found my treasure in you

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The steady thrum of taut string and soft wool was a soothing sound, punctuated by the gentlest of humming from the girl who bent over the large loom in question. It was a forgotten tune, a melody that she didn't remember where she'd learnt it from. Soft golden curls were pulled back and away from her face, curled around her ears in a thick crown to tie around the back, a braid that reached halfway down the girls back. Striking blue eyes followed the movement of the weft, weaving swiftly between the strings of her instrument. She didn't need to look, the study the weaving pattern she was making -- sure and steady in her craft she watched only for the joy of seeing the creation of something by her own hand. The small cottage she shared with Miss Daisy sat at her back and Soli always felt as though it looked out for her in some way. The necklace, weighed down by the steady wooden bead and light, glossy raven's feather, swung free for a moment and the sunshine princess paused to tuck it back in. She didn't remember why either of the charms was so important, but they remained around her neck and well cared for none the less.

It was moments like these, in the quiet of the morning sun while her fingers were nimbly at work and her mind wandered that the weight of her amnesia pressed hard against the back of her head. Having woken many moons ago with no memory of how she got there or where she'd come from, Solieri had only her name, her dress and her necklace and nothing more. A familiar frustration welled in the girls heart as she considered her family, if she even had any, and where they were. It took her longer than she would have liked to admit to spot the mistake, the missed string that had thrown a hole in the garment she was making. A soft sigh interrupted her soft humming and ceased its bewitching melody as she stared at the problem. Two rows back, a line had been dropped and now there was nothing left for her to do by unravel the last few minutes worth of work. Swift fingers began tugging and pulling at the weave, thankful that she had more than a full moon to complete this item. The trader who had requested it would not return for a little while and the thick woollen cloak with a rabbit-fur collar was only in the preliminary stages of creation.

Winding the dull brown wool, spun by Miss Daisy from the spring shear of their little sheep Honeysuckle, Soli began again. The mystery of her past was something she'd considered many a time but forever she'd come up short. The deep blue of the dress she adorned herself with today was familiar and the golden girl knew that it must have been made for her by someone special. Another soft sigh escaped her as she set about fixing her mistake. Miss Daisy had told her how she'd found her, many miles from Freetown and suffering with a severe migraine from a prolonged concussion. How she'd managed to get the concussion and subsequent amnesia was a mystery, as with everything else she tried to remember, but whatever it was induced feelings of fear and sickness in the delicate female. Once Miss Daisy had discovered her interest in tailoring, she'd decided to keep her and had brought her home to the cottage on the fringes of Freetown. Many a week the sunshine princess had been in confusion, but eventually her mind had cleared and she'd begun to pay back the old wolf who'd taken her in. Now, their symbiotic relationship was efficient and amiable, if not loving and affectionate.

After a moment, the girl began to hum once more, voice dipping and rising as the tendrils of a forgotten song began to tease its way from her jumbled memory.

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