Who run the world? Girls!

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So apparently, walking for hours on end without food or rest made Delilah irritable. Which was extremely unsurprising, all things considered. That her brother, arguably the most patient, level-headed one out of the cocoa-hued female’s siblings, was in an equally bad mood was the unexpected part. Of course, neither sister nor brother had any intention of doing much else but snap at each other as they trudged on. Cooperation might have, who knows, gotten them a decent meal or some shelter, but complaining about each other was obviously a better course of action.

Thankfully, they were interrupted before they could starve or keel over from the ache in their limbs. That this interruption was caused by a large, but not exceptionally so, black wolf in his optime form was less than preferable. While this seemed to snap Cedric out of his awful mood, Delilah wasn’t intimidated. At least not until the stranger explained, rather formally, that they were awfully close to his pack’s borders, ”Unless you have genuine business with Verum Fera, may I request that you travel less closely to its boundaries?” They weren’t trespassing, but apparently they were too close for comfort. Instead of simply apologizing and going on their way, which Delilah’s brother would have at least attempted to do, the more irritable of the two siblings insisted that since they hadn’t crossed the borders, the wolf had no right to have stopped them.

”What right do you have to tell me where I can walk when I haven’t put one fucking toe over your pack’s borders? Not her smartest move, to be completely honest. ”What right do I have? I am a member of Verum Fera and it is my job to keep little bitches like you and your pansy companion out of our way.” Apparently Mr. Formalities had a nasty streak. ”What did you just call me? Hell, what did you just call my brother? How dare you!”A victim of pride, Delilah would’ve gladly fought with the pack wolf if someone hadn’t gotten between them.

Surprisingly, Cedric was beat to the punch by an ivory-furred young woman who, despite being only marginally taller than Delilah and much shorter than the snarling male, held her own. She dealt with her fellow pack member first, shouting and spitting at him about how this was no way to treat another Luperci, even an irritable one, when you were so lowly-ranked. Rasmus! That was awful! You’re being genuinely awful. You’re lucky I don’t tell the Alpha about this! I’m only cutting you slack because you’re new, I hope you realize that.”

Delilah would’ve been lying if she didn’t admit that hey, a girl putting a man twice her size in his place, dominant posturing and everything, was kind of hot. Well, more than kind of hot.

Once Rasmus, as Delilah now knew he was called, ran back into the pack’s land with his tail between his legs, she offered up a thankful smirk to the younger female. She was feeling significantly less irritable all of a sudden, though she was still pissed at the dickweed who had “greeted” her. ”Well that was pretty impressive. Sorry about the trouble,” Cedric watched, extremely unamused, as his sister then laid on the charm, ”but hey, if I hadn’t caused such a commotion, I never would’ve gotten to meet you.” If anything, the dark-furred coywolf would’ve expected some stammering or giggling, but instead the wolfess held her own, yet again. ”Really? I’d say the same about you. You’re a pretty face, for a coyote.” The teasing, despite pushing one of Cedric’s buttons toward himself and his family, and therefor causing him to bristle, amused Delilah. ”You’re not half bad yourself. Y’know, for a wolf.”

How this initially dangerous scenario led to the chocolate-colored female, despite her brother’s protests, flirting with and then being invited as a guest by the light-colored wolfess into her pack’s land, Delilah had no idea. She certainly wasn’t complaining, though. At least not until she found out her inviter was the Alpha’s daughter. And that said Alpha was, most definitely, the biggest Luperci she’d ever seen. A giant beast of a wolf who, needless to say, didn’t appreciate coyotes being offered a place, however temporarily, in his all-wolf pack.

The continued flirting, pet names, and sex that comprised the next four days, needless to say, were not things her father knew about. He might have had his suspicions when his daughter, rather unashamedly, invited the snarky, female coywolf into her room nightly during the strangers’ stay, but it was never brought up as a serious concern.

His daughter seemed happy, after all.
Delilah is in Optime form unless otherwise specified.
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