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POSTED: Sun Jan 12, 2014 1:19 am

oh muh gush oh muh gush. i love this thread. i shall join with Tamber soon so we can pick up this juicy drama where it left off. :D
Tamber didn't even have time to twist her face into a knot as she thought What's a lesbian? but before it could cross her lips the answer was lavishly slathered upon the other's tone and choice of words.
Out of utter surprise she bristled and stumbled backwards. Her heel caught a root and she went crashing down. "Fu-!" Only her ego was scraped, but on top of being caught off guard by the lady's moves the mental pain was almost unbearable.
Tamb looked away, burning red hot in the face, and scratched the back of her head to smooth out unintentionally raised hackles but mostly to give her jitter-wracked body something to do. "Uhh, I'm sorry." The emotions felt like a hot iron pressing into her skull.
She picked herself up and stuttered, "I...just remembered I have somewhere... somewhere I need to be." She cringed internally and hoped Delilah could one day, even if they never crossed paths again, forgive her for being such a hopeless wreck. She dipped submissively, apologetically and then dashed away to the safety of shadows.
Streams of tears blurred the night into a massive black hole of nothingness but she did not stop running until the exhaustion collapsed her legs right beneath her. Oh deer, what is wrong with me? With this thought spinning in the yote's head she wept until she slept.

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When Tamber stumbled backward, the younger female's heart sank. Nevertheless, she made an attempt at catching the other woman before she crashed to the ground, though the coyote probably wanted nothing to do with her at this point. Needless to say, she was incapable of latching onto her in time, and Tamber landed with a thud. Despite sincerely wanting to help somehow, Delilah hesitated. She let the woman fumble out an apology, pick herself up, and insist she had somewhere to be. Of course she did. Hell, if the dark-furred coywolf tried hard enough, maybe she'd be able to convince herself of that.

When Tamber dashed off into the night, leaving no trace of her ever being there at all, Delilah decided Cedric would not be hearing a single word about any of this. She'd shift back down to lupus form, find some food somewhere, and claim that she'd simply taken ages hunting. He'd smell the other woman on her, if only faintly, but she'd make up some bullshit story that wasn't too far from the truth. He'd have his suspicions, but it's not like she was dripping in Tamber's odor or anything. Even if she was, he was accepting of her. It was funny how these things worked out, though. Her brother didn't want a girl, and Delilah couldn't seem to get one in the first place. Sure, there was that one tryst after a couple days of traveling, but as far as partners went, the coywolf's second time could have been much better.
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