunt, teaching them different things, taking care of them after Deuce had left. Before Michigan. The Lucifer he had met in Michigan, the one who had nearly murdered Noah and nearly raped himself, that was a different Lucifer to him. His father was dead, in his eyes. Well, literally dead, too. But Lucifer had been dead long before Jefferson had killed him. The real Lucifer had died before he ever stepped foot in Michigan. Therefore, he and Gemma were both sired by Lucifer, but not the same Lucifer.

It made sense to him.

Besides, the love he felt for Gemma was deep, deeper than anything he'd ever felt before. It had spawned from a one night stand, but had blossomed into what he knew was true love. He loved her more deeply than he had loved Sky, he knew it to be true. He rarely thought of Sky anymore, except to thank her for giving him the gift of his son, Myrddin, and to curse her for taking Cody and Lena. He shook his head, clearing the thoughts as he entered the hut. Myrddin and his "siblings" greeted their father, then returned to the book they were reading together, a simple rhyming book that was fun to read out loud, and more fun to listen to.

Suddenly, Tal wanted more pups. A pup between himself and Gemma was bound to be a perfect soul, as amazing and beautiful as both parents, and smart too. His lips twitched into a smile as he imagined the pups they would create. Most likely white, with the mismatched eyes that ran in the Rhiannon bloodline. Most eyes were blue and gold, but maybe the pups would end up with normal sky blue eyes like their mother. They would be beautiful, and the family would be complete. He liked this idea. Maybe if they had a pup together, they could call one Lucid. He liked the name Lucid, it was calm and peaceful. Or Serena, like the Serena reserve. Maybe they could name one after his mother. Another Deuce was bound to be interesting. The soft smile stayed on his lips as he watched his children reading together. Life was beautiful.
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Gemma Dir Rhiannon
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He had taken her ear. He had destroyed her beautiful face and had violated her in the worst ways possible. In a way maybe Gemma would never heal from the damages done to her by the men in her life that seemed destined to hurt her always. But in other ways she was healing. Her injuries had been fixed although the scars remained and her missing ear could never be replaced, her fractured mind that had taken yet another beating was slowly coming together again. The time had passed and she didn't bother to keep count of the hours and days and months that passed, it seemed pointless to bother. But if anything could be said of Gemma it was that she was resilient in that she managed to survive her altercations if not all together intact then at least functional. She would prefer that the altercations end though, it would be easier.

She was close to being promoted too, she had been working very closely with Tiva lately, seeking to learn all she could from the native Aniwayan girl. But she was now surpassing the skill of the Gata Hineyu and moving upwards and onwards, showing a level of knowledge that skilled fire tenders were expected to hold. It was a great boost to the adopted Dir Rhiannon. Her life had also taken an upwards turn in other areas too, Payne and Nate-River didn't seem to remember the attack they had witnessed and for that she was eternally grateful. And with an out of character shy blush to herself she thought of Taliesin moving to come and be with her and bringing his precious son with him too. He lived in her home now with her and she was still trying to process the change. Not that she was against it, just that it was still another change she had to get used to.

She didn't need to examine her feelings too closely to know that she loved him, whether it was true love or just another bumb on the road she could not say yet but she did know that it was deep and it was full of life and promises, promises she hoped with everything that he would keep, that he would be the one to stay and that she would never have to have anybody leave her again. She didn't know if he knew she was still a bit unsure, afraid of committing totally in case she was hurt again but the longer he stayed the more difficult it became to hold things back from him and how easy it was to give him as much of her love as she could do. Her children did well for having a second male figure to act as a role model too, Frodo visited most days and occasionally took Payne and Nate-River for a day or two to spend some time with the man they thought was their father. Gemma kept the secret of their parentage to herself, not wanting to cause any more drama in her slowly settling life.

She made her way back to her hut, glad of the bright day despite the chill in the air. Gemma had always had a bit of a thick pelt of fur, luxurious and soft and she didn't feel the cold as badly as some, she could be out in it a bit longer than most. Her door she pushed open and hurried through so as to not lose the heat of the fire out of the door and shut it behind her quickly. She appreciated the wash of warmth over her though and sighed deeply with contentment. As usual the pale lady smelt of woodsmoke and ash and the different types of trees they burnt, she also smelt of scented oils and powders giving her a rather exotic blend of scents that mingled with her own unique scent to make up the total that was her. "Hello everybody? I'm home"

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The door opened and the unmistakable scent of Gemma rushed through the door. The healer looked up from his family, smiling at his beloved woman. He stood, stepping around the pups sprawled on the floor and pulled her into his arms. His lips brushed against hers gently, teasingly, before pulling back to grin at her impishly. "I've missed you, my love." He kissed her again, lightly, before whispering in her ear. "I've been thinking... about a lot of different things.' And he had, he had been thinking about her, about them, about their future. He had left D'Arte for her, to be with her, to protect her and take care of her. He wanted to make that official, for them. "My love... I want you to be my mate. Not just in the physical sense, but in the official way. I want to spend every day with you in this life and the next."

Myrddin had looked up from the book they were reading to watch what was going on between Gemma and Tal, a smile playing on his lips. "Poppa, don't you know you're supposed to kill a deer for her before asking her that?" His grin was crooked and playful as Tal turned his head and stuck out his tongue at his son.

"I'll get to that part, but I don't want to kill a deer for her without knowing if she would say yes." He turned to her, laughing. "Say yes, beloved one, and give heart wings to fly. Strength can not fail if you but say yes." His words were poetic, and his earnest words were meant to be endearing though a bit silly. His eyes fastened on hers, his hand cupping her cheek. "Be my mate, Gemma. I would lay down my life to protect you from further harm." His finger stroked the scars as if to smooth them away, to erase the physical memories of his past failure. "Gemma Rhiannon Sawtooth... I love you."

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Warmth and delight rushed through her heart as she saw they were all here waiting for her. Her children thumping their tails but not wanting to interrupt their reading lesson with the older Myrddin. She spread out her hands to envelop Tal as he came to her, in a big hug. She felt the jolt, the stirring in her body as his lips brushed against her in a flirtatious manner. A secretive grin flashed over her face and the white fey let her tongue flick out for a second to wet his coal nose. She could be just as much of an imp as he, maybe even more so for she had a luxurious tail the flickered and tormented and teased. Her ear quivered as his breath ran over the sensitive audit and it traveled all the way down her spine in a delicious little shudder. She too had been spending a great deal of time thinking about him and the past and what would happen in the future. She wanted security now, a stable family home, a proper unit that was strong together, something that she had never had whilst growing up. She'd never had anything whilst growing up, just pain and anger and bitter tears.

But for her children it would be different and they would have the very best of everything that she could afford to give them. They would never want for anything and AniWaya would be their protectors if she could not. The guardians to stand between them and danger that the rest of the world contained. His words though, they were like a physical shock to her and the woman jerked back without meaning to. Surprise covered her face and she had doubted that he would ever ask her what he had just done so, but she would have settled for him simply being here, for him to tye himself to her too was more than she could have possibly hoped for. Before he could think she had stepped backwards because she was unwilling she reclaimed her step forwards and clasped his hand, a smile stretching across her face. Opening her mouth to answer and she was almost speechless. Myrddin interrupted and she couldn't help but laugh. A delighted sound from the pale scarred angel. Tears blurred her eyes as his hand rested on her deformed cheek, scarred by his own son. She was no longer perfect, no longer beautiful but still she wanted her. The promises of devotion, of love that she had been waiting her entire life to hear from somebody, her throat was constricted and she could hardly whisper out his answer, voice breath soft,

"Yes. I will."

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Tal waited, time slowing down as he waited for the words that would set him free from his spell. Tears filled her eyes and she laughed, the most beautiful sound in the world to the white male. As she murmured yes, he let out a loud “Whoop!” He hugged her tightly, kissing her over and over. Gemma meant the world to him, she was his love and his light, she was his reason for living. Everything he did in this world was for her and their family. Their family. He looked at the pups with pride and joy, they were there to witness the moment their parents became official mates.

Well, maybe not fully official. He still had to go out and kill a deer on his own. How complicated could it be? Granted he had never been much of a hunter, he had always stayed inside and learned about reading and herbalist lore rather than being outside and taking hunting lessons from dear old daddy. It didn’t matter. He grinned crookedly at his mate. ”I want to do this right by you, by Aniwayan customs, I want to go kill a deer for you and bring it to you. Personally I find flowers to be more romantic, but custom dictates I bring you a deer, and that’s what I want to do, my love.”

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