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[Testing thread]

POSTED: Sun Nov 03, 2013 2:58 pm

Reuce is in Optime form and near the borders of Nova Scotia, closer to Aniwaya's territory. Date is up to whomever wants to play. :) [585]

The easiest thing to do would have been to cut the path not too far from this point. The black haired, dual toned giant stared at the map in front of him, cold, calculating silver eyes exploring the various routes it'd take to make it to where his brothers were going. It was fortunate he'd picked up how to read a map from a stranger not too far from here, even if it had cost him most of his earnings that day. He rose from the ground, tucking his thick wool cloak tighter around his body before folding the map once again which in itself was a rigorous task. The sun was just beginning to border on the horizon, the day starting but not so early as to beat the birds to their game.

With the remnants of his fire snuffed out and the smoke vanishing into the sky, he'd made his way through the woods, passed a thick inlet of trees and shrubbery and now he'd broken ground on a lake that couldn't have been farther from his target. Anger bubbled deep within the pit of his belly, vanilla toned fur, along with the black along his face, hiding the intruding warmth that was surely to have bled into his face and the rest of his body.

He tucked the map away, dropping to his knees at the water's edge to reach down and quench his thirst. At least it was good for something.

Upon his back rested a strap, a bow tied upon that while a quiver of arrows rested on the ground beside where he'd just stood. His choice weapon when he didn't have his blades, both dagger and those hunter's knives, which fortunately including those of the flaying variety, he'd bought from a stray merchant who he'd also ended up killing shortly thereafter. He had to hand it to the wolf, though, he'd had good taste in items. If only he hadn't tried to cheat Reuce on their price he might have lived just a bit longer to find some more merchandise of the very sort.

When his hands shoved into the cold water, very eagerly bringing a handful of the cool liquid up to his snout, he greedily lapped it up and flicked his hands free of the remaining droplets a moment later. From the scent in the air, others might still be able to smell his fire which is really no good for him. After all, the blood from that kill in Free Town still led toward his camp and the only thing that was more disturbing than killing someone's livestock was having to deal with them afterwards.

Quietly, the Soul giant rose from his knees, brushing them off with the wet backside of his hand. Unfortunately, it didn't do very much for his hand but it kept the soggy dirt from his knees and left them unstained as well. Without a sound, he turned, grabbing for the quiver upon the ground. Tugging it over his shoulder, he quickly made use of his long legs in a short, yet brisk jog onward along the shore, close enough to the water that the mud collected his foot prints. His sole intention in doing so was to make sure that he made a false trail, made it look as if he'd simply vanished. Once far enough down the path, he hobbled onto an old rock, scraping the dirt away from his bottom paws before continuing on a path through the woods.