High As A Kite

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WC: 275
Location: Treetop Terrace
Current Form: Optime

This . . . . this was certainly so much better compared to the stories he had been told of this place; in fact he was even sure that all he had been told didn't fully give this place justice for the sheer height of the well worn platforms and the impressive veiws in which were evident from up within the treetops. And this was before he had even reached the highest tree! But then again; it had taken him much of the morning to not just come here but to also manage to pull himself up to the platforms in which encircled one of the many tree's in which made up this place - the hike and the climb up were all it had taken to momentarily tire the young grey pelted male.

Though it had all been worthwhile, the thrill of the climb even with the knowledge that a simple badly timed step could result in a fall and the sheer height of these terraces were what pushed him on. And of course the end result of his lengthy climb up the aged ladders that were the only access to the trees from the ground was all it took for Ares to just simply want to remain up here and enjoy the sights in which were offered to him.
Well, at least up until he were required to leave and return back to the pack or if he were lucky enough to gain some form of company - which of these two options were to occur he did not know. After all; he did neglect to let anyone know where he was going.
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Ares will usually be in his Optime form and will often be seen wearing a clear quartz arrowhead necklace unless otherwise stated.
Mistfell Vale
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