shadows and moonlight


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The sky was bright with silver threads drifting across the moon, perhaps wishing to wrap around it and bar all its light from reaching the terrain below. The clouds would be unlucky in that venture, though, because the wind pushed them onwards at a smart pace. More would come but they, too, would be hustled away.

Rune knew that the moon's light was precious. He did most of his roaming at night, always just on the edges of the shadows, within sight of the perfect silver light. Had the masked wolf known that the moon was in fact pocked and littered with craters he would have been angry; Rune saw the moon as something pure, shedding light on the darkest times.

The moon had shone the night Rune had awoken from his first nightmare, years before. His mother had coddled and comforted him. It was a cherished time to look back on, but what was the point in looking back on things which could no longer be reached? Things that were dead? The memory of his mother - that was dead, too, and he had been asked Rune would have said he had no parents - if he'd been asked. The fact was that Rune actively avoided speaking for too long or saying too much. Like a worm, he twisted and turned his way out of having personal conversations - and like a worm, he was often blind to the beauty of the darkness.

Rune had been part of the darkness for some time, ever since the fire had kissed his face nearly clean off. He lurked, hid and watched; he judged others for their sins and plotted acts of retribution. All the while the black wolf was searching, seeking a speck of light that would flare into an inferno. He had not yet found that light in another wolf - that beauty and purity.

The muscular shadow sidled past a tree, immediately aligning his head with one side of the trunk. There he stood, peeking around the tree trunk and mentally letting himself drown in a nearby shaft of moonlight.


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IC: The pale woman gazed up at the sky, her eyes, deep pools of blue, watching as the clouds drifted by the moon, dappling the lands in a mixture of shadows and a brilliant glow. Silvery-blonde strands of the femme's hair gently caressed her face as the night's gentle breeze whispered it's way through the trees and her fur. Standing haloed in the moon's light, her pelt caught in the illumination, shimmering like silver or diamonds in the dark. To anyone who might view her, she appeared like an angel, somehow fallen from heaven and gracing the earth with her ethereal beauty. A content, tender smile graced the female's maw as she gave a soft sigh and slowly pulled her attention back down to the earth. Focusing on the pack she held loosely in her paws, Elleen seemed to come back to her senses after being entranced by the moon's spell.

It was rare for the wolfess to be seen in her two legged form. To her, being in her natural, Lupus form felt more comfortable. It wasn't that she was awkward or unfamiliar with Optime, she was actually rather graceful when moving upright, but in her heart, it felt more right to her to be closer to the ground. But, seeing as she had to carry her few belongings with her on her journey, often times, her lupus body would tire much faster than her larger forms. She didn't much like her Secui form, so Optime was her only other option. As it was, she had paused in her midnight trek this night in order to give herself a break. Having recovered her energy now though, the femme was ready to continue on. Hefting her her belongings behind her, Elleen then shifted with ease down onto her paws, the pack secured upon her back. Shaking out her pelt, the wolfess was about to resume her pace along the small would-be path she'd been following. But just then, the wind shifted and she paused, mid step, lifting her kind face to catch the unfamiliar scent. Her head then turned to look around her, her expression slightly furrowed, but curious. In the uneven lighting, despite her night vision, it was difficult for the woman to pick out specific features in the shadows of the forest. She knew she wasn't alone, but she held no fear of being harmed. Instead she raised her gentle voice into the night. "Hello? Is someone there?" She then fell silent, ears swiveling about to catch a response should it come. "You can come out, I won't hurt you..." She said reassuringly and once more waited quietly for her company to reveal themselves. Her heart swelled slightly with hope as she continued to try and glimpse the male she knew was lurking just out of sight. Since coming to the new lands, she had been very much alone, and on such a gorgeous night, she would be glad for the companionship.

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Elleen is always in Lupus form unless otherwise stated!

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The silvery light of the moon continued to bestow its gleam upon the spot perhaps a hundred yards from where the male lurked. It outlined the thick leaves of the trees, bringing them out from a mass of black to individuals, each dripping their silvery web of light onto their trunks in thick bars. It looked like the foliage was encased in fine, twisted and mangled metal.

Rune had never been caged, but only because they had never caught him. He had felt the sting of denial on more occasions than he cared to number, however, and had been barred from a social life by his afflictions. Perhaps the greatest injustice he had suffered hadn't been the fire or the rejection by friends and family, but the fact that he had come to believe the tales himself; he was a monster.

The man's eyelids slipped down and he could almost feel the light washing over him. It was cold and clean, purifying and refreshing as it caressed his ears and eyelids. But in reality that was just the wind passing by him, bringing him relief from the blindness of sticking to the shadows. Bringing something else, too - something which stopped the cool liquid sensation from flowing past his neck as his eyes flew open and his head snapped up, still carefully in line with the thick trunk whose shadow shrouded the dark creature.

Into the light stepped an ethereal beauty, made of moonlight herself by the looks of it. Perhaps Rune had finally lost it altogether and was now envisioning the Goddesses of Light themselves. She paused, obviously picking up his scent on the wind as it shifted again, and Rune used the brief rush of the gust to change position, tiptoeing into thicker, cloying undergrowth. She spoke and his ears oriented themselves as if they were attached to her lips as they opened and closed, letting out a sweet voice, almost as soothing as the breeze.

Rune was going to wait, but a burst of light behind his eyelids coupled with a sharp pain in his flame-bared cheek forced a gasp through his clenched teeth. He tossed his head, lifting a paw to scrape twisted black claws against rough bark as he fought the burning sensation which radiated, as ever, from his face. “You should be more afraid of things that lurk in the shadows,” he advised darkly, eyes locked on the figure. “Wraith of the moon, why are you wandering?” There was a satiny quality to the voice – Rune wasn't free of the pain, but he had a handle on it.