Do you wanna build a snowman?

POSTED: Tue Jan 27, 2015 12:03 am

for the prince [550]

She had thought she was looking forward to the cold weather. But when she realized that all the flowers would die, and she would no longer have any of the sweet-swelling blossoms to twist into her hair or to set on the edge of her desk, she realized she was very much not looking forward to it. Sure, the powder was fun to play in, and she could mold shapes out of the soft flakes that fell from the sky into awesome creations, but it would be cold, and the forest would be dead. The soft grass she felt underfoot every morning when she stepped outside would instead turn to a crunch, and the Fairy Lights meadow would become nothing but a rolling expanse of white. And not to mention the lack of food- all of Cour des Miracles would be looking slim towards the end of the season. But, she couldn't much complain about that part- during the warm months she ate more than enough, and Tasha supposed it was time that she took a turn by missing a meal or two.

When Tasha had arose that morning, she'd taken one look outside and known she wouldn't be setting foot out of her room. The first snowfall of the season- and it was coming down hard, in huge, fat snowflakes that stuck to the grass and were quickly piling up a layer of white to coat the territory. She could feel the breeze even from here, and even though it felt nice on her thick husky coat, she didn't much want to get wet in the condensation. So after practicing her flute for her regular morning hour, she slid open her window to let the stuffy air be replaced with the clean and cool. For a moment, she admired how the watery light from outside played on the paintings on her walls- the paintings she had spent bored hours creating with the bristles of her horse-hair brush, twisting into fantastic patterns that never made her walls boring to look at. Tasha then sat in her single chair, head draped over the side and hair brushing the floor as she wondered at what to do. And then, suddenly, she jumped to her feet and made her way over to the stack of books in the corner of the room, turning them over until she found the one she wanted. It was one with an image of a rather dark and grungy looking castle on the front, and by the brief scan she had given the first few pages, it seemed full of action and adventure. Her favorite, so much so, that she wondered at how she had missed the book in the library before. Scooping up the copy, the Viscountess stretched out onto her bed and delved into the world of knights and sword battles. On she read, until the light had traveled half way around her room, signaling noon. And on she read, until the words began to lose their luster and their sense, and became blurry and dark. On she read, until she was no longer reading, and instead she was asleep on her bed, the window still wide open, the book on her chest, and her eyes closed in the perfect image of an unexpected nap.

Tasha Takekuro