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WARNING: This thread contains material exceeding the general board rating of PG-13. It may contain very strong language, drug usage, graphic violence, or graphic sexual content. Reader discretion is advised.

word count: 777

The world she was granted a window to was dark, black, empty. A void of shadowy nothingness, enveloped in deadly frost. Slowly, but surely though, a bit of color began to seep into the vast plain of nonexistence. A warm, gold light. A young woman with kind eyes, a big heart, and a sharp wit. Hell, it rivaled Delilah’s own.

There was jarring transition from a bit of light in the void and a single figure, to a room bathed in the fiery colors of a sunset. Delilah watched as if she’d only been a spectator to the event, rather than having actively participated. Two women, the ivory female from before, and her dark-furred, almost-feral companion. The pair, when they found words failed them, battled for dominance by way of mouths and bodies atop the younger’s bed. Every sense seemed simultaneously amplified and dulled in the mad dash for release. ”I’ll have you screaming my name.” The hybrid purred, and her partner whimpered at the thought. Nevertheless, the younger woman retorted breathlessly, ”Not if I– If I have you screaming mine first.”

It was like whiplash, going from only watching the memory-turned-dream from an outsider’s perspective, to suddenly being a part of the action. The warm light bathing the room through the window had turned cold and blue. She felt nauseous, unwell, and her lover took notice. ”Why did you stop?” The other woman asked, at first only mildly perplexed. But then she asked again, ”Why did you stop?” The question was repeated, over and over again, in an increasingly frantic manner. ”Why did you stop? Why did you stop? Why did you stop?! Suddenly, Delilah found herself underneath her lover, and being shaken as the question was repeated. Somewhere during this clusterfuck, “why did you stop” became “why did you leave.” And it was shrieked at Delilah, with a heavy note of betrayal weighing it down.

”I’m sorry! I’m so sorry!” Delilah shouted over Celia, her voice cracking in the process. The ivory female had begun to sob, the shaking growing weaker, her voice growing softer each time she asked the question. The chocolate-colored woman couldn’t find it in her to voice another apology as she watched Celia’s previously lively navy blue eyes grow still.

The wolfess’ grip on her tightened painfully, and then loosened immediately thereafter. The light-furred female then collapsed on top of Delilah, becoming a dead, heavy weight that trapped her. The coywolf began to hyperventilate, incapable of tearing her gaze away from the lifeless eyes of her once-lover, and without the strength to shove the corpse off of her. The warmth of the recently deceased dissipated almost instantaneously, replaced with an unnatural, burning cold.

All at once, the world was enveloped in darkness once more, small hands were wrapped around Delilah’s throat, and a warm breath ghosted across the coywolf’s face. The stench of rotting meat invaded her nose, and as the grip on her neck tightened, she heard a soft, calm voice say, “I’m so glad you came back.”

Then, there was nothing.

Delilah screamed as she jolted awake, nearly lashing out at the figure beside her who was trying his hardest to restrain her. ”Delilah! Delilah, it’s me! Calm down!” She opened her eyes, which frantically darted around before they rested on her brother’s concerned features. ”Are you okay, sis?” The dark-furred female tried desperately to get her breathing under control, and forced herself to nod for Cedric’s sake. She was okay now, now that it was perfectly clear that had all been a horrible nightmare. ”Yeah, I’m cool. I’m fine.” She insisted when he didn’t look particularly convinced. Finally though, he accepted her claims and backed off a bit. ”You were whimpering and thrashing in your sleep. I had to wake you up.” He explained. Delilah nodded in acknowledgment, in thanks, before sitting up and hugging her knees to her chest.

The pair simple sat in silence for a short while, listening to the sounds of the surrounding, darkness-enveloped forest, before Cedric just had to ask, ”What was it about?” Delilah’s breath caught in her throat, but she managed to mutter a single, one-word answer, ”Celia.” He nodded understandingly and scooted a bit closer before wrapping his arms around his smaller, younger sister. He’d figured as much. She’d been having nightmares since they’d left Verum Fera. He never asked for any details about them. It was none of his business

She wouldn’t have told him, anyway.
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