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POSTED: Sun Sep 29, 2013 2:25 pm

WARNING: This thread contains material exceeding the general board rating of PG-13. It may contain very strong language, drug usage, graphic violence, or graphic sexual content. Reader discretion is advised.

The forest was dark, it lacked color, lacked anything interesting. Tora sat, leaning her small weight onto her precious weapon. Around her, the trees were dented a bruised with strikes from her spear. She felt so alone, so lost. For so long she'd wanted to leave the house and explore, run around and chase rodents. But now, since everything she knew and loved had gone or left her, she wanted nothing more than to hide in her mother's arms. Tora thought back, picturing her mother's corpse. Torn pieces of her lying everywhere, the blood of which the demon man had spilt around, as if using the crimson liquid as paint. The tiger girl sniffled, her arms shaking from the attacks on the trees. She had pictured them as the demon man, the strange patterns on the bark seemed to create a face.

Tora yawned, she didn't like nights, they were too grey and made her too tired. She got up slowly, glancing around the dark night. It had been two nights since she'd been separated from her siblings. Hebi seemed to be getting more and more annoyed at the girls immaturity. Tora couldn't help, shouldn't try to. Or at least that was what her papa told her. Tora whimpered, oh how she missed the warm hugs of her father. He always knew when she was in bad mood, and what to say to make her stop crying or screaming. Tora didn't dare try and sleep, her condition prevented any nice dreams, leaving the stripy girl in a world of nightmares. The wicked little girl didn't like being scared, it made her feel weak. And weakness made her livid.

"Yūkande, sore wa anata ga migi no ojīchan o iudarou nandesuka?" Tora said to herself, getting more and more used to the Japanese tongue, especially now it was the only way to remember her Grandfather. Kenmeina had always been so strict on what the children knew, though Tora had never really appreciated the language before, now it served as her only reminder of home. The female growled, picturing the demon man once more, the one who took away her mama and grandpa.
She muttered under her breath, before flicking her spear out in fury. The sharp, tri-pointed edge lashed across the bark of the tree, slicing it like chopping through meat. Tora pictured blood squeezing out, the evil man crying in pain and shriveling up. Tora smiled, holding tight onto the thought as she struck the tree once more.

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