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(Delilah and Cedric leaving their birth clan, a RO thread consisting primarily of sibling-related fluff.
word count: 951)

”You guys are really leaving?” Damian asked, upset evident in his tone. The last thing he wanted was for his older siblings to just up and disappear, possibly forever. Cedric hesitated just long enough for Delilah to answer for him, ”We are. We’re not welcome here and you can’t fucking stop us.” Okay, that might have been a bit harsh, but they’d all been arguing this point for days.

Now it was Calla’s turn to speak up, and unsurprisingly, the girl who shared her older sister’s eye color also shared the woman’s opinion. ”Damian, you know how much flak I’ve gotten for being more feral than the rest of you. Imagine how hard it must be for our lesbian sister,” She earned herself a punch in the shoulder from said lesbian sister, though Calla was so used to it that she simply continued speaking, “or Cedric, who doesn’t want a mate at all.” While that did nothing to cheer up the youngest boy, he nodded in a mix of acknowledgment and understanding. Well, as much as he could understand. He fit in perfectly fine with the rest of their birth clan, after all. ”Yeah,” Cedric began, his voice soft and a bit hesitant, ”I mean, I’ll miss you guys, but I don’t want to know what will happen when they really crack down on us not having, um.. Consummated mateships.” That was the problem. You needed proof, usually in the form of smelling like sex, if not producing children, for the clan to be convinced. Neither Delilah nor Cedric wanted to supply that proof in the way they’d have to.

Damian spoke up again, his voice much stronger than it had been previously, ”Well, if you guys have to go, I wish you both luck.” Calla nodded her agreement, and took that moment to punch Delilah back. Cedric, if he could, probably would have been tearing up at this point. ”I mean it, we’re really gonna miss you guys.” He opened his arms wide to accept his smaller, but only marginally, siblings into his arms. The oldest male, and oldest in general of their litter, was certainly the hugger of the group. Damian latched onto his older brother like his life depended on it, albeit only briefly, and Calla spent more time in Cedric’s embrace. That they might never see each other was a very real possibility.

And then there was Delilah who would, at least at this point in time, never show that level of affection to her younger siblings unless they really wanted or needed it. Which, of course, Damien did. After releasing Cedric he all but tackled his smaller sister, who held steady because of years of practice. Well, almost that long. Calla and her simply settled on beating on each other some more, albeit gently, and firing shots. That was just how the girls did things. ”You gonna lay the first eligible bachelorette you find?” The slightly younger female asked, and Delilah snorted. ”Hell to the fucking yes. When are you going to stop walking on two legs?” ”Oh, when Mom won’t kill me for not being ‘civilized enough.’”

With only the clothes on their backs and the carcasses of two large rabbits their younger siblings had caught for them as parting gifts, the pair set off. Well, almost. They’d finally lost sight of the clan’s clearly-marked border when they heard a loud “Wait!” being shouted from behind them. Before they could even turn to see who it was, though they had their suspicions, Damien collided with his older siblings. Whether the goal was a surprise hug or he’d simply not stopped in time in his haste, Delilah had no idea, but she resisted the urge to yell at him for it. That would be the worst thing to do when she might never see her little brother ever again. Which was apparently his reason for catching up with them. ”I swear we’ll find you guys. I don’t know how or when, but we will. I’m not losing you guys, at least not forever.” This promise was followed by another round of hugs, primarily involving either Cedric or Damian wanting another after they’d released each other, before everyone was done with all the physical affection bullshit and Delilah could actually get going. Honestly, at this point, she didn’t think she’d miss her little siblings all that much. She was far too cool for that.

Needless to say, Cedric was far from surprised the first time she broke down because she couldn’t bear the thought of never seeing Damian or Calla ever again. However, like any good big brother, he’d comforted her without telling her “I told you so.” That came later when she’d calmed down and saying such a thing wouldn’t earn him a scar. Even then, it had been said teasingly. He wasn't trying to mock or be mean to Delilah, after all. The opportunity was just too good to pass up. While he was arguably one of the nicer out of the siblings, he was far from a perpetually-understanding sweetheart. That would be Damian, who was so sweet that just having a conversation with the boy could rot your teeth. He had his moments of sarcasm and irritably, but they were much less frequent than his siblings'.

Which might have been why, though Delilah would never admit it, she'd miss him the most. He was the sort of genuine she just didn't feel comfortable being and wasn't sure she ever would be.
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