On the Road Again

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This trip was going to take forever. Elsie was not a take forever person. She was a everything right now person. Usually, she was fine with her llama’s plodding pace; it was slow, but it meant she did not have to carry all her things, and the sheep could keep up easily. However, right now, it felt like they may as well be going backwards.

“Augh!” Elsie exclaimed and dropped the reins of her llama. He simply kept walking forward as if she was still holding onto them as she skipped on ahead. The sheep walked on as well, and the three of them ignored their mistress’s antics. Even the owl only cracked an eye from his perch on the cart. “Don’t you guys just want to be there already?!” The owl hooted once and then closed his eyes. The others simply stared at her without making a sound. “I hope Auntie Esther likes us,” she rambled on. “What if she doesn’t? Then what’ll we do? We would have to go all the way back home and that wouldn’t be any fun at all.” She huffed and turned back around to walk next to the llama again, having expended a little bit of her energy. There was still far more energy where that came from, and all her companions knew it. The four of them were accustomed to her sudden outbursts.

“I suppose we will have to stop for the night soon,” Elsie sighed, looking up at the darkening sky. She could walk for hours longer, but the others would need a rest, especially the llama since he was pulling a cart full of supplies. Elsie always made sure it was not more than he could pull, but she was sure it still eventually got tiring. After a while longer, she reached over and picked up the llama’s reins and pulled him up.

“I guess this is as good a place as any,” she said, looking around. There was a fallen log nearby, and that would be useful to block some of the wind. It was not really a den, but it would do. Elsie flitted around the llama, unhitching him from the cart, which tipped forward when it was no longer held up by his body. Then she set about clearing snow away from a spot near the log so that she could more easily build a fire and not have to lay on it. Under the snow was some moss, which was mostly brown, but still soft enough.

A little while later, Elsie had a nice fire going. She pulled some furs and blankets from the cart and spread them on the ground. Then, she pulled out a llama-shaped blanket and put it over his back, holding the front closed by tying a couple of strings together. The sheep stood patiently as she covered them as well, and then pulled some food out of the bags for her companions. With that finished, the little coywolf went to sit by the fire with some jerky for herself. The sky was still somewhat light, but Elsie was happy with tonight’s campsite, even if she had stopped a little bit early.

Elsie Hennamin

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The sun was sinking slowly beyond the horizon and light was fading quickly. Since arriving in the Americas, the Blackwood duo had not yet found a permanent place to live, much to the disappointment of Andreana. There was snow covering the ground and the hooves of the two horses that the sibling pair rode left tracks in the ground. Alec was not too keen on having tracks left behind them in case there were thieves about, and had thought about dragging a branch behind his horse or Andreana's, but had ultimately decided it would slow their progress. The two needed to stop soon and make camp, and he doubted that there were any canines around.

Alec pulled on the reins of his horse, nose set twitching. The scent of smoke was somewhat heavy in the air, and he only hoped that the source of it was not some thief's camp. Alec was fed up with thieves—it was why they didn't have much food at the moment. Alec had become much more cautious, and the only reason he still had his weapon with him was because he woke before it could be slipped from his waist. Andreana had almost lost her dagger, too, but that they had managed to snag before the thief could manage to get away.

The male's eyes closed lightly for a moment, his chest expanding as he took in a breath. His hands loosened on the reins and then his amber eyes popped open again and he decided that the two would try their luck. "Come on, Andreana, we're going to go investigate the fire," he proclaimed, hands moving to the left to direct his horse, Gus, in the direction of the scent. Andreana and her own horse quickly followed. Along with the scent of smoke, there was the obvious smell of a canine and something else that was odd . . . extremely so, he could not even place it. Alec shook his head. Things here would be much more different than they were in Europe, that his mother had told him before he had set off after assuring him that she could protect herself and that da would be back from his hunting trip in a matter of weeks, or days, she was never sure how long those trips took.

It did not take long and soon he could see the flickering flames of a fire licking at the sky along with a strange, long-necked animal that looked almost alien to him. Its thick fur must be useful, though. Quietly, he dismounted, motioning for Andreana to do the same. There was still some sun peaking over the distant horizon, enough to see well, especially well with the assistance of the light from the fire.

"Excuse me, miss," he said, trying to sound polite. His rough Scottish accent was obvious, and his amber eyes flickered over the campsite. There was a plethora of animals there, ranging from sheep to whatever it was he had first noticed and presumably smelled. "My sister and I have been traveling all day and a thief took our fire-making supplies . . . might we be able to share your fire? Or at least take a stick from it, it's getting a bit too late to go out and search for supplies."

Alec bit the inside of his cheek with his back teeth, hoping that she wouldn't lash out at them. The appearance of the female made her seem kind enough, and her hoard of animals added to the presumed kindness. "And, my apologies, I forgot to introduce myself . . . I'm Alec Blackwood and this is my sister Andreana Sterling," he said, gesturing to the fiery-haired girl who he called a relative. Their appearances couldn't be any more different, him with his mottled brown pelt and clean-cut hairstyle, her with her pale fur splotched with russet and curly red hair, pulled back with an emerald-colored piece of cloth that served as a headband. Their appearances made them seem kind enough, hopefully, and Alec's sword was strapped to Gus's saddle, hidden. He probably wouldn't show the stranger the weapon in case she was a pacifist or thought the two were lying. "If that was too much to ask then go ahead and send us on our way, I think it's light enough to find some supplies," he continued.

Andreana shook her head and crossed her arms, reins hanging from one of her padded hands. "Almost nightfall, Alec," she said fiercely, her voice quiet enough so that her brother could hear and hopefully not the girl. "We're not going to have enough time to set up camp," she continued, sounding irritated. She was, in fact, irritated because she hadn't eaten since that morning and hadn't gotten decent sleep since they got off the ship, and Alec didn't want to deal with her sister when she was so irritable.


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The air was cold and getting colder, so Elsie tugged a blanket up over her shoulders while munching her jerky. She had a large amount of the stuff in her pack, and she was glad for the llama because it meant that she could bring a lot more than if she was simply carrying her own bags. If she had brought less stuff, she could have ridden in the cart as well, but she figured it was better to walk and have more supplies. It was not as though they would go fast enough for her to get tired anyway.

Her owl had swooped off at some point, apparently deciding that it was dark enough for him to hunt for some food. His wings were so silent that she had not heard him leave over the crackling of the wood on her fire. When he came back, Elsie was startled by his sudden appearance and she dropped the bag of jerky.

“Oh! Welcome back,” she smiled at him, then picked up the bag and nibbled on another piece of jerky.

“Two canines, and two horses are coming,” he hooted in low speech and Elsie nodded. She understood him, having learned the low speech needed to talk to him. She wondered what these canines could want and for a moment, considered whether or not she should get her dagger out of her bag. She swiftly decided that it would be a good idea, just in case, and got it out. She tucked it behind her on the ground between her and the log so that it was out of sight, but still easy to access if she needed it. Then she watched the fire, waiting for the pair to show up at her little camp.

“Hello!” She said cheerfully when the pair, a male and a female, arrived along with their horses. She nodded along as the male spoke, taking in his features in the dim light of the setting sun and flickering fire. The coywolf had to concentrate hard on what he was saying due to his accent and questions bubbled up in her chest, such as where he was from and what he was doing here, but those would have to wait. “Oh dear, that’s not good!” Elsie said and the smile on her face turned to a more sour expression. She was glad she had not come across the thieves because there was only one of her. The llama would readily spit at anyone he deemed a threat, but Elsie doubted she could have fended them off easily. The coywolf decided she would have to keep a better eye out.

“I’m Elsie Hennamin,” she replied when he introduced himself and his sister. Elsie had never seen someone with hair like hers before, and she was already thinking of what color clothes might look especially nice with it. She was snapped from her thoughts when Adreanna spoke and although she did not catch all the words, she heard something about not enough time. She looked up at the sky, then back at them and nodded in agreement, ignoring the irritation she thought she had heard the woman’s voice.

“Oh, you can absolutely share my fire,” Elsie said, gesturing to the open area on the opposite side of it from where she sat. Her animals had decided to remain on her side of it, and that left plenty of room for two more to join her. “Did the thieves get your food? I have some I can share with you.” It would be easy enough to hunt for something tomorrow, or perhaps catch some fish if she came across a river or a lake. “I’ve got some extra blankets you can use, too. It’s cold out here!” Elsie was already standing up to go over to her cart, which her llama had decided to stand in front of, as if guarding it while he eyed the horses with suspicion. “Oh be friendly, you. You’ve seen horses before!” She scolded him lightly and he snorted in response to her tone, though he did not understand her words. Elsie then looked back over at the pair of canines, wondering what they might need.

Elsie Hennamin

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