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Pythius had fallen back into where he belonged. That was good, because then Viper wouldn't have to waste energy trying to talk to the male to get him to stop being a dick and just follow what he was saying to do. Either way Viper was happy that he had said the right thing to him to make him stop, and instead he was willing to help. "Good bri-bri." Viper mentally praised Pythius as the male finally went to the road and was getting ready to flag the wagon down. Viper's eyes were so intensely on the wagon that when it stopped, he almost lifted his head all the way out of the bush, giving away his hiding spot but he didn't, only the very tip of his ears poked out against the green leaves but it looked like shadows so it didn't matter really. When the wagon turned around, Viper was quick to jump out of his hiding spot and almost scream at the top of his lungs before his brother suggested that they give chase. That would get their blood going, and Viper's wicked smile came back before he turned to Pythius and gave him a sweet kiss on the lips and then he quickly bounced over to Addiction and he mounted his faithful steed. Once he was on top of Addiction's back, the horse reared up with a whinny and as soon as his front legs hit the earth, he launched off in a gallop towards the retreating wagon. Sixx quickly followed, as well as Pythius.

Thundering hooves were the only thing that the trader heard, He didn't realize that the hooves would not be going ahead of him so instead of quickening his pace, he let his horses lazily pull the wagon. It took them little time to actually get to the wagon and Sixx was the one who cut them off, making the wagon stop, and just then Viper quickly jumped through the back and traversed through his things before grabbing the male by the neck and quickly inserting his fangs into the male's neck. This did not kill, him, for the male tried to come at him with a concealed knife, but Viper grabbed the guy's hand before it came to his own neck. He actually ended up forcing the trader's hand into his own shoulder, which caused the male to start bleeding more. Viper drank what blood he could, mouthfuls as they pooled up and was licked up by the male. He feasted, and the male slowly began to die, and before he actually did die, Viper withdrew his fangs and twisted the male's neck, killing him on the spot, and his body going limp. Viper, now covered in blood went back to feasting on the male, not worried about what he looked like in the eyes of Sixx and Pythius. They had seen Viper like this before, so the feirce look that the male held on him now was not the first time they had seen Viper like this. He'd been taught how to do things like this since he was very young, while Pythius had been taught to do other things, more homemaking skills and things that their mother knew how to do rather than fighting and using his brains to create plans do kill others. Pythius was the one who was not made for killing, while the serpent boy that was named from a poisonous snake had been trained to have his bite to be just as deadly as an actual viper.

Viper licked his mouth of the blood as he looked up at his brother and his servant. They still gave him this stupid look that they always gave him when he did this, a mixture of disgust and worry on their faces. Viper was not hurt, but he was not happy about the look that was particularly on either of their faces, and he let this be known by snarling at both of them, as if they had threatened his meal in some way. They did not, but they did stare at him instead of leading the horses of the wagon elsewhere. Sixx pulled his ears back and moved his gaze away from Viper, and fixed the look on his face, and when this happened, Viper licked his lips again and looked his intense gaze to his brother. He directed his words not at his brother, but to Sixx. Lead the horses to where it's safe, Sixx. the male spoke while his eyes were focused on his brother. Grab Addiction he ordered to his brother before finally tearing his gaze from his brother and looking back at Sixx. Sixx took the horses' reigns with a his hand and tied a rope to lead them and he turned Hesper and lead the wagon-coaching horses towards their home. Salsola.

Viper licked at the corpse of the wolf he had killed for some time, and once he was done draining the blood, he simply dropped the trader's body on the side of the road. Viper had no decency, he had no reason to be nice to that male. He had served his purpose, and he was dead now. There was no need to bury him or mourn over his death. Viper cared not for that man, and he was happy to be able to acquire such rare goods. Viper laughed then, as he went to the back of the wagon and he started to look through the goods to see what he would keep, and what he would let his brother and servant have, as well as the things he was to offer to the Boss to receive praise from her. Hopefully she would not value the life of the trader that they had killed for the goods. Hopefully she did not know his dirty secret that required him to drink the blood of his foes.

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